Fashionable men’s boots 2021

Men’s fashion in 2021 is developing no less quickly than women’s, so today we want to touch on the topic of fashionable boots for men. Modern men are very active, multifaceted and interesting personalities. They try to follow fashion trends in order to look even more attractive in the eyes of the beautiful half of humanity, and also like themselves in the mirror. Let’s figure out what new shoes the designers offered to the stronger sex.

What men’s shoes are in fashion in 2021

Boots are the most comfortable and popular men’s shoes for the autumn-winter season. But do not limit yourself to only one pair of your favorite shoes, because there are a lot of models of this shoe:

  • Deserts. These are boots that are sewn from suede, have several holes for laces, as well as a comfortable sole made of rubber or leather. They are considered universal shoes, they go well with trousers and jackets, shirts, T-shirts, as well as with a coat or leather jacket.

  • Chukka boots. They are ankle-high closed shoes. They may look like deserts in shape, but there are differences between the two types of shoes. Chukka boots can be taller than deserts and have more holes for laces. The material for manufacturing is also different – leather, patent leather, and the sole is made of rubber or leather.

  • Chelsea. These boots are ankle-high, thin-soled, and have either a rounded toe or a pointed toe. In addition, they differ in that they have rubber inserts from the sole to the top of the shoe, and they do not have laces. Looks good with trousers, suits, jeans, jackets and coats.

  • High lace up. Fashion trends in 2021 recommend that men pay attention to high boots. They are rough, massive, and somewhat brash. In the autumn-winter season, they will be not only comfortable, but also warm. The lacing of such shoes can be in tone with the overall color or contrasting.

  • Lacquered. Patent shoes look more elegant than regular shoes, so they are used to leaving them for special occasions. Men will appreciate patent leather shoes with square heels and lacing, which will look good with jeans as casual shoes.

In the wardrobe, there must be several pairs of shoes of different styles and colors that would complement the images in different styles. Try on something new and unusual for you – perhaps this will be your ideal shoe.

Trendy shoe colors for men

Men are inherently more reserved than women, so they prefer laconic shoes in classic colors. The most popular and most commonly seen colors are black and brown. They are universal, so they will complement almost any image.

In 2021, designers recommend going beyond the usual and giving preference to other colors.:

  • blue
  • green;
  • gray
  • white.

Recently, elements of sports style have also been introduced into shoes for men. This is expressed in the addition of any bright inserts or multi-colored stripes. Men’s shoes in 2021 can also be fashionable and original – see for yourself!

What is fashionable to wear men’s boots in 2021

To understand how to wear certain shoes correctly, and in what way they look better, you need to carefully consider a few bow ideas. We offer you very stylish men’s looks, in which there are shoes of different styles.

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The first image is formed in very discreet and pleasant colors, and it can be called classic. Sand-colored trousers, a sweater and a coat are complemented by high boots with thick soles and white lacing. Agree that the hat gives this bow a certain lightness and immediacy.

In the next photo you can see high patent leather boots with lacing. As mentioned earlier, they are very successfully introduced into everyday looks, and it is not at all necessary for them to wear a pantsuit. Here they are combined with jeans, a sweatshirt and a coat.

Now let’s see what looks you can put together with Chelsea boots. In the first photo, wonderful white Chelsea boots were worn along with jeans, a sweater and a stylish black cropped sheepskin coat. The second look is composed with brown patent leather chelsea boots. It also contains jeans and a sweater, but they chose a classic coat as outerwear.

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In the next photo you can see an example of a fashionable look with desert boots. Here is a total denim look – jeans and a denim jacket, as well as a white t-shirt. Complement the bow and make it more interesting stylish shoes and a briefcase.

The last stylish look that we want to show you is suitable for original men. The basis of the bow is quite simple – jeans and a T-shirt. But it is very well complemented by a light coat, a checkered scarf, a hat and a briefcase. Complete the look, of course, with lace-up boots. The successful combination of colors in this image makes it stylish and memorable.

The photos posted here show only the most fashionable men’s boots in 2021. A large number of styles will allow each man to show his individuality and look chic.

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