Fashionable men’s jewelry 2021

In 2021, every male must acquire a fashionable piece of jewelry that will complement his bow and make it more interesting.

What men’s jewelry will be in fashion in 2021

Long gone are the days when men’s images were restrained and boring. Today, complex outfits are in trend, in which one of the accessories below should be a mandatory component.

  • Rings and rings. It’s no secret that women really like men with a ring on their finger. In their opinion, such an accessory gives the image of high cost and gloss. Therefore, the designers decided to slightly expand the range, offering the representatives of the stronger sex not only the usual models of gold, but also stone options.

Important! Rings and rings can be worn with absolutely any clothing, including sportswear. The main thing is that there should not be too many of them in the image. Ideally, it is better to limit yourself to one accessory.

  • Brooches. If you want to emphasize your sophisticated sense of style, in this case, you certainly can not do without a brooch. You can stop your choice on brutal options in the form of a skull, feather or bird, made of precious metals. Not prohibited in male images and unisex brooches in the form of a dragonfly, butterfly or flower, densely studded with stones.

  • Chains. Unlike women’s fashion, the men’s top will not have massive chains at all, but thin and graceful ones. All thanks to the actor Collen Waldron, who appeared on the set of the film “Normal People” in this accessory. Another requirement for these jewelry is their length. In no case should they be too short or, conversely, long. Try to find the “golden mean”.

Important! Do not buy chains made only of gold or silver. Give preference to universal duochrome models.

  • Bracelet. The growing interest of men in bracelets has influenced the emergence of completely new models. These include options from pearls, beads, precious and semi-precious stones. Metal cast bracelets with engraving in the form of a name, declarations of love, protective words or motivating slogans will also look original on the hand.

  • Mono-earrings. Although representatives of the strong half of society are allowed to wear earrings in both ears at once, stylists still recommend limiting themselves and choosing a mono-earring with an unusual design. It can be in the form of a ring, a cross, a symbol of your favorite brand, or even a pin.

  • From pearls. The real fashion trend of 2021 in the segment of men’s jewelry is pearls. As in the women’s segment, it can be a bracelet, earrings or a mono-earring, a ring, and even a discreet pearl thread that should be worn around the neck.
  • Pendants and pendants. This season, pendants will be an incredibly popular accessory that can be complemented with beads or a chain. As for the design, metal twisted versions or in the form of a military badge will be relevant, as before. More daring personalities can wear pendants richly decorated with colored stones.
  • Cufflinks. This is a kind of classic of the genre, which has not lost its relevance for decades. And all because such an accessory as cufflinks perfectly emphasizes the solidity and status of a man. Therefore, in this case, you should not skimp. It is better to choose models made of gold or platinum, decorated with precious stones.

  • Leather lace. Among the fashionable men’s neck jewelry in 2021, I would like to highlight a leather lace. After all, it is this accessory, according to most women, that makes the male image brutal and sexy. You can stop your choice on basic models, on which you can always wear one or several different pendants. If you need to make the bow even more spectacular, in this case, we recommend getting a cord with silver or gold inserts.

  • Unusual accessories. Today, you can’t do without futuristic decorations, which will certainly be appreciated by lovers of non-standard solutions. These include decorative grills (onlays for teeth) made of gold or silver and decorated with stones. Chains with pendants in the form of a lighter case will also not go unnoticed. But a real sensation will be caused by a men’s necklace with a wig pendant or a silver cuff in the form of a plaster, which is worn on the nose.

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Some tips from stylists

Jewelry can both transform a male outfit and significantly spoil it. To prevent this from happening, when compiling your images, do not forget to consider the following recommendations.

  • Choose simple jewelry that will go with your basic wardrobe.
  • Browse not only the luxury segment, but also the budget segment, as sometimes cheap accessories look much more interesting in an image.
  • Try not to combine several decorations in a bow at once. An exception can only be watches with a bracelet, designed in the same style.
  • It is better to wear accessories on the right hand, as they will be more noticeable on it.
  • Beware of overly massive jewelry such as hip hop chains, especially those that are additionally embellished with inscriptions. They reduce the cost of the bow and make it awkward.

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We hope that the photo examples of men’s jewelry fashionable in 2021 given in the article will help you choose exactly the product that will become the highlight of your many images.

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