Fashionable men’s trousers 2021

Modern men care about their appearance no less than women, so they will be interested to know what men’s trousers are in fashion in 2021. Appearance plays a big role, because, as you know, they are met by clothes. Therefore, it is so important to choose wardrobe details that will correspond not only to the type of figure and age, but also to the latest fashion trends. In this article we will talk about trousers, we will tell you which models are among the fashionable ones in 2021.

Men’s pants: fashion trends 2021

Many men are quite conservative. Having once picked up a successful model of trousers, they continue to buy a similar one over and over again, experimenting, perhaps with a shade or pattern on the fabric.

However, designers strongly recommend not to do this. Indeed, today in stores you can find a variety of styles, many of which fit perfectly on the figure, and in addition, they diversify boring everyday looks. Believe me, any man will be able to choose at least two or three models to his taste.

Actual styles of jeans

Let’s start the conversation with the most popular type of men’s, and women’s, trousers – jeans. They are in almost any wardrobe and still remain relevant. Moreover, stylists offer many fashionable styles of denim trousers.

The novelty of the season is wide and baggy jeans. However, they did not replace narrow models, but became a stylish addition to the wardrobe.

These wide leg jeans create a slightly messy and baggy look. At the same time, they are distinguished by increased comfort and ease of wear. As a youth version of men’s denim trousers fashionable in 2021, you can use skinny models in grunge style.

But it is better to refuse jeans with huge holes in the knee area, they are no longer relevant. Opt for more discreet options with small “holes” where the contrasting denim lining peeks out.

Stylish chinos

A distinctive feature of chinos is the cut. They have a medium or high rise and are fairly wide at the top of the legs, which taper slightly towards the bottom. These trousers have slanted pockets in the front and square pockets in the back. They are sewn mainly from cotton with a special weave of threads. Initially, these trousers were sewn for soldiers, so the main colors of chinos are shades of beige, brown, and khaki. These colors of fashionable men’s trousers will remain relevant in 2021, however, mods can pick up models in other interesting colors.

chinos beige

brown chinos

Most often, these trousers are worn with tight-fitting T-shirts and loose-fitting shirts. However, it should be noted that the top should be of such a length that it does not cover the pockets.

The most versatile and at the same time winning look with chinos is a tandem with a white dress shirt, tie and jacket. In such a stylish image, you can go for a walk, study, work, business meeting.

Leather trousers

Leather pants are the freshest and boldest trend of the new season. Similar products were presented at almost all fashion shows. Men’s fashion gurus offer men to look at straight and slightly cropped trousers made of genuine leather.

These men’s trousers will easily fit into any fashionable wardrobe in 2021, and depending on other components of the image, they will complement the outfit in almost any life situation.

You should immediately draw the attention of men to the fact that we are not talking about lacquer models. Such options are inappropriate in the men’s wardrobe. At least for the coming seasons.

If we are talking about the youth version of men’s leather trousers, then here you can look at models with metal fittings. Such products can be worn in combination with other black items, making up very outrageous total black bows.

For those whose status and age do not allow them to wear leather trousers with decor, you can take a closer look at the images with smooth plain models.

The tandem with a long coat looks interesting and original.

Also, the Prada fashion house recommends wearing leather trousers in combination with outerwear made of the same material only in a different shade.

Corduroy trousers

Velveteen is a natural fabric created on the basis of cotton thread. Due to the interesting texture, trousers made of such fabric look original and beautiful.

Typically, such products are made in a light beige or brown palette. There are also black options, but they are less relevant and in demand.

Wear corduroy trousers with:

  • jumpers,
  • light sweaters,
  • plain or checkered non-textured shirts.

The products look interesting in combination with fashionable jackets.

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Straight trousers, tapered to the bottom – a classic option, suitable for various life situations. They are worn with a jumper, turtleneck, shirt. Such sets have gained great popularity as street fashion. Men in these trousers look very stylish and a bit formal, but extremely elegant.

Often, classic models are worn with suspenders, but the version with a belt is more versatile. The choice of color should be based on personal preferences.

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Now you are familiar with the main fashion trends for 2021, and photos of stylish looks will help you choose the latest models of men’s trousers.

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