Fashionable men’s shoes for summer 2023

In the well-known proverb “they meet by clothes …” the word “clothes” can be safely replaced with “shoes”. After all, she, too, is of great importance in the image of a man. A lot can be said about a person by the grooming, quality and trendiness of shoes. No wonder Katya Tikhomirova from the famous painting by Menshov “Moscow does not believe in tears” first of all drew attention to the boots of her fellow traveler Gosha. But it’s in the movies. But what about real life? In the spring-summer 2023 season, stylists recommend choosing not only lifestyle-friendly, but also fashionable, trendy and brutal men’s shoes. And what are these models, we will now tell.



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Shoes for men for summer 2023

Trends are updated regularly. And this applies not only to the women’s, but also to the men’s fashion segment. In the coming season, designers and brands presented a lot of interesting new products to the judgment of modern fashionistas. Let’s get to know them better.


  • Oxfords. These boots are a one-stop solution for all seasons. Oxfords, which have already become classics of men’s wardrobe, will become a lifesaver for an important business meeting, going to a restaurant or theater on a cool summer evening. They will successfully complement the everyday office look. Due to the lacing, which allows the boots to fit snugly on the leg, they are very comfortable to wear. Stylists call black oxfords a real must-have for every man.


Such a pair will suit any pantsuit and will be easily combined with other elements of the wardrobe.

  • Sneakers. This type of footwear has long migrated from a purely sporty style to everyday. Due to the variety of models and their convenience, they are gaining more and more popularity every year. And a lot of collaborations between companies and stars further fuel the interest of ordinary fashionistas in sneakers. Brightness, originality of style and details – that’s what is very much appreciated this season. Therefore, sneakers, for example, with colored inserts will a priori look stylish. Of course, traditional black and white models also have a place to be, because they have already become modernized classics!


  • loafers. Visually, they look like shoes, only without laces. Loafers are one of the main trends in men’s shoes for the summer of 2023. The ability to harmoniously combine with both formal outfits and everyday ones makes them indispensable in the wardrobe of a representative of the strong half of humanity. You don’t have to be torn between comfort and style. Stylish loafers will add chic even to the look with ordinary jeans and a shirt.


  • Moccasins. Of course, it is impossible to call them a fresh novelty – the rule of fashion cyclicality is more suitable here. In the coming season, moccasins reappeared on store shelves. Actual pairs of textiles and suede. As for specific models, the stylists recognized the following options as the most stylish: decorative moccasins with spikes, with lacing, with tassels. You can pay attention to wicker or even knitted men’s moccasins. However, how they fit into your image, decide for yourself.


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  • Sandals. Option for the hottest time. In sandals, the foot always breathes, which is of great importance for comfort. Genuine leather sandals are traditionally considered the most comfortable and stylish. Styles with thin straps, interesting weaves and contrasting inserts are, among other things, a very popular youth option. Often the back strap of these sandals comes unfastened and the pair turns into clogs (shoes without a back, resembling flip flops). Many fashionistas find it convenient and practical for all ages.


  • Sports sandals. A great option for holidays or active recreation. Many use them as a casual pair of summer shoes. And this is not surprising, because sports sandals are light, their soles are rubberized, which is why they are very comfortable even for walking in the city. A variety of rivets, Velcro, buckles will decorate your outfit and securely fasten the shoes on your foot.

  • sneakers. This option is also great for warm weather. The fashion trend of men’s shoes for the summer of 2023 is bright plain sneakers. Juicy colors will be an excellent accent of the image, make it fresh and truly summery. Sneakers made from original materials, such as jeans, will also look stylish. However, it is not necessary that they be completely made of denim, these can be separate inserts. Another point that requires attention when choosing men’s sneakers is their height. This season, stylists recommend taking a closer look at high-top sneakers, although classic models will not be an anti-trend.


  • Greek sandals. This is a model with a large number of straps that wrap around the ankle. The high-top Greek sandals add originality to the look. But, of course, this option is far from being for all men, but only for those who love extravagance. Bottom line: Greek sandals are a cool solution for a themed look, but for everyday life – at your discretion. If desired, you can try to fit them into beach images.

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These are the trends of men’s shoes for the summer of 2023. As you already understood from the proposed photos, they are diverse, therefore, for lovers of the classics, and for lovers of free style, there are pairs to their liking. By choosing a model from the options listed above, you will definitely look stylish this summer!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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