Fashionable men’s haircuts 2023

The segment of men’s haircuts has expanded significantly over the past decade, and, as a result, has become more interesting for males of different generations. Today, barbers and stylists are ready to offer fashionistas dozens of a wide variety of styles that will exactly meet the trends of the modern hair industry, help disguise appearance flaws, and emphasize its merits. And do not be surprised by the latter, because men in the 21st century, along with women, increasingly want to look attractive. What are they, fashionable men’s haircuts-2023? In today’s review, we will try to tell you all about them.



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General tendencies and trends

In the 2023 season, both short and long hair will be equally popular. So the classic “hedgehog” can be safely changed to romantic curls, as well as vice versa. Or pay attention to the interesting combination of these two haircuts in one look. It will look very unusual and stylish.


Welcome in 2023 and creative but organic. Asymmetry, shaved temples, bright coloring, inscriptions on the back of the head – all this will also be very popular, but, of course, not all fashionistas. After all, it has long been proven that middle-aged men who have reached a certain status prefer time-tested classics.. So, it is also a stable trend.



Retro style is getting more and more popular. Shaggy, deliberately careless hair and curls again attracted the attention of the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Increasingly, on the city streets you can see men with elongated hair at the back of the head and lush curls on top in the style of the 70s and 80s of the last century.


The anti-trend of 2023 in the segment of haircuts for men, as in previous seasons, will be sleekness. It concerns, first of all, the classics. No matter how neatly cut your hair is, it should always look natural.


Men’s haircuts 2023: what stylists recommend

Whatever haircut you choose, the main thing is that it suits you and matches your lifestyle. Perhaps this is the most important criterion. Stylists note that fashionable styling, first of all, should emphasize individuality, rejuvenate the image and fit harmoniously into it. Therefore, you need to approach the choice wisely. If you do not know what you want to see on your head, consult with the master in a good salon. What can he offer?

  • Mallet. Let’s start with what’s new for this season. In 2022, the mullet haircut has made a triumphant return to women’s fashion. In 2023 – she conquers the men’s. The elongation in the back of the head, characteristic of the mallet, adds originality to the image, and also makes many people remember their youth. As before, this haircut is characterized by negligence, flawed effect, rebelliousness, shortened strands at the temples and above the ears. The length of the curls at the back of the head can reach both the shoulder blades and end at the base of the neck.


  • crop. Very impressive haircut for short hair. It has been popular for several seasons now, and will remain so in 2023. Its characteristic thinning with a small comb at the crown allows you to achieve a fashionable volume. At the same time, above the ears and in the lower part of the back of the head, the hair is cut as short as possible. And be sure to complement the crop with a short bang with a straight cut, which will add brutality to the image. It will also help to correct some appearance flaws, for example, a high forehead.


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  • Undercard. This trendy haircut has long become a classic men’s fashion. From year to year, she is listed in the TOP ratings and has not lost her popularity at all. Men, both young and middle-aged and older, like the elegance with a touch of glamour, which is characteristic of the undercarte. And this despite the fact that the elongated curls at the crown allow you to experiment with styling options. The undercarte haircut is unique in that it will allow you to look “your own” both in the office and at a secular party.


  • A square with an even cut. Youth men’s haircuts in the 2023 season are not necessarily something bold and difficult to perceive. A square with a straight parting and a perfectly even cut also looks quite in the spirit of the times. This haircut is especially suitable for guys with thin facial features. Elongated strands will help emphasize expressive cheekbones and a manly chin. And no bangs! Otherwise, it will spoil the graphic quality that is inherent in this original type of square.


  • Top dress. Or a haircut with a bun on top. As we have already said, fashion 2023 gravitates towards long curls. But this does not mean that they should fall freely along the back. Strands collected in a bun or a small tail at the crown will look much more interesting. In this case, most of the hair on the sides should be cut short. This contrast allows the haircut to look especially impressive. Wear Top klot with a beard if you want to get not only fashionable, but also brutal look.


  • Grunge. Haircut for the most daring and daring. It successfully combines short strands and long ones. Stylists call grunge shavings a symbiosis of rebellion and chaos. However, one cannot but agree that it fits perfectly into modern fashion trends. Grunge is characterized by deliberate disorder, asymmetry, catchiness.


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Still in demand are such stylish haircuts as Canadian, quiff, boxing and semi-boxing, cascade. Lovers of the classics can look for British haircuts and soft Princeton haircuts.


We have listed the main fashion trends for men’s haircuts for the 2023 season, and also shared photos so that you can easily choose the right option for yourself.

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