Fashionable men’s wrist watch 2021

Choosing a fashionable men’s watch is not difficult when you know about the trends of 2021 in advance. Of course, one should not forget about personal preferences, but at the same time it is necessary to pay attention to stylish and functional accessories. Moreover, now we will present you a guide to the most fashionable trends and current models.

Men’s watches: fashion trends 2021

No clock – no image. This is the opinion most stylists adhere to, choosing and placing accents in a classic or sporty style for men:

  • Don’t like metal watches? Available with a silicone strap;
  • Does the glass fog up in winter and the dial is hard to see? There are smart watches with which it is easy to track not only the time, but also notifications and missed calls.

Therefore, always focus on your tastes, preferences, needs and desires. Make a list, and then pick a watch. This is not difficult to do, and due to the fact that the fashion for men’s accessories is more stable than women’s, they will be a truly stylish accent for several more years.


Mechanical watches rightfully occupy 1st place in the TOP of fashionable men’s accessories in 2021. This model is chosen by those who truly appreciate the classics – timeless classics – and do not want to change it. A mechanical watch with a lot of gears and tiny spirals needs a kind of care for them:

  • Annual cleaning;
  • Protection against excessive air humidity;
  • Protection against dust ingress.

If you do not want to wind a mechanical watch every time, then pay attention to models with automatic winding. They are slightly heavier than regular watches due to the extra weight. But the accuracy of time is guaranteed to you. At the same time, such watches become an excellent decoration for a man’s wrist.


Vintage men’s watches are in second place on our list. These are elegant and refined models that combine vintage motifs with a new vision of fashion. Some models are suitable for business suits and the office. Others can be worn only for going out: a restaurant, corporate party, cinema, theater, concert and other events.

A special love and find of designers is a real watch from the 50s and 60s, which, perhaps, no longer works. But experienced craftsmen can skillfully change the “inside”, while maintaining the external style. Such watches can have a steel case, gold or silver. And some scratches on the case will only emphasize your expertise when choosing this accessory.

Vintage watches are chosen by creative people and those who just want to stand out with their individuality, elegance, talk about their confidence and healthy conservatism.

Designers recommend: when choosing a vintage watch, choose models with a detachable strap. Then you can always create multiple images. For example: one is metal, and the second is elongated to wrap around the wrist several times.


Skeletons are watches with a transparent case. At the same time, the “insides” can be considered both from the outside and from the inside.

The reason for the creation of skeletons is not to surprise with a new trend or craftsmanship, but the difficulty of hiding the internal mechanism in the case.

Watches can be made of stainless steel, in a gold case, with a sapphire crystal. But if you want to look fashionable in 2021 by buying inexpensive men’s watches, then choose skeletons. There are a lot of manufacturers, so you can always find different options both in stores with Swiss or Korean watches, and on sites with Chinese goods.

bi color

Another original solution in watch design is a combination of two metals or several shades in case trim or straps. And they called such a composition Bi-color. This is quite an advantageous combination, since you can choose different color schemes of the straps, which will favorably emphasize the created image.

Bi-color is the richness of color. Especially when designers use silver and rose gold to create watches. With each new dial, this combination looks special, stylish and rich. But most importantly, you can also find cheap Bi-color watches on the market. And this means that it is not difficult to look fashionable, even if you have a small budget for purchasing a new accessory.

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smart watch

A new type of already beloved watch that adequately decorates a man’s wrist is a smart watch. They are suitable for a sporty look, for the office or going out. Incredibly stylish models are offered by various global manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and others.

These watches are comfortable and practical to wear in any weather. But the most important advantage is that you can safely play sports with them and monitor your health. Smart watches are a new word in the era of watches of the 20th century. Therefore, they should definitely appear on your shelf with accessories.

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Fashionable men’s wristwatches in 2021 are a variety that allows you to satisfy the most sophisticated taste and emphasize real style. What options did you like? Share in the comments and always stay stylish with us!

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