Fashionable matte manicure 2023

Since 2010, matte manicure has been an integral part of the nail industry. For their images, it is chosen by young fashionistas and ladies of noble age, business women and students, housewives and famous bloggers. And everyone finds something different in the matte design. Someone likes its elegance, someone – the luxury of a velvety texture. In 2023, matte manicure is a universal choice for all occasions. As they say, with him you can go to a feast and to the world. It will perfectly complement business and casual bows, luxurious cocktail outfits and solemn wedding. And what design you can choose, we will tell in the review.



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Fashionable shades for matte manicure-2023

In fact, any shade of gel polish will look advantageous under a matte top, which adds luxury to classic colors, and expressiveness to nude and pastel ones. Next, we list the most fashionable shades of 2023, which can be safely used in a matte manicure.

  • fiery red. Color for the most passionate natures who are not afraid to express themselves. It can be worn both in monochrome and in tandem with an unobtrusive design. For example, with thin black or white stripes, small rhinestones.


  • light green. A positive shade for the spring-summer season. In 2023, it is he who is considered the top of the green palette. This color is reminiscent of the awakening of life, fresh greenery and summer. Green is also the color of hope.

  • cobalt blue. Spectacular, deep, expressive shade that looks great on nails of any shape and length. With its brightness, he, perhaps, can compete with red. But beware of flashy designs.


  • canary yellow. Very beautiful color. Ideal for monochromatic matte manicure. It looks no worse with drawings, inscriptions, negative space. The color is noble and deep.


  • Carmine. Or the main color of the 2023 season is Viva Magenta. The shade is gorgeous on both clothes and nails. And the matte top makes it even more winning. In this review, you can get acquainted with the design ideas for carmine nail art.

  • Coffee. Matte manicure in coffee color fully meets the fashion trends of the 2023 season. On the nails, it looks expensive, presentable, moderately catchy. Suitable for any design and popular technique. Differs in style.

  • Wine. Burgundy wine color returns to the fashion pedestal again. Although he never truly lost his popularity. The shade goes well with both gloss and matte effect. Ideal for every day.


  • Lilac. Delicate trendy shade that will be a good decoration for long and short nails. It will show itself well being plain or with a decor of rhinestones. Suitable for spring-summer season and feminine images.


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Black manicure, classic brown, white and milky, as well as gray, emerald, orange, fuchsia will look very impressive with a matte top.

Matte Manicure Design Ideas 2023

Matte “finish” is able to transform any, even the most ordinary design. We will tell you what advanced nail masters are ready to offer fashionistas.

  • duet with foil. Gold and silver foil look great on the velvety surface of the marigold. Brilliant decor can be cut into small pieces and randomly placed on one or two fingers. A novelty will become a magnificent decoration for long nails – foil crumb, which can be applied both under the top and on top of it, as in the photo.


  • Neon. Matte neon manicure is the main nail hit of summer 2023. Choose bright shades of varnishes that contain special reflective particles to surprise everyone around. This nail trend became popular a few seasons ago. Don’t miss it this season. It is best to wear neon design on medium and long nails.


  • In the style of minimalism. Matte manicure-2023 in the style of minimalism is a good choice for short nails. Do not overload the already catchy velvety nail art. Therefore, the masters recommend limiting themselves to the simplest geometry, negative space, metal-like stripes, pixie crumbs instead of full-fledged rhinestones.



  • With drawings. Matte manicure with a pattern is another versatile option. After all, you can put on the nail plate whatever your heart desires. In spring, laconic floral motifs (twigs, leaves) will be win-win. In summer – juicy berries and colorful flowers. In autumn, too, you can come up with a lot of thematic drawings, as well as in winter.


  • Gradient. A bright or, on the contrary, restrained gradient also harmonizes well with a matte effect. Such a manicure looks good on any shape of nails, whether it is an oval, a soft square, almonds or pointed peaks. Choose the most unexpected shades for the gradient – in 2023 everything is possible. The gradient goes well with the design of rhinestones and sequins.



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For business and everyday looks, choose a nude matte manicure. He will pleasantly surprise you with his elegance.


Matte manicure in 2023 can be anything. Feel free to realize your desires, and draw ideas and inspiration from the photo from our review.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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