Fashionable manicure with rubbing 2023

Rubbing manicure is still one of the most sought after manicures in 2023. The special powder, made of polyester, has an almost unlimited range of colors and looks beautiful on nails of any length and shape. Nail masters love rubbing manicure no less than their visitors – after all, it is quite simple to perform and does not require a special approach. It will be easy to implement the design with a rub and at home.

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Fashionable manicure with rubbing-2023

With the use of rubbing, you can make a lot of interesting and varied designs – from light nude to attractive evening with rhinestones. Right now we will talk about the main trends of such a manicure in 2023. Join now!

What types of rubs will be found in the current season in the nail industry?

  • Pearl. Mega hit. The coating with the effect of shining pearls and expensive shimmer will not leave any lady indifferent. Manicure is suitable for everyday wear due to pastel shades, and for a festive occasion. For example, for a wedding. He looks very feminine. An excellent option for the spring-summer season.

  • Mirror. It will be found in the hands of fashionistas less often for one simple reason – not everyone is ready to take risks! The mirror rub looks catchy and unusual, so it is hardly suitable for girls with an office dress code. But for those who do not have one, this is one of the most stylish and bold design options.

  • Chameleon. Also a very interesting option for nail design with rubbing in 2023. The color change effect will look fascinating on the nails. Another plus from such a manicure is a hypnotic note that everyone around notices. No, even the most complex nail art, can be compared with rubbing a chameleon in this.

  • Holographic. This type of rubbing in the 2023 season is no less popular than with pearls. It fascinates, attracts the eye, allows you to get an unusual design. A manicure with a holographic effect looks fashionable on the nails and awakens the imagination of others – for some it looks like space motifs, for some it looks like the northern lights, and for some it looks like gasoline stains. What do you think?

  • “Mermaid”. A novelty that is just becoming popular in the nail industry. This type of coating has something in common with all of the above rubs. Often, when using the material, craftsmen make designs with large strokes. Thanks to this, the manicure looks like the scales of a fish or a mermaid. It looks charming and delicate! Add cold shades here, and it will be easy not to take your eyes off the manicure.

Next, we list the popular design ideas for a manicure with a rub in the current season.

French. French manicure is the foundation of the basics. If you are looking for unusual options for its execution, because you are bored with the classics, pay attention to the jacket with a rub. It is non-trivial, fresh and very cute. Golden mean! The pigment can be combined with a classic jacket on all or several fingers, or become part of a more original design. For example, draw a colored “smile” line or add randomly pasted stripes. Such a manicure will look especially beautiful on the shape of almonds.

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Golden rub. Mirror gold manicure with a bang will diversify your style. Of course, because of its deliberate flashiness, it is more suitable for holidays, but luxury lovers can argue with that. Moreover, gold will fit quite organically into many images. You can also create delicate nail art, for example, with strokes or lines. A good option will turn out with sparkles.

Drawings + rubbing. Of course, mixing complex images with rubbing is often not only difficult, but also impractical. The manicure will turn out to be unnecessarily overloaded, which a priori will make it unfashionable, clumsy. But with simple drawings, lines and minimalistic sketches – that’s what you need! For example, a manicure with a rub and a regular point at the bottom of the nail will look fashionable. In the spring-summer season, simple flowers and floral motifs can be added to the design.

“Babble”. A real rush of fashion in the segment of manicure with a rub in 2023. Design with the effect of drops on nails or soap bubbles. Despite the fact that it is quite simple in execution, this nail art has already won the hearts of fashionistas with its originality. And there is nothing surprising in that, because the “babble” looks authentic. Recommended!

With matte. Velvety matte manicure, complemented by rubbing, is a very interesting combination that looks noble and elegant. As a rule, for everyday looks, fashionistas choose a design with a predominance of a matte texture. A rub is applied to 1-2 fingers. Nail art turns out to be self-sufficient. Sometimes it is decorated with sparkles, a pair of rhinestones, foil. But this is not at all necessary.

Ombre. Combining the technique of stretching color with rubbing is not an easy option to perform and will take a lot of time. However, the time and effort spent is worth it! As a result, you will get a noble manicure that will look elegant, expensive, stylish on your nails. As a rule, nude and pastel palettes are used to complete the design. But a bright gradient with a rub is too catchy.

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The most suitable shades for rubbed nail art in 2023: red, milky, pale pink, emerald green, wet asphalt, cold blue, beige, coffee with milk.

These were the fashion trends of 2023 for rubbed manicure. We hope that they inspired you for future trips to the nail master. It is important that this design is suitable for both short and long nails. Therefore, good luck with your manicure experiments.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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