Fashionable men’s clothing for summer 2021

The new season is just around the corner, so you should find out in advance what fashionable men’s clothing is suitable for the summer of 2021. The stronger sex loves to look stylish no less than girls. The material describes trendy things that can be purchased in advance in your wardrobe.

What menswear will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

If we talk about men’s clothing, then for warm weather, designers have prepared the following things:

Trouser suits. This option is suitable for cool and hot days. Lightweight clothing can be chosen for a business meeting or family vacation. Depending on the occasion, you can combine different colors and materials. The costume can be complemented with a T-shirt / shirt and sneakers or classic oxfords.

Vests. Such fashionable men’s clothing for the summer of 2021 will suit teenagers and older men. You can wear a vest with a suit or shorts. Under the bottom it is better to wear a T-shirt or shirt. To create a highlight, you can choose a double-breasted vest in a large check or small stripes.

Bombers. A flight jacket will help a man stay fashionable and not freeze on a cool evening. For a casual look, a solid brown bomber jacket is suitable. For a festive outfit, you can choose a jacket with a bright print or an unusual detail.

Shorts. Shorts occupy a special place among the summer trends. Designers have prepared different models of cropped pants.

  1. Suit shorts. This option is suitable for business meetings in the warm season. Pair with a shirt or polo.
  2. Bulky shorts. This item has a loose fit. That’s why it looks baggy. The model looks appropriate with things of a sporty style.
  3. Bermuda. A fashionable look with even wide shorts has been actively in demand among men over the past couple of years. This year, current models open the knee with a small lapel.

T-shirts. Such a detail of the wardrobe is suitable for informal looks, in particular for walking and playing sports. A white T-shirt is considered a universal option. You can even wear it to the office. For relaxation, you can choose a bright T-shirt with a picture or an inscription. Wear these with trousers, shorts or jeans.

shirts. It is difficult to imagine a stylish business bow for men without such a clothing option. For formal events, you should choose plain classic models of light shades. For informal meetings, you can wear a shirt with a pattern of flowers or tropics. Such a thing harmoniously looks with different bottoms, especially trousers with suspenders.

Trousers. Tailored trousers are an integral part of the fashion wardrobe in 2021. Particularly relevant – cargo. When choosing, it is better to give preference to light shades. To create bright images, you can choose striped trousers with cuffs. They harmoniously look complete with shirts, turtlenecks and t-shirts.

Popular colors in men’s wardrobe

Fashionable men’s clothing for the summer of 2021 for every day and holidays is distinguished by a unique style and a successful combination of colors. Modern designers use both standard color combinations and catchy accents. Thanks to this, men can create interesting bows and show their individuality.

Among the color trends of the summer period of this year are the following:

  • dark shades of brown. It is better to wear such clothes with white, beige and golden things. Warm gamma creates an image of a confident man;
  • blue. This color is best used in a classic style. A suit of this color goes well with a beige shirt and a catchy tie;
  • different shades of yellow. The option is suitable for images for every day. Looks harmonious with dark and light colors;
  • caramel. This color is suitable for outerwear and suits. T-shirts or shirts of this shade can be used for everyday bows;
  • graphite. Graphite with a purple tint looks especially noble. But this color should not be used for monochrome looks.

These colors are suitable for creating a basic men’s wardrobe for the summer. The addition of red, green, blue and orange elements will make the image more vivid and unique.

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Trendy men’s things 2021: prints and textures

Popular prints this year are:

  1. tie-dye;
  2. floral;
  3. animalistic, in particular a snake and a leopard;
  4. cell;
  5. strip;
  6. military.

To create menswear in 2021, designers choose the following options:

  1. leather. The most relevant this season are leather jackets. Moreover, both classic jackets and biker jackets are appropriate;
  2. knitted products. For a summer evening, a man can choose a light knitted sweater that will be warm and stylish;
  3. denim. This texture is the most relevant for this season. Moreover, both denim jackets / shirts and shorts / trousers look beautiful. If you want to create a total bow, then you should choose things of the same tone. You can choose between white and blue jeans. The “varenka” is also returning to fashion. It is better to give preference to minimalistic models.

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Fashionable men’s clothing for the summer of 2021 is represented by a variety of models, photos from designer shows confirm this. Casual things of a free cut remain relevant. Of the colors, it is better to give preference to shades of brown, blue and gray.

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