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From the article you will find out what men’s shirts will be in fashion in 2021. After all, this wardrobe item for representatives of the strong half of humanity is as indispensable as dresses for women. Men often combine shirts with jeans, trousers, jackets, and also with almost any outerwear.


Obviously, the vast majority of the population are adherents of the modern style of clothing, but the classics in the form of shirts of a strict cut and trousers must be in the closet of any gentleman without fail. Such wardrobe items are simply indispensable for going to work with a strict dress code, as well as special events.

Classic shirts in the new season have been replenished with models of bright colors and fresh ideas for finishing cuffs and collars.

In fashion there will be products with so-called stand-up collars, with which there is no need to wear ties. Needless to say, how many men will be happy to leave this accessory in the closet, going to some official event.

A variety of fashionable shades will enable the representatives of the stronger sex to create original and non-trivial bows.

By the way, about flowers. The most fashionable color in 2021 will be classic blue, so the presence of a classic shirt in this shade is strictly necessary for every man.

Note that models with long sleeves will be relevant for spring and autumn, they can be successfully combined with a vest, jacket or jacket.

The combination of a fitted shirt and skinny trousers looks great. And if it’s too hot outside, just turn up the sleeves on the shirt and get a cool summer outfit.

In general, fashion is gradually moving away from the classical direction. This means that the tandem of a shirt, leather trousers and sneakers has the right to life.


Casual clothing is, first of all, versatility and practicality. That is why it is so popular and in demand. Her fans will be happy to know that urban fashion has been replenished with new interesting images. Among them there are combinations of wardrobe items that until recently seemed impossible. For example, shirts with shorts and summer shoes or sneakers will be a real trend in the new season. A mixture of comfortable casual style and classic today no longer surprises anyone. In general, you should not think that a shirt can only be worn at a business meeting or a friend’s wedding.

Men’s casual shirts with long and short sleeves fall under the fashion trends of 2021, so they can be in demand both for every day, for example, for shopping, and for work.


It should be noted that the classic version of the print for a shirt is a cage. In the new season, you don’t need to invent anything, add checkered products in brown, blue palette or trendy combination of black and red to your wardrobe. It is best to combine these shirts with jeans and shorts. However, together with trousers, they will look very good. As for the print, it is classic: tartan, gynem, Plain, Prince of Wales check.

The striped shirts shown in the photo will be in fashion in 2021, both in the men’s wardrobe and in the women’s wardrobe. Note that the models for the representatives of the stronger sex received a lot of new styles and colors. This is good news, because almost no one likes to walk all the time in plain and somewhere even dull products.

The strip may be different. The trend is wide and narrow lines, using two or a whole palette of various shades. Sleeve – long, short and wide. Choose what you like and has the greatest relevance for you.

Summer Options

Admirers of bright and original summer outfits can enthusiastically rub their hands, because in the new season they will be able to put into practice even the most daring ideas. Short sleeve shirts with bright patterns will be a real trend in summer 2021! As for prints, feel free to choose:

  • tropical;
  • floristic;
  • animals;
  • paisley pattern;
  • abstract.

Animal prints deserve special attention. Designers have prepared some extremely original options for men. In addition to the animalistic colors familiar to everyone, there will be other drawings in the trend – crayfish, horses and some others.

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What are the best shirts to wear in 2021

What men’s shirts will be in fashion in the new season, we figured it out. Now is the time to talk about what the above wardrobe item is better to wear with.

Smart casual style is gaining more and more popularity, especially among the younger generation. This gives the representatives of the stronger sex the opportunity to experiment and create truly original images, demonstrating their individuality, and in this way showing their unique charisma.

In 2021, you can safely wear a shirt over a T-shirt or wear it under a vest, jacket, jacket. Layering, by the way, is now extremely fashionable among young people.

Long safari-style shirts are perfect for everyday outfits.

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Now you know what men’s shirts will be in fashion in 2021, and the photos presented in the article will help you make the right choice when buying new clothes for the new season.

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