Fashionable men’s shirts 2019

Fashionable men’s shirts in 2019 allow the strong half to look stylish, solid and tasteful. A real man should be aware of the main trends of the season so that he can easily pick up an up-to-date and modern wardrobe. If you agree with us, you will certainly be interested in reading about trends and novelties in the world of men’s fashion.


What’s trending

  • The most fashionable shirt is a model of a classic cut with long sleeves and a turn-down collar. The main criterion is good quality and perfect fit. A clear anti-trend is a tight shirt or an overly loose fit.

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Note! The trendy shirt this season has rectangular or rounded collar corners and a slightly fitted silhouette.


Shirt options with different collars

  • Polo shirts have proven themselves in creating fashionable looks for different occasions, so they are still in trend.

  • Among non-standard trends, we want to highlight the Japanese-style model with a stand-up collar. This is a great choice for men who like to be the center of attention and want to show their trend awareness.

  • The military style in men’s performance looks especially stylish and brutal, and any woman will confirm this. If you want to create a cool fashion look, buy at least one military-style shirt for this season.

  • Men who don’t like to wear ties will surely appreciate the trend for collarless shirts like in the photo. Such a laconic and stylish style does not need any additional details. A man in this shirt with buttoned sleeves and a button undone at the top looks very sexy.

  • On the fashion pedestal, there were also elongated options that reach the middle of the thigh or knee. This style looks bold, free and cool. The best way to combine classic and self-expression in one look!

  • Swap buttons for zippers? Why not! This is exactly what the designers thought and brought practical shirts with a zipper into fashion.

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When choosing a stylish shirt, pay attention to the details. The most trendy model will be given out by bulky patch pockets on the chest, military-style shoulder straps, rivets or a stand-up collar.


  • In hot weather, a shirt with a short sleeve will be the most comfortable. Great news: in addition to convenience, this model boasts its relevance. Fashionable men today choose either a classic style with buttons, or options with a zipper and turn-ups on the sleeves.

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Fashion dictates a course not only for actual styles, but also for materials. And here are the textures you should pay attention to this season:

  • cotton;
  • denim;

  • natural knitwear;
  • woolen fabrics;
  • Genuine Leather;

  • textures with a slight sheen;
  • a combination of several materials at once.

What color to choose

Going shopping for a new shirt, we advise men to pay attention not only to classic colors. More interesting and rich options also deserve to take pride of place in the men’s wardrobe.

  • The most practical investment is a well-fitting white shirt. And if you still don’t have it, the main trends of this season are a great reason to buy.

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  • The classic black version also occupies a leading position on the fashion Olympus.

  • Neutral grays are a win-win color choice for a casual men’s shirt.

  • Cobalt and deep purple colors look prestigious and noble, so they are perfect for men’s wardrobe.

  • Red-brown shades are another undoubted trend.

  • The color of blue spruce creates a touch of freshness and elegance in the image. This shade should also be taken into account!

  • Noble shades of khaki, olive and burgundy are in trend. Designers perfectly understand the needs and rhythm of life of a modern man, since they declare such practical and noble colors to be relevant.

  • To determine the fashionable shade of blue, just look at the color of the stormy sky. The shirt in this design looks very brutal.

  • Beige and camel are another winning options for the new season.

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The original trend of 2019 is the combination of several colors in one shirt. So, a stylish model can be light, and its placket, cuffs or collar can be contrasting dark.


  • Models with prints can be the highlight of any look. This option looks much more interesting than a plain alternative. However, you should not choose prints that are too acidic and colorful, so that there is no risk of looking tasteless. An excellent option would be a trendy vegetable coloring.

  • A plaid shirt deserves special attention for stylish men. The place of a fashionable favorite belongs to a large print and a tartan. The trend cell this season will include red, yellow, purple or green.

  • Do not lag behind the listed options for the striped model. They look unbanal, fresh and stylish. A vertically directed pattern tends to visually slim, so it is often chosen by men with a dense physique.

In this photo selection, we have collected various men’s shirts that will be fashionable in 2019. Choose among the new products the option to suit your taste and style, and replenish your stylish wardrobe with it!

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Image Ideas

The basic wardrobe of a modern man is unthinkable without a stylish shirt. Moreover, we recommend not limiting yourself to one model, but having several win-win options in stock that can be taken as the basis for various images.

After compiling a successful and comfortable wardrobe, the question arises: with what to wear your favorite shirts. And this is how fashion trends respond to this!

  • The modern gentleman must look impeccable. A sure way to do this is to wear a classic cut shirt paired with an elegant bow tie. This season, not only celebrities do this, but also ordinary men.

Fashionable image with a butterfly from Ivan Urgant

  • Whatever fashion trends come up with, the most practical and elegant is the classic white shirt. It is she who gives a man masculinity and style. It is customary to combine it with a suit, trousers or jeans.

Versatile white shirt

  • When compiling a casual look, experiment and creativity are welcome today. For example, you can always wear a shirt over a t-shirt and still look relaxed and stylish. For this purpose, a denim model is best suited.

Shirt over t-shirt for a stylish casual look

  • A denim shirt is also useful for pairing with classic trousers and bare-leg moccasins. In addition, a stylish combination is obtained with military-style pants.
  • Thinking about how to complement the shirt in this…

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