Fashionable manicure summer 2019: new items

When choosing variations of photos of new fashionable manicures in the sultry period of the summer of 2019, you should forget about bright flashy shades and incredibly catchy drawings. This year, fashion has gone to more calm and neutral tones, where simple and interesting patterns will emphasize the unsurpassed beauty of nails. Therefore, it is important to hone your sense of style so as not to turn into a “gray mouse” with a faded and uninteresting manicure.

Variety in color choice

The prevailing number of photos of new fashion manicure for the summer of 2019 will be in pastel colors. This year, the trend is maximum naturalness, both in manicure and in clothing style.

The most popular will be:

  • sand and cream shades of varnish;
  • combinations of chocolate and caramel;
  • gentle and light tones of white with a variety of tints;
  • colorful and juicy fruits;
  • unsurpassed red;
  • french and moon manicure, complemented by an unusual design.

All these shades will be in harmony with the darker and brighter colors of the rainbow palette in the form of stripes, geometric patterns, discreet buds of various plants. The Year of the Dog requires a special approach to choosing shades. The main criterion: the calmer it is, the better. In addition, such a manicure will go well with outfits of any style and style.

A special trend will be the “American manicure”, namely the combination of the color of varnish and lipstick for everyday makeup. Due to the high demand for red and hot pink lipstick shades, the same bright colors for nails will also be in demand. And after decorating the fingers, there will be no doubt about how compatible the manicure and the chosen outfit are. Everything will look harmonious.

The hit of the season among the photos of new fashionable manicure in the summer of 2019 will be yellow in a diverse tint palette. It is associated with the warmth of the sun, a cozy hearth and incredible adventures. 2019 is also the year of the earth dog. Therefore, a manicure in yellow tones will surely attract her attention and good luck will accompany a fan of a bright color. The most popular combination will be gamma overflows in a relaxed ombre technique.

Stylish manicure for short nails

But the main feature of the photo of the new fashion manicure of the summer of 2019 is natural and well-groomed nails that look as natural as possible. When going to the salon or carrying out procedures at home, first of all, you need to get rid of the cuticle. There are two options for removing it:

  1. Edged. The method involves minor surgical removal with special tools.
  2. Chemical (unedged). In the second method, a special agent is applied to the cuticle, which dissolves and removes it without the intervention of forceps. Or, when using a light emollient, it simply slides inward with a special stick with a tapered tip.

For photos of new fashionable manicure, many variations of jewelry for short nails have been developed. Therefore, girls and women who, due to the requirements of the employer or other significant reasons, cannot walk with long nails, will have something to shine on sunny summer days.

Light shades of varnish in combination with stripes, interspersed with darker shades will create a stylish manicure and visually lengthen the nails. Others, white and delicate cream tones, emphasize the natural length, giving neatness and grooming to the fingers. Therefore, before you create an interesting pattern or coating, you must carefully and correctly choose the option of a summer manicure.

On short nails, neutral, not flashy colors look most natural. You should not refuse them because they can look boring. Such a fashionable manicure of summer 2019 can be made amazing and unusual by creating an emphasis on one nail, as shown in the photo of numerous new products. It is also worth picking up unusual, attention-grabbing drawings that will attract the eyes of others.

For lovers of dark shades of lacquer, who cannot deny themselves the pleasure of applying it to graceful fingers, the designers have developed an interesting line. With a beautiful shape of nails, the range of dark tones will look beautiful, emphasizing the grace of hands. But to use such a move, you need to be able to apply the coating and dilute it with fashionable accents. It will be interesting to look at the dark hearts, rhombuses, squares, made with a full fill or thin lines denoting the contours of geometric shapes.

The neon yellow palette will not go out of fashion, which will merge in an interesting tandem with unobtrusive pastels and white. Thanks to such extraordinary contrasts, the manicure will look unusual and will show how well the photos of the new fashion trends of the summer of 2019 are studied.

To make short nails look beautiful, you need to follow some rules in applying varnish:

  • pastel shades visually increase the nail, so to lengthen it, you need to leave the side rollers of the plate unpainted;
  • avoid voluminous drawings, it is better to stop the choice on the average size of the patterns;
  • choose longitudinal lines in trendy geometry.

Not having the opportunity or not finding the time to go to the salon, any owner of short nails can make their own drawings on their own. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and draw. Any interesting dotted dashes, zigzag stripes, smooth or cone-shaped light-on-dark lines will look chic. And even if the drawings are not the same, differing in thickness and volume on each nail, it will look no less stylish than the same geometry.

Manicure for short square nails

Some women suffer from the fact that they have square nails from birth, which does not always give beauty to delicate, long and thin fingers. Others deliberately create it. The first category of women and girls should not lose heart and cut their nails to zero. You just need to grow them to medium length and create your own unique selection of varnishes that will visually lengthen and even out the nails. And for those who create such a shape on the tips themselves, you can follow the example of the first or develop your own new design for a photo of a fashionable manicure for the summer of 2019.

For square nails, the design is more varied. It includes a combination of bright rainbow colors and neutral pastel shades. Unusual metal tints, drawings of sparkles and rhinestones, stones or voluminous silhouettes will become relevant on this form.

French manicure will also be in trend. After all, making it on square nails on your own is much easier than on oval or round shapes. In this case, it is not necessary to combine the lightest delicate translucent shades of varnish with a white stripe. You can experiment with a trendy color palette and choose interesting and unusual combinations. This is how you create your…

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