Fashionable milk manicure 2023

Milk manicure continues to be incredibly popular with ladies of all ages. And there are several explanations for this. Firstly, many are fed up with both white and classic beige, and dairy is considered an excellent alternative to them. Secondly, this color is universal. It refreshes the image, looks stylish, appropriate at any time of the year, suitable for different lengths and shapes of nails. Even in wedding looks in 2023, milky manicure will be relevant. Let’s talk about what types of design will go best with this shade.

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Design ideas for milk manicure-2023

Milky can be the main color in nail art or become a good base for a pattern, jacket, foil decor. At the same time, milk is not always unambiguous, which makes it even more interesting for experiments. For example, he will perfectly emphasize a beautiful tan on the skin, bring a bit of aristocracy to the image. At the same time, it will highlight any irregularities that may be on the plate. Therefore, before applying the color, it is worth working very hard on the design of the nails.

As for the design, we offer the following options for consideration.

  • Lunar french. Highlight the hole on one, two or all nails at once with silver / gold / multi-colored sparkles or arcuate metal strips. The result is a very organic design that will be appropriate in the office and in the restaurant. You can choose any shape of nails for a milky moon jacket, but the length is starting from medium. Rhinestones will also look appropriate in the design.

  • With a little bright accent. Minimalism is still in trend, including in the nail art segment. However, this does not mean that you should always stick to conciseness when choosing a design. Feel free to create bright accents on your nails. For example, draw a scarlet heart on one of the fingers, or add a little fuchsia, light green, orange, yellow to the design. It can be ordinary stripes, and fashionable spots that do not have clear shapes.

  • Quail egg. Milk manicure-2023 with a design in the form of a quail egg is also quite worthy of attention. Moreover, black or multi-colored splashes that imitate a simple pattern on the shell will look great on a translucent light background. Not to say that this nail art will be appropriate in strict business bows, but it can be included in everyday looks. The design is relevant for any length of nails.

  • With branches and flowers. Great idea for a manicure for spring 2023. And you don’t have to think of anything. Floral motifs on a delicate milky background look simply amazing. Especially if you include a little natural green or soft red in the design. But do not make the drawing too intrusive and extensive, so as not to disturb the harmony. Light strokes, neat buds – that’s what you need.

  • “Miscellaneous Pens” If total milk seems too boring for you, pay attention to the new trend in manicure, which the masters simply call: “different handles”. It’s pretty easy to put it into practice. The nails of one hand are covered with a milky varnish, the nails of the other – with a varnish of a radically different shade. Including this technique will be appropriate on short nails. It turns out fresh, a little extravagant, trendy.

  • With rhinestones. The perfect solution for a special occasion or a romantic date. Sparkling crystals will add chic to a calm milky shade, make nail art more expressive and elegant. However, avoid using too many stones in the design, it will be inappropriate. Keep a beautiful balance between the glamorous shine and the softness of the coating, made in milky tones.

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  • with animal print. Include a little expression in a fashionable milky manicure through an animalistic pattern. In 2023, this will be a fairly popular solution. And although today you will not surprise anyone with the imitation of the color of predatory animals, this type of design is still very popular. In nail art, you can use both full-fledged drawings and stickers. But try not to get fancy results.

  • With inscriptions. Stylish manicure with inscriptions also continues to be on the list of current trends of the season. Including “messages to the world” can be applied on a milky background. And what to write, then you decide for yourself. The top contains capacious phrases from social networks, slogans, declarations of love, oriental hieroglyphs, names. And, of course, logomania. To make the inscriptions look harmonious, apply them on square nails or on long oval ones.

  • Matte. Applying a matte top coat over a milky finish is a very simple yet elegant manicure solution. It will show itself especially effectively on long nails. To make such a design, you do not need to have special skills. Moreover, the milky color is magnificent in monochrome. However, you can add here a small laconic pattern or mother-of-pearl pearls. Experiment!

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As for the combination with other shades, milk goes well with: pale pink, black, light green, blue, gray, pale yellow.

We told and showed on numerous photos what a milk manicure-2023 could be like. Be sure to include this beautiful shade in your spring-summer looks, you won’t regret it.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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