Fashionable men’s shoes 2021

Fashion trends in 2021 in the segment of men’s shoes are very diverse. You can see for yourself by examining the selection of trends, which is presented in our article.

Men’s shoes: fashion trends 2021


The first thing a man should pay attention to when choosing shoes is the material from which the vending model is made. Stylists recommend in this case to stick to the classics and give preference to products made of natural or artificial leather. These shoes are the perfect complement to your casual or business look.

If the bow is designed in a casual style, in this case, nubuck shoes or boots would be appropriate.

As for sports shoes, leather products have been replaced by models made from textiles treated with moisture-repellent impregnations.


The color scheme of the shoes depends entirely on where you will wear them. For example, when choosing men’s shoes for every day, you should give preference to classic dark shades that are fashionable in 2021. It doesn’t have to be a black palette. You can also choose dark tones of brown, gray or blue.

For informal meetings and walks, beige and light brown models will be appropriate. You can buy yourself a pair of shoes in white, green, red or burgundy.

Combined options are not prohibited. These can be products designed in the style of color block or ombre.

But bold individuals will definitely like shoes decorated with various embossings and prints. The theme of this decor may be different. Abstract and geometric patterns will be the most popular. Men who are bolder can buy shoes decorated with animalistic or floral ornaments.

Idea! Colored laces will help add brightness to simple plain shoes.

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What shoes will be fashionable in 2021?

Speaking directly about the types of men’s shoes, the following products will be relevant in 2021:

  • shoes. This is an essential element of the basic men’s wardrobe. After all, you can wear shoes not only for business meetings or a celebration. In addition to the classic suit, the shoes are successfully combined with jeans and casual trousers, jackets, jackets and coats. As for the models themselves, classic shoes with an elongated toe remain in fashion. However, you should not deny yourself such options as brogues, loafers, oxfords or derbies;

  • boots. At the peak of fashion trends in 2021, there will be deserts and chukkas in the segment of demi-season men’s shoes. These are low boots with small lacing (literally 2-3 eyelets). They can be made from genuine leather, suede or nubuck. We recommend taking a closer look at Chelsea boots. They also have a low top (to the bone) and a slightly elongated rounded cape. But their main feature is the side inserts made of elastic bands and a minimalist design;

  • sandals. This type of footwear will be a real “hit of the summer”. Therefore, each representative of the stronger sex will have to acquire new leather sandals. Your choice should be stopped on open models with a simple design. Sandals must have a massive sole, which will give the bow a brutal touch;

  • slippers. They no longer go to the beach. Now you can wear slippers to work in the office and even attend an evening party. At the same time, this type of shoe does not necessarily have to have a simple design. In summer, items of bright colors, decorated with multi-colored inserts, all kinds of buckles and inscriptions, will be trendy. There are no special restrictions in the materials. It can be not only leather slippers, but also rubberized models;

  • slip-ons. Another option for casual men’s shoes are slip-ons. This is something between moccasins and slippers. They can be made of textiles, artificial or natural leather, have a simple or colorful design. Slip-ons are more about sports shoes that can be worn with pants, jeans and casual trousers. However, modern men have been able to fit this type of shoe into a business dress code;

Interesting! Did you know that slip-ons were originally shoes designed for divers?

  • sneakers. For several years now, sneakers have been more of a casual option for men’s shoes than sports shoes. Representatives of the stronger sex successfully combine them with outfits in a classic style, casual, military and sport chic;

  • boots. As for winter shoes, everything is unchanged here. As in previous seasons, classic boots with lacing or zippers, as well as casual options, remain relevant. They can have a molded sole of the same color or a contrasting one. Models with a small heel are also acceptable. Products with decorative embossing, prints and voluminous decor in the form of buckles will also be welcome.

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As you can see in the photos presented in the article, in 2021 the range of fashionable men’s shoes is very large. Therefore, absolutely every representative of the stronger sex will be able to choose a suitable option for himself.

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