Fashionable men’s jackets for the winter 2022-2023

The jacket is an indispensable item of winter wardrobe. It should be warm, comfortable and stylish. When choosing outerwear for the cold season, men need to take into account not only their own preferences, but also the latest trends. Let’s help you figure out what winter jackets will be in fashion in the 2022-2023 season?




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Jackets for men: fashion trends for winter 2022

Designers offer to start preparing for the cold weather by choosing a model. We list the most relevant options.

  • Down jacket. The best solution for people who lead an active lifestyle. These models of jackets can be stuffed not only with down, but also with padding polyester, as well as other modern fillers. The trend is oversized down jackets, models with a voluminous hood and a turn-down collar. Each of these down jackets has its own undeniable advantages.



  • Jacket coat. These elongated models for men will completely replace classic coats, while making a fashionable look casual. Typically, these jackets are knee-length or slightly lower, so they will provide protection from the wind even in severe frost. A jacket coat is the perfect choice for creating a street look.


  • Bomber. The sporty style of the jacket will appeal to connoisseurs of casual style. Designers recommend paying attention to bomber jackets made of raincoat fabric, suede and leather in classic monochrome colors. But novelties of rich colors are also relevant, as well as products with rivets, stripes, zippers and other metal decor. In 2023, bomber jackets are still practical, versatile, relevant, and look stylish.


  • Parka. This model is distinguished by: an elongated style, a comfortable fit, a voluminous hood with fur trim and deep pockets. This type of men’s winter jackets in the 2022 season can successfully complement any look – casual, office or formal. You can combine the park with jeans and classic trousers, sweatpants. It all depends on its length, it can even be ultra-short, up to the middle of the thighs.


  • Pilot jacket. The classic men’s winter wear is a godsend for cold days. It features a fitted silhouette and cropped length, as well as faux or natural sheepskin insulation on the collar and inside. These jackets go well with sneakers and berets, skinny jeans.



  • Quilted jacket. Thanks to the stitch, men’s jackets for the winter 2022-2023 look more original. Therefore, they will add zest to everyday or office style. Quilted models do not have to be strict shades, although black, brown, gray or blue are still in trend. But the latest fashion trends are also making green, orange, mustard, and other bright colors popular.


If we talk about color in more detail, then the representatives of the stronger sex should pay attention to monochrome solutions. They are among the favorites today. The leaders of this year are gray and deep blue, yellow, emerald. Winter fashion 2022-2023 offers to replenish the wardrobe with jackets in red and coffee colors, khaki shades, terracotta.



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Products in the color block style do not lose their relevance, when 2-3 popular shades are combined in one model.

What criteria should outerwear for men meet?

When looking for a bomber jacket, parka or down jacket from a photo or in a store, it is necessary to take into account the functional features of the product, your body type and height, and also for what purposes the jacket will be used most often. The budget is no less important – the estimated cost of the product depends on the collections of which brands you should pay attention to. The main criteria for choosing a fashionable men’s jacket for the winter of 2022-2023 look like this.

  • Temperature regime. The jacket you choose from Wildberry or another store should be suitable for the climate in which it will be worn. Most often, manufacturers indicate the temperature range in which the product can be used.

  • Upper material. The membrane is considered the most successful choice – it will protect even from the most severe frosts and wind, heavy rainfall. You can choose mixed materials with water-repellent impregnation. Natural wool or cotton gets wet easily, while the same nylon is short-lived.

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  • Filler. The warmest down jacket is filled with feathers and down. The weight of the insulation depends on how reliable the protection from the cold will be. Artificial fillers are in no way inferior in quality to natural feathers.

  • Practicality. The upper part of the wardrobe should have roomy pockets, double zippers, a convenient detachable hood and other details that provide comfort. Comfortable and jackets with elongated cuffs, detachable sleeves.

  • Style. The longer the jacket, the warmer it will be in winter. However, elongated down jackets and parkas will cause discomfort when driving a car. Therefore, it is important to find a model of optimal length.


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In the latest collections of popular brands, you can find products that fit perfectly into classic, street or sporty, casual styles.

The range of men’s jackets for the winter 2022-2023 is so diverse that a representative of the stronger sex of any age and with any type of figure and occupation will be able to choose the ideal model of outerwear.

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