Fashionable men’s shorts 2021

Men are very fond of wearing shorts in the summer, so it’s worth figuring out which men’s models of this wardrobe element will be the most fashionable in 2021. The representatives of the stronger sex can be understood, because shorts for summer are an indispensable thing. And although you can’t wear them to the office, there are many other situations when they would be appropriate.

What men’s shorts will be in fashion in 2021

Maybe you have never been interested, but there are a lot of models of shorts. And they all differ significantly from each other, therefore, in combination with other things, they create a variety of bows. Among the most fashionable shorts in 2021, the following should be highlighted:

Classic. Such a thing is unlikely to ever lose its popularity, because it belongs to the more universal ones. Trouser shorts can be worn not only for a walk, but also for some events. They look beautiful with shirts and t-shirts of the classic type.

Bermuda. They have a free cut, and their appearance is closer to the classic. As a top, you can choose both a T-shirt and a shirt with a jacket.

Military. Many men like this style, because it perfectly emphasizes the most positive male character traits. These shorts can be combined with a top in the same style.

Chinos. The look of these shorts is reminiscent of cutoff trousers, so shirts, T-shirts and polos are perfect for them.

Denim. The fashion for denim shorts has not gone anywhere in 2021, so you can safely buy yourself such a thing. They are long, short, looser and fitted, but in any case, they easily fit into different images.

With pockets. These shorts can be attributed to more sporty options. A large number of pockets makes them even more comfortable and functional.

Transformers. Ideal for practical men, because buying one thing, you get two at once. As the famous film said, trousers “with a slight movement of the hand turn into elegant shorts.”

Home. Despite the name, these men’s shorts, fashionable in 2021, can be worn for a walk, and to the gym, and to the beach. They are comfortable, made from lightweight materials, which is why they are so popular.

Compression. This model, of course, is indispensable for athletes. It is made of elastic materials that follow the shape of the body and do not hinder movement.

Tennis. For men who play tennis, there are short shorts made of breathable materials. You simply cannot do without them on the court.

Among all the trendy models of men’s shorts, both short options and long ones, more tapered and loose, are presented. The most suitable option must be chosen based on preferences, physique, as well as the specific situation. For example, long shorts are more suitable for tall men, while short shorts are more suitable for medium and small men. Among the materials that are most often used for men’s shorts, knitwear, linen, cotton, wool and denim can be distinguished.

The most fashionable colors of men’s shorts 2021

The color of the shorts is no less important than their style. With the help of the color of clothes, we can seem to communicate with the people around us and attract their attention. Designers have presented the most fashionable colors for fabric shorts in 2021, so choose the shades closest to you from this list. So, trend colors:

  • Black. The most neutral and popular color, especially for men. And this year, nothing has changed.
  • White. Not the most practical color, but it looks just great.
  • Blue. The second after black in terms of frequency of use in the men’s wardrobe. Looks great with a white top.
  • Gray. Quite versatile, because this color is appropriate in both classic and sports options.
  • Khaki. In the collection of every famous designer you can find a thing of this color.
  • Red. Naturally, not everyone will be able to choose it, but the most daring men will definitely not pass by this color.

Among the fashionable colors of shorts, which are rarely found in the wardrobe of men, which is very in vain, we can distinguish green, yellow and orange. For summer, these colors are more than appropriate, so do not limit yourself. Camouflage shorts are still very popular, because they are very practical.

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How to wear shorts for men

Under the shorts, men need to very carefully select all the other elements of the image. To look appropriate and attractive in these light, cropped pants, you should consider the overall style of the bow. If shorts are sports options, then different t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and even T-shirts are suitable for them. When choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to sneakers, moccasins, sneakers and other sports models.

Classic-cut shorts are worn with T-shirts of the same style, shirts, jackets, polo. Shoes should also match the overall look, so choose classic sneakers and even shoes. Denim shorts look perfect with T-shirts, as well as with a denim top in the form of a shirt or jacket, creating a total look.

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We provide you with photos of the most fashionable men’s shorts in 2021. They can help you choose an image and give you some ideas. Do not forget that contrary to the stereotypes about home clothes, properly fitting men’s shorts can look very attractive.

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