Fashionable men’s sweaters 2021

Fashionable men’s sweaters in 2021 are quite unpredictable, but at the same time very stylish, interesting and original. In this article, we will tell and show all the options for trendy “sweatshirts”: styles, colors, prints.

TOP list of fashionable sweaters for 2021

A good sweater is a universal part of the men’s wardrobe for the cold season. But how do you choose a good sweater when there are so many of them? This is where reviews can help:

  • Fashionable styles;
  • trend colors;
  • Stylish prints.

V-neck sweater

The V-neck sweater is perhaps the timeless classic in the world of men’s sweaters. They are known for their versatility and variety of colors. This model is chosen by most men, because it is suitable for assembling a casual style or an office look, under trousers and jeans, for meetings and corporate events.

If this is your first time buying a sweater and you are worried about whether it will go with almost all your outfits, then choose a one-color V-neck model in colors ranging from dark gray to light gray.

By the way, gray and its shades are on the Top Trendy Colors List for 2021. Therefore, only dark blue or other shades of blue will be the best replacement. But bright or pastel colors must be able to properly combine with other clothes. Therefore, if you want to quickly assemble a trendy and fashionable look, then choose a sweater in dark blue or gray shades.

ethnic sweater

The development of fashion trends in 2021 also affected men’s sweaters. Ethnic sweaters, for example, in the Fair Isle style, are gaining some popularity now.

Fair Isle is made in the Scottish knitting technique of small jacquard. Since 1921, these sweater models have appeared in the general public, then disappeared. And now, in 2021, the technique has been improved: now small drawings do not have to “decorate” the entire sweater, but can only appear in a certain part of the model.

Jumper Aran

The Aran jumper got its name in honor of the islands of the same name in the west of Ireland. Usually Aran sweaters are made from raw sheepskin wool. They are composed of certain patterns, incredibly warm and slightly bulky due to the large volume. And when wet, there is a slight smell of sheepskin. But there are also models that are simply made of natural, but processed or even dyed wool.

Sweater Guernsey

Guernsey style originated in northern France. It was invented for sailors and workers who needed to quickly put on something warm without thinking about where the front is and where the back is. Guernsey sweaters are made from a variety of materials:

  • Cotton;
  • Wool;
  • Cashmere;
  • Alpaca.

Some are warmer, but require more care, while others are more durable and easy to wash, though not very warm.

Interesting fact: people are not allergic to alpaca sweaters. It costs, of course, more expensive, but you will be warm and comfortable.

Crew neck sweater

Crew neck sweater is another classic of men’s wardrobe. But there is one amendment: the shirt collar will not be visible. Therefore, if it is important for you to maintain a business style, then choose a V-neck. Nevertheless, this model goes well with a suit and can keep you warm in very cold weather.

High Neck Sweater

Someone will say: “Oh no, it’s not mine.” But here you just need to learn how to wear such sweaters correctly, because in 2021 it is one of the fashionable and top “details” of the men’s wardrobe. In addition, they can be a great addition to a business or casual style.

When choosing a turtleneck sweater, opt for solid colors such as navy blue or even black. The model must be close to the body. Therefore, choose a sweater made of soft natural materials.


Finding a knitted hoodie is a little more difficult than a woven one. But if you succeed, then you will immediately be able to assemble a stylish trendy look. The difference will be noticeable immediately, which means you will immediately climb a couple of steps higher among friends and colleagues.


A cardigan is a sweater that is fully stretchable. It may not even have a fastener, be with lapels and patch pockets. This is a pretty comfortable and warm sweater and can be worn over any shirt or jumper.

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Knitted sweaters

Fashionable knitted men’s sweaters in 2021 can have different prints and colors. Now let’s pay attention only to the most stylish proposals of designers:

  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Brown;
  • Gray;
  • Red;
  • Burgundy;
  • Yellow;
  • Orange;
  • Black;
  • Beige;
  • White;
  • With animal pattern;
  • With logos and inscriptions;
  • In a cage, stripes, with rhombuses and other geometric shapes;
  • With floral motifs;
  • With people’s faces.

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Now that you know everything about the trendy men’s sweaters for 2021, it will not be difficult to choose the right one for you. Focus on models made of high-quality fabrics, give preference to natural materials, and then you will be able to create not only a stylish, but also a comfortable warm look.

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