Fashionable men’s jackets 2021

Fashionable men’s jackets for 2021: we present you with new trendy looks and styles. The main direction is comfort, conciseness, style. Let’s find out more about which models you should pay attention to and how to create your own fashionable bow.

Men’s jackets: TOP-12 options

When choosing fashionable men’s jackets, you must:

  • Pay attention to seasonal looks made by stylists in a classic style;
  • Pick up casual clothes in smart-casual style, as it is less formal and suitable both for the office and for a walk;
  • A sporty outfit with trendy shoes and other accessories.

bomber jacket

The bomber jacket opens the list of fashionable men’s jackets – it’s a clear example of how you can combine sporty and casual style to match the trends of the 2021 season. Fitted silhouettes or voluminous, but almost always with a zipper. They will easily warm in cool weather, and if it gets hot, then it is easy and quick to unfasten it. The bomber jacket is available in different versions:

  • From fabric;
  • Leather;
  • From suede;
  • In bright colors;
  • In pastel colors;
  • From velveteen;
  • Single color;
  • With drawing.

An interesting fact: the bomber was developed for the armed forces. It is warm, covers the hips, but most importantly, there are puffs on the sides, neck, cuffs on the sleeves.

The most practical bomber jacket is leather. Invest once, wear it for a long time. Why? Because the skin remains the main trend for the next few seasons.

Leather jackets

But not only a bomber jacket can be made of leather. There are quite a few different options that also carry over the popularity from 2020 to 2021:

  • elongated;
  • Motorcycle;
  • Winter;
  • With fur;
  • On buttons;
  • Under the suit;
  • For street style.


The next version of fashionable men’s jackets is quilted. With them, it is easy to create a multi-layered image. But at the same time, a quilted jacket can be worn over a jumper, shirt, and even a jacket.


When choosing a fashionable sports jacket for men for 2021, you should pay attention to windbreakers. Light, bright, with a different print. Everyone can choose a windbreaker to suit their style. Although this jacket is not very practical in the winter season, but for the spring-summer season it is what you need! Moreover, designers present models in trendy juicy shades: pink, orange, yellow, with floral and animal prints.


Jacquard is still a little-known material. But at the same time, designers confidently promote it in their new collections. Jackets made of jacquard have geometric prints, and this design takes you straight to the ranch or to the foot of the mountains.


An interesting fact: another type of jacket that was made for the military is the parka. Little was known about the oversized style then, and the extra width could be removed with an additional belt located inside.

Today, the parka is one of the favorite creations of all designers. It is in this model that it is easy to realize all your ideas, use a combination of different colors, prints. It is not difficult to make a winter park: a heater is added inside, a hood is sewn on. Some models have a fur collar, while others have an elongated cut.

Jean jacket

One of the most practical It can be warm, spring, summer. With zip or buttons. Fitted, oversized style. With a floral print or in a combination of fabrics of different colors.

The denim jacket has won love for its practicality, durability. Today it is the basis of street style and can be worn under any shoes. But most of all they prefer to wear it under sneakers.

down jackets

One of the warm and fashionable options for the cold season is a down jacket. It is presented in almost all fashion houses. Therefore, you can safely choose:

  • Long down jacket;
  • Long down jacket;
  • Model with large patch pockets;
  • Jacket with asymmetric fastening;
  • Oversized or straight cut.


Although we have already mentioned a little about oversized jackets, now I want to pay special attention to them.

Oversized is about comfort and fashion in one model, so any of the above jackets can be presented in this style.


The third representative of the military style is military-style jackets. They are made in one color, such as gray or khaki, and printed. Military style jackets are suitable for men of all ages. And due to the fact that some models were supplemented with warming materials and a hood, they will be an excellent replacement or addition to a winter down jacket / park.

Hooded jackets

When creating new models, designers pay special attention to the hood. It can be made from a different color of fabric, with or without fur. Even some models of leather jackets now have a hood. Rain or a sudden wind – it doesn’t matter what’s outside the window when you have a trendy hooded jacket.

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Color and print

Trendy jacket colors for men in 2021 include the following shades:

  • Sand;
  • Dark brown or beige;
  • Blue;
  • Suede color;
  • Graphite;
  • Cream or almond shade;
  • Yellow.

But, of course, do not forget that jackets can have a floral or animal print, various combinations of lines or checks.

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Now you know everything about fashionable men’s jackets for 2021: models, colors, styles and prints. Share in the comments which ideas you liked the most.

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