Fashionable mink coats 2019-2020

What fashion trends of 2019-2020 are reflected in the design of mink coats? You will be the first to know about these new products!

Arguments in favor of a mink coat

  • Such a product looks expensive and presentable, has no age restrictions and easily fits into any image.
  • The service life of mink outerwear is about 10 years, which means that such a purchase will be a practical investment in a stylish wardrobe.
  • A mink coat emphasizes the good taste and high status of the owner.

[tds_warning]Interesting! In contrast to all the advantages, you can put the cost of a mink coat. But still it is justified by high quality and long service life.[/tds_warning]

Deciding on a color

  • A white mink coat is the most luxurious must-have of the season. Designers do not strictly predetermine the style of such a product. At the top shows, shortened, classic straight and oversized models were seen. Any cut option in combination with white fur will look incomparable. The excellent versatility is also pleasing – light fur coats are successfully combined with jeans, dresses, trousers and evening dresses.

  • The squeak of the season is feminine fur coats made of light pink fur.

  • A noble gray-blue hue with cold notes is also considered a stylish solution. This color creates an expensive and sophisticated look.

  • If you are a bold and eccentric fashionista, designers will offer you a novelty – a mink coat in a bright color. Fashion shows featured products in red, yellow, blue and orange colors. Such models look creative, and at the same time reliably drive away the seasonal blues.

  • For girls who plan to look elegant without any extra effort this winter, modern trends suggest taking note of a fur coat in beige or cream colors.

  • Black and brown options are always in trend, and they easily fit into any style of image.

  • Animal print is a 100% hit of the season. It is reflected in the design of both faux and real fur coats. Now the trend is both individual printed inserts and products completely executed in animal color.

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What is the most fashionable length

to the waist

In the 2019-2020 season, waist-length mink coats will be incredibly fashionable. Cropped models look as stylish and modern as possible, plus they boast excellent comfort. Active and practical women of fashion will surely appreciate the mobility and versatility of such a novelty.

The cut of the jacket with a turn-down collar, embodied in the design of a short fur coat, deserves special attention. Cocoon and bomber styles will also be relevant.


Although such products are not distinguished by increased practicality, it is unlikely that any outerwear will be able to compete in luxury and presentability with long mink coats.

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trend models


The hot trend of the season is the oversized fur coat. Designers hint that if you warm up, then with taste and with the help of voluminous outerwear made of fur. Distinctive features of fashionable oversized fur coats are a wide one-size-fits-all cut, a massive collar and huge patch pockets. All these criteria together create a really warm and trendy product that makes the girl stand out from the crowd.

It should be borne in mind that oversized cut is not the best solution for overweight women, because it is able to visually increase the parameters of the figure. Another fashionable alternative is recommended for petite girls with a fragile physique.

If you decide on such a bold novelty, combine it with over the knee boots, stocking boots or rough boots.


For several seasons in a row, fur coats made from transverse stripes of fur have been on the list of trends. Such models can embody a fashionable combination effect. Designers love to combine stripes of long-haired and sheared fur in fur coats, as well as textures of different colors. These products look original and stylish, so they do not need additional decorations.


A sleeveless fur product is a practical and stylish idea for both 20 and 40 years old. Now the trend is short vests and models to the knee, which are ideal for going out.


Among the fashion favorites is the cape style, which with mink fur looks as elegant as possible.

With belt

It is hard not to notice the huge popularity of all kinds of belts and belts in the cold season. But if their combination with jumpers and dresses is already familiar to fashionistas, then the combination with a fur coat has become an unexpected and stylish novelty. The designers proposed to complement coats made of sheared or short-haired fur with an emphasis on the waist. The most successful with a belt look models with a smell or with a straight cut.

[tds_note]Interesting! A fashionable belt in addition to a fur coat can be made of fur, fabric or leather.[/tds_note]

It is not at all necessary to buy a fur coat, which was originally presented complete with a belt. This fashion trend will allow you to transform bored outerwear from past seasons. Simply complement a straight or slightly flared fur coat with a wide belt. Such a move looks especially stylish in a business or evening look.

Patchwork and stitch

In the design of fur coats, the stitch with squares and the patchwork technique are gaining momentum. Such techniques allow using in one product not only fur of different colors, but also contrasting textures. Looks interesting and stylish!

The combination effect has proven itself in the design of both short and long fur coats.


Do not lose their relevance and feminine fur coats with a hood. Interestingly, this trend has been unchanged for several decades. Fashion experts predict that hooded mink coats will continue to lead the way, so this model will be a practical choice for many seasons to come.

The hood can decorate various models of fur coats – short, classic straight, poncho, A-line cut and a product with a belt.

A fur coat with a hood often eliminates the need to wear a hat, perfectly saves from the cold and creates a sophisticated and elegant look.

Sheared fur

The well-deserved love of fashionistas was also won by sheared mink fur coats due to their softness and beauty. This texture looks uniform, smooth and shiny, and to the touch it is incredibly smooth.

These products can have a unique design, because fur cutting allows you to embody any patterns and patterns on the surface.

Fashion ideas for those who…

Women at an elegant age can also follow fashion trends, but with accuracy and caution. A win-win solution for them will be a combination of classics and stylish elegance, which always looks perfect.

  • For women over 50, a great idea would be to buy a basic straight or A-line fur coat. Sleeves can be short, flared or straight. The laconic style will not go out of fashion, and at the same time it will look restrained and stylish.

  • Feminine…

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