Fashionable men’s bows 2020: spring-summer

Today, fashionable men’s bows of the spring-summer 2020 season turned out to be in the center of your attention. Since the strong half of humanity appreciates versatility and practicality in clothes, the designers offered her such trends that are 100% consistent with the declared qualities.

Current palette

To easily navigate in the preparation of stylish images, you should study the fashionable colors of the season and learn how to combine them correctly.

After reviewing the key points of men’s fashion 2020, we found that blue, brown, white, cream, blue, black, orange, mint and pink tones were among the leading trends this time around. To successfully combine two fashionable representatives at once in a masculine look, you can make a harmonious pair of base and bright accent colors.

A combination of light things as part of a summer look will also be an actual reception. If the components of the bow at the same time are characterized by an actual free style, they will additionally give a feeling of comfort and freedom.

In the 2020 season, a variety of pastel colors turned out to be on the fashion wave, which perfectly manifest themselves not only in women’s, but also in men’s fashion. The top included sweatshirts, shirts, jeans and shoes in trendy mint, lemon, coral and lilac tones. All the new items mentioned will be able to refresh and rejuvenate the image. For example, you can create a stylish look with a trendy men’s T-shirt in pastel colors and a neutral bottom.

[stextbox id=’info’]In a casual or business wardrobe, a thing in a fashionable shade of “caramel toffee” can become a stylish accent. This coloring perfectly reveals itself in the design of T-shirts, shirts and trousers.[/stextbox]

Among the current prints, the colorful tie-dye motif stood out, which is harmoniously suitable for stylish looks for the spring-summer 2020 season. After this pattern, animalistic, tropical and floral motifs are gaining popularity.

One of the brightest trends in men’s fashion has become a vertical striped print. Modern designers have dreamed up enough on this topic and offered the attention of fashionistas various variations on the theme of this motif – wide and narrow, black and white and multi-colored stripes appeared in fashion collections. Such drawings were found everywhere – from shirts to trousers, and in any expression they pleased with their slimming properties.



Lightweight linen, cotton and leather are leading the menswear trends for 2020. Knitted items, transparent inserts and even lace appear among unusual accent novelties.

In order for men’s outfit to match the leading trends, it can combine contrasting materials, such as leather and transparency.

Hawaiian shirt

Stylists are sure that the Hawaiian shirt can take an active part in the fashionable men’s bows of the spring-summer 2020 season. As a rule, this top is presented in a free cut with a pointed collar and short sleeves. In modern looks, such a shirt can be worn not only outside, but also in combination with a belt. Fashion connoisseurs suggest that it is permissible to combine it with both chinos and Bermudas. Any styled look is stylishly completed with trendy sunglasses.


It is predicted that practical shorts were among the fashionable men’s items of the 2020 season. The most fashionable cut involves a combination of a medium fit and a fairly loose style. Designers in the fashion range offered shorts in informal styles. So, models in the style of sport-chic, casual and safari are recognized as popular.


If we talk about the most trendy hats for the spring-summer season 2020, we can highlight the relevance of panama hats. Such novelties, which loudly declared themselves a couple of years ago, noticeably constrain the position of the usual baseball caps. Modern panamas only win over them, because they go well with various trends. For example, stylish guys are now trying on wide-brimmed, straw weave, ties and printed designs.


Many men’s fashion designers agree that a modern and stylish look in 2020 can include a trendy bomber jacket. This is a comfortable, lightweight windbreaker that can complement almost any look, whether it is a combination with shorts and a T-shirt, a look with trousers and a shirt, or a tandem with jeans and a jumper.

As for the current colors of fashionable bombers, brown, beige, blue, red and olive tones have come to the fore in the 2020 season. To create a bright accent, you can choose a jacket with a stylish colorful print or with neon inserts.


In the new season, many designers are resolutely returning men’s cargo trousers to fashion. The key characteristics of this model are capacious patch pockets, a free cut with a noticeable narrowing to the bottom and elastic bands at the bottom of the legs. In the 2020 season, only the principles of combining such trousers have changed significantly. Now an extraordinary mix of styles reigns in fashion, so cargo can be successfully rhymed with long sleeves, polo shirts, multi-colored anoraks and even classic jackets.


In addition to the sensational cargo in the wardrobe of 2020, there may deservedly be other men’s trousers, which are distinguished by an excellent fit. For example, this season, one can note the popularity of loose models in a light palette, trousers in a cage or stripes, and variations with turn-ups.

Pants are truly versatile clothing that looks an order of magnitude more non-trivial than the usual jeans. A modern man can combine this bottom with T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers and turtlenecks.


In the 2020 season, various work-style overalls have become a real must-have for girls, and now it’s the turn of the guys. This novelty clearly illustrates how the trendy design of a thing can be advantageously combined with its practicality and comfort.

If you opt for a lightweight jumpsuit, it’s guaranteed to last all summer (and probably a few more seasons after). The jumpsuit is considered to be a very self-sufficient outfit that saves a man from the tedious selection of well-matched tops and bottoms. When choosing shoes, there will also be no problems, because you can always make a win-win bet on your favorite sneakers, sneakers or sandals.


A fashionable men’s bow for spring-summer 2020 can be made up with jeans, as well as with a shirt, jacket or denim shorts. The most important indicator of the relevance of such things will be a faded and “washed out” texture.


The ideas of emancipation, comfort and freedom were reflected in oversized styles, which appeared in the design of T-shirts, sweatshirts, tunics and blazers.

Sea style

Definitely a good solution for the spring-summer wardrobe will be things that clearly represent the current marine style. For example, in your closet there may be vests, light-colored cotton trousers, boat shoes, …

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