Fashionable men’s t-shirts 2021

One of the basic components of the men’s wardrobe in 2021 is fashionable t-shirts. And it’s no secret to anyone that the designers have prepared dozens of different looks that you will definitely like. You no longer have to choose between style and comfort, because everything is combined into one convenient thing: a t-shirt. What trendy silhouettes, prints and colors are waiting for men in 2021? Let’s find out right now!

Fashion trends

Temporary, but at the same time permanent. I just want to describe the fashion trends that are planned for next year. Why? Meet the TOP 11 trends:

Trend #1: 70s Looks

Remember those T-shirts that your grandfather showed you in photographs, and you probably laughed inside yourself and thought about how old-fashioned they looked? So, they are back. At that time, they liked to wear “cheerful” prints, bright, flared or, on the contrary, fitted T-shirts.

It seems that in the 70s they still knew how to combine colors correctly. But this did not bother anyone: the designers said – it’s fashionable, so it’s fashionable. And they all went like a blueprint. And today, the trends of the 70s have been finalized. Therefore, the incongruous became compatible, beautiful, juicy.

Trend #2: 80s Looks

What was fashionable in the 80s? On a bright plain T-shirt, they could safely put on a jacket with a bright stripe. Next up were jeans or trousers. But this is not so important. After all, if you look at the latest trend shows, little has changed.

Today it is quite natural to throw a jacket over a solid color, for example, a white or black T-shirt, and go to a meeting or even conduct one in this.

Trend #3: Safari Style

We give the 3rd place in the list of fashionable men’s t-shirts in 2021 to the safari style, so be sure to check out the following photos.

When choosing clothes in safari style, it is important not to lose the main idea: lightness and versatility, which is so necessary when traveling. Primary colors: muted shades, not very bright, but without a black accent. For example, khaki, beige, brown, light green, etc.

Trend No. 4: nautical style

If you want to keep up with the fashion trends of 2021, then stylists recommend choosing men’s short sleeve t-shirts in a marine style. What is included?

  • Shades of the sea: blue, azure, blue, white;
  • Stripes, anchors, seaport designs in dark blue on a white background, etc.;
  • Imitation of waves, spilled water on the shore;

The image can be broken up with a belt and other stylish accessories, and choose white or blue trousers as a bright finish.

Be careful not to overdo it with prints, colors and accessories. This style is easy to mess up, so see how the stylists dress or buy ready-made looks from store windows.

Trend #5: Pastels

The trendy colors of men’s t-shirts for 2021 are pastel shades.

  • Light blue;
  • purple;
  • Beige
  • Light pink;
  • Peach;
  • Sand;
  • Pale green.

Combine them with each other, picking up shorts or trousers in neighboring colors and then you will get a fashionable and stylish look.

Trend #6: Oversized

Oversize can not leave the fashion catwalks. Girls love it, but men will not refuse loose, slightly baggy T-shirts either. This style is especially suitable for guys who strive to be different and even stand out from other peers.

But oversized is not suitable for those who have a too thin figure. But if you have something to hide, then choose T-shirts in this style.

Trend #7: Black-Black

If pastel shades are not to your liking, then choose black t-shirts. You can choose both a pure color without impurities, and models with inscriptions or a pattern.

Trend #8: Polo

What men’s t-shirts will be in fashion in 2021 to wear them under a jacket to the office? That’s right, with a polo clasp! Such combinations look original and simple, and most importantly, there are several buttons and a turn-down collar.

Polo shirts come in a variety of cuts: fitted and loose. Colors – models of one shade, with prints and a combination of different fabric colors.

Trend #9: Grunge

Aged, torn T-shirts replace jeans. Holes can be of different sizes and in the most unexpected places. And if you want to wear something more discreet, then choose t-shirts with perforations. Such models look more neat and very interesting.

Trend #10: Printed

Last year, for example, tie-dye was the hit of the season. And if the fashion of the 70s and 80s remains, then you should not get rid of such a T-shirt, and it is better to look at a few additional options. There are no special rules for choosing prints. Cage, sky pattern, marine and floral theme.

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Trend #11: Long T-shirts

Some fashion shows have begun to feature knee-length T-shirts. They have side slits and an asymmetrical cut. But if it is difficult for you to choose the bottom for such a T-shirt, then just choose elongated models.

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These men’s t-shirts will be fashionable in 2021. We are sure that you will like new ideas, colors, styles, and you will definitely be able to create several trendy looks at once, both for work and for the office.

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