Fashionable men’s sunglasses 2022

In 2022, fashionable men’s sunglasses will become exactly the accessory without which the representatives of the stronger sex will not be able to create an interesting stylish look. This season, leading brands offer to pay attention not only to new original models, but also to timeless classics.

What men’s sunglasses are in fashion in 2022

To create a stylish look, men’s sunglasses play no less important role than women’s. They not only reliably protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, but also help to harmoniously complete the fashionable image, adding elegance, chic and charm to it. Men’s stylish sunglasses will be appropriate for both summer and winter.

This season, designers are inspired by retro motifs and offer to recall the trendy models that were popular several decades ago. Also, well-known brands are in search of new ideas and delight with creative proposals related to frames and lens colors.

Let’s explore which men’s sunglasses will be trending in 2022:

  • Classic. In the photo from the shows, you can see that the designers have again returned to discreet models with minimal decor. This season, classic glasses in black are once again at the peak of popularity. Such close interest of stylists is not surprising, because this model goes well with clothes of any style – from business suits to casual jeans and shorts. To choose the right sunglasses for the sun, you should choose a model, focusing on the shape of the face.

  • Aviators. For the first time, these original glasses came into fashion more than 50 years ago. The shape of the model, the designers spied on in military aviation. Since then, it has not lost its relevance and is loved by many men. In 2022, aviators are represented in all known collections. These glasses are well suited to the representatives of the stronger sex with a square, rectangular and elongated face shape.

  • Browliners. The name of the model is translated from English as “eyebrow accentuator”, and it arose due to the unusual appearance of the glasses (massive upper part and lack of a lower one). The trendy model became especially popular in the 1980s. Since then, admirers of a strict style in clothing have not changed their choice, preferring restrained elegance and sophistication. Browliners with original color frames will be fashionable this season.

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  • Sports. In 2022, leading brands have upgraded sportswear to provide even better eye protection. These glasses are great not only for hot summers, but also for cold winters. They help protect against biting wind and frost while skiing or snowboarding. This is a great goggle option for young people who enjoy an active lifestyle, like cycling and hiking in the woods.

  • Round. Fashion trends of the season suggest paying attention to spectacular glasses with round glasses. In 2022, it is worth giving preference to tishades (as stylists call such glasses) with black or brown lenses. This model will add a stylish image of originality and mystery. Stylists recommend wearing round glasses to young people with large facial features.

  • With colored lenses. Those who like to look original will like beautiful and stylish models with multi-colored glasses. Such glasses will transform the appearance and add spectacularity to the male image. This season, the trend will be models with red, green, blue, orange and yellow lenses. Glasses with mirrored glasses look no less beautiful, which are perfect for casual summer clothes (shorts, polo shirts, cargo pants, hats).

  • W. This model is a great choice for men who prefer a comfortable casual style. This season, square wayfarers in both classic black and ultra popular horn frames will be in fashion. Best of all, these glasses look in combination with summer shirts, jackets, jeans, t-shirts and shorts.

You can study which men’s sunglasses will be fashionable in 2022 using the photos posted on our website.

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The most fashionable frames of 2022

This season, models with bright multi-colored frames will be in trend, although black classics will also not be left without attention. Sunglasses will be in fashion not only with massive and voluminous, but also with very elegant temples.

A real hit will be sunglasses, in which the frame is made of several materials at the same time (plastic, metal, African buffalo horns). According to fashion trends in 2022, well-known brands will start releasing wooden sunglasses everywhere. Such models look stylish, original and beautiful.

To ensure that wooden-framed glasses last for many years, special wood with an exclusive finish is selected for production. In the collections of leading brands, this frame is presented in completely different shapes – from the traditional round and rectangular to the D-shaped.

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In 2022, designers offer a huge selection of trendy sunglasses for men, suitable for different styles of clothing, so that young people can look more stylish and catchy.

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