Fashionable men’s swimming trunks 2021

Properly selected men’s swimming trunks will not only help you look fashionable in 2021 on the beach or in the pool, but will also make you feel comfortable. This piece of clothing plays an important role in the preparation of a stylish bow, as it usually acts as the only element of clothing. From today’s article, you will learn about all the current trends and novelties of the season, see photos of the most successful models.

What men’s swimming trunks are in fashion in 2021

Designers offer a large number of the most diverse models of swimming trunks, so every man will be able to choose the best option. The trend is different models and colors.

  • The most popular in 2021 will be short models. Moreover, designers offer to use them for various occasions, wear both to the pool and to the beach.
  • As for the cut, it is better to give preference to not too tight models. Particular attention should be paid to swimming trunks, reminiscent of short shorts. Such a model will become indispensable for approaching the beach.
  • The most trendy models are distinguished by catchy colors, and are also complemented by patch pockets on the side and back. They are convenient not only for swimming, but also for active leisure on the shore. Having supplemented such beach swimming trunks with a T-shirt, you can safely go for a walk around the resort town.
  • Specialists made another emphasis on convenience, practicality and durability. When sewing trendy models, only high-quality and durable fabrics were used, which do not deform when frequently wet, are resistant to sunlight, are not afraid of frequent washing and contact with salt or chlorinated water.

Next, we will tell you more about the most fashionable models of swimming trunks for 2021.


Boxers are considered one of the most comfortable models – they fit perfectly on the figure, so they can easily take root in the wardrobe of any man. A distinctive feature of such swimming trunks is the cut. They resemble small shorts that completely cover the buttocks and emphasize all the advantages of the male figure. In 2021, designers are advised to pay attention to models with unusual and contrasting finishes, as well as boxers with hidden seams, which allow you to fit the bottoms as precisely as possible.


These men’s briefs are also among the 2021 fashion trends and are a cross between boxers and briefs. They are distinguished by a comfortable and anatomical fit, which is why they are incredibly in demand among males all over the world. Most often, hips are sewn from high-quality elastic fabrics, so they sit perfectly on the figure. Most of the models have a low fit. It should also be noted the presence of an additional insert on the front of the swimming trunks, which favorably emphasizes the features of the male figure.


This is another popular and relevant model. It is practical and very comfortable, has a classic cut. In 2021, both classic briefs and low-waisted models will be in trend. The cut can be either tight or loose. Briefs are perfect for men of different physiques, they will look great on both tall and short men.


Those who like long swimming trunks can look at Bermuda shorts or jet shorts. The former are suitable for men who want to cover their figure as much as possible. Bermuda shorts will be an excellent option for those who are overweight – they hide flaws as much as possible, make the silhouette visually more slender. Wetsuits are indispensable for long stays in the water. They are perfect for swimming.

Skip tan

Men who are concerned about the uniformity of their tan should take a closer look at swimming trunks, sewn from a special material that can transmit ultraviolet light.

For the pool

Models for visiting the pool must be sewn from fabric that can withstand the harmful effects of alkali and chlorine, does not lose color and shape with regular contact with water. Preference should be given to models made of polyester or combined swimming trunks made of polyamide and elastane.

trendy colors

In 2021, designers have offered men a variety of fashionable color schemes for men’s swim trunks. Almost all shades will be appropriate. Models with inscriptions, original drawings, stylish prints and logos of famous brands are also relevant. The stylists focused on the colors, while the decoration is quite simple and uncomplicated.

  • Restrained representatives of the stronger sex will suit models in a traditional black or white palette. This is a classic that looks discreet and stylish.
  • In 2021, as before, models of azure, turquoise or blue colors will be appropriate. They contrast beautifully with tanned skin.
  • A discreet palette with contrasting details is also perfect for summer holidays.
  • Models in camouflage colors and Hawaiian style will not lose popularity.
  • Inveterate fashionistas should pay attention to models in small cells.

Now you know what men’s swimming trunks will be in fashion in 2021, and the photo examples presented in the article will allow you to choose the most suitable option.

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