Fashionable manicure ideas 2023 at home

We offer you a selection of ideas for a beautiful manicure at home in accordance with the fashion trends of the 2023 season. We decided to prove that for a stylish design it is not necessary to visit the master!


Manicure at home 2023 is easy to implement with fashionable floral motifs.

It is not necessary to take on complex watercolor compositions – graceful twigs are easier to perform. Thin brushes, stamping technique or stickers are used to create a drawing.

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This is a type of manicure in 2023, in which the color of the varnish smoothly changes from one shade to another. To create a gradient effect, you need to apply two shades of varnish on a sponge and transfer to the plates. It is important to fix the drawing with a transparent base after drying.

Another trendy idea for the implementation of the gradient effect on the nails is a stretch from white to translucent varnish in the form of an imitation jacket. This technique looks great on long almond-shaped nails.


Fashionable manicure 2023 looks beautiful with potal. Surprisingly, such a design can be realized at home! There are two options: use a polish with small sparkles or fix the sparkling decor with a transparent base.

Glitter manicure

Adding glitter to your manicure will be responsible for the extra brightness and shine. Masters like to use glitter both on the entire surface of the nail, and only on the tips. At home, it’s easy to glue rhinestones, spread glitter with a dry brush, or take varnish with a shimmer as a base.


French is a classic design that always looks stylish and elegant. To create it, you need to apply white varnish on the tips of the nails, creating a border with special stencil stickers, and then cover all the nails with a transparent or nude varnish.

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DIY manicure 2023 welcomes creative experiments based on classic French design. So, unusual shapes for a smile are in trend – for example, a straight or ultra-thin contour. The non-standard French palette also looks stylish – a combination of a plain coating with a design.

negative space

Manicure 2023 is easy to implement step by step in the current “negative space” style. Characteristic transparent inserts are created using improvised stencils in the form of pieces of masking tape. For example, a straight piece of material can help create a negative space geometric design.

With stickers

Stickers and stamping are an easy way to create a trendy 2023 manicure. This season, inscriptions, floristry, animal motifs, geometry, chaotic strokes using the “quail egg” technique and minimalism are at the peak of popularity.


We also bring to your attention an up-to-date marble design, which can be realized by independent forces. Characteristic lines are obtained with a thin brush – you need to smear the drawing with the addition of water and fix the result of efforts with a transparent base. For a more elegant result, we recommend using glitter varnish.


Minimalism is the perfect style to embody trendy nail design 2023 at home. Laconic drawings look sophisticated and easily fit into any outfit.

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You can create any design on your nails using thin brushes and varnishes of different shades. For example, you can draw abstract lines, geometric shapes, or patterns with colorful strokes. The easiest way to implement a trendy manicure 2023 with dots is to draw such circles with dots, a toothpick or a ballpoint pen.

We hope the photos of manicure master classes at home in 2023 inspired you to your own stylish ideas. We wish you successful experiments!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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