Fashionable men’s shorts 2022

Fashionable men’s shorts are one of the most essential pieces of clothing for representatives of the strong pod in the summer of 2022. Nothing else provides such a high level of comfort and freedom of movement in hot weather. Shorts provide an opportunity to relax and unwind, they are convenient for playing sports, attending informal events, and performing household tasks. Representatives of some professions, for example, drivers, can even wear them to work.

What men’s shorts are in fashion in 2022

The trends of the upcoming 2022 offer men a huge selection of shorts for every taste. Everyone can choose a model that is suitable for the type of figure, height and individual style.

The following will be relevant:

  • compression models – suitable for athletes who need complete freedom of movement;
  • Bermuda shorts – free-cut shorts that go well with both sporty and classic styles;
  • trouser – the classic model of shorts is suitable for attending important events, they go well with short-sleeve shirts or non-sporty T-shirts;
  • homemade – such fashionable men’s shorts in 2022 can be safely worn on the beach, for training or for outdoor activities with friends, because they are characterized by an increased level of comfort;
  • military – a stylish model makes it possible to emphasize individual taste;
  • chinos – a universal model that is combined with shirts and t-shirts of different styles, suitable for both leisure and special occasions;

Choosing between tight and wide shorts, you need to focus on your own taste. In which model you feel most comfortable, which one corresponds to the specific situation, suits your figure, that one should be worn. In the summer, it is better to have several shorts of different styles and colors in stock, so as not to limit yourself in the daily creation of the image.

How to choose trendy shorts

Updating the summer wardrobe, each male should pay attention not only to the relevance of the shorts model, but also to their compliance with his individual requirements for the level of comfort.

What length is trending in summer 2022

In this aspect, fashion does not limit men in their choice. The ideal length will be the one that suits your height. Elongated shorts are great for tall guys, and for men of medium and small stature, it is better to wear medium-length products.

Which color to choose

The fashionable color in 2022 is green, and if the shorts are fabric, you can pay attention to light blue and turquoise models that look great with a plain white T-shirt or a bright top with an original print.

The classic colors black and white will never lose their relevance. Chocolate shade can also be added to the same list.

If you want to be the center of attention, you can choose red shorts, bright blue, yellow or orange – these shades will be in fashion.

What material to prefer

In 2022, natural fabrics remain in fashion, which are distinguished by quality, wear resistance, as well as a high level of comfort. They are pleasant to the touch to the body, and feel a little cool, which saves you from discomfort in the warm season.

You can safely wear knitted shorts that stretch well, do not hinder movement, and are suitable for different types of figures. Cotton and linen models are also in fashion. They will be in demand due to their resistance to wear. These natural materials are well breathable – in these shorts it will not be hot even on the hottest summer day.

Denim shorts, as the fashion of 2022 suggests, are gradually losing their leading positions to lighter and more flexible options. But if there is a desire to dress in the “classics”, you can dilute your conservatism by choosing models with many pockets.

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Fashion ideas for men in the summer of 2022 – what to wear with shorts

Men’s shorts are a very controversial piece of clothing, which should be worn with extreme caution. Not in all situations, the image with shorts will be appropriate.

What to wear

When it comes to walking around the city with friends, traveling, attending entertainment events – shorts can be safely combined with T-shirts and loose-fitting T-shirts that will not hinder movement. If you go to a social event, it is still worth giving preference to trousers.

When choosing a top, you should focus on the material from which the shorts are made. Denim models are universal. They are combined with classic shirts and sports t-shirts. With linen shorts, products made from the same fabric look beautiful, but you should avoid the sharp contrast that occurs when you wear sports-cut shirts.

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How to diversify the image

To create the perfect look, accessories suitable for the chosen style will also help. With chinos, you can safely wear a hat, with sports shorts – a cap.

What shoes to choose

Shoes also need to choose the appropriate situation. Under denim shorts, both sneakers and summer sandals are suitable. But under fabric, it is better to wear moccasins or sneakers, so as not to burden the image with massive details.

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When choosing fashionable men’s shorts in 2022, you can use ready-made ideas for stylish looks, but remember that the photo will not convey the entire level of comfort of a particular model. Therefore, we advise you to focus more on individual taste and needs.

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