Fashionable mink coats 2021-2022

The stylists offered a whole range of fashionable models of mink coats for the 2021-2022 season. From classic to avant-garde – what is your emancipation enough for. Of course, a fur coat remains a status and noble thing in a woman’s wardrobe. Mink fur is the gold medalist of all stylish competitions.

What mink coats will be in fashion in 2021-2022

Designers experimented with cuts and fur processing methods for fur coats. Several unusual novelties were presented on the catwalks by models of famous brands. Despite the movement towards eco-activism, natural fur does not lose ground. If you are true to tradition and do not like artificial materials, the next selection is for you.

Shaved mink. An easy option for the beginning of winter. Often, on such models, fox or raccoon fur is “attached”. A fur coat without a belt looks very stylish. This accessory will replace the leather lace, as in the photo below.

Imitation jacket and shirt. A new look at the usual auto lady and medium length fur coats. Due to the rampant fashion for oversized, stylists style trouser sets with similar outerwear. Great option for young people.

Combined. It is not only about combining fur of different textures in one model, but also a combination of fur with quilted fabric.

Herringbone. Looks great on long coats. Rather, a tribute to the fashion of the 80s, so big shoulders are welcome.

70s. Fashion trends in 2021-2022 have returned retro-style mink coats to the glossy pages again. Bright colors, no collar – a great look.

classic coat. This means not even a cut in the format of a coat, but a coat fur trim. Now not only the collar and sleeves, but on all parts of the product.

Fur coat. The model of a mink coat that has already become a classic. A distinctive feature is a free cut and the presence of a belt. Instead, you can use a wide belt “not from the set.”

double sided. It will help you save on two top outfits at once. Imagine that in the morning you went to work in a strict coat, and in the evening you changed into a restaurant in an elegant fur coat.

Actual colors and prints

Let’s go through the section of fashion for colors and patterns, because the choice of mink coats in 2021-2022 is replete with its diversity.

  • Animal. It sounds strange: to put some other print on natural fur. However, it is very fashionable in the coming “cold” season. Leopard, tiger, zebra and cowhide are more relevant than ever.
  • Striped. A visual way to become slimmer for puffy ladies who dream of finding their own version of a mink coat. Choose a thin or medium vertical stripe.
  • Flowers. Another extraordinary trend is flowers on a fur coat. The technique for performing a romantic attribute does not matter. For example, embroidery, printing or a pattern on the fur coat itself.
  • Bright. Rainbow colors are welcome. Violet, blue, yellow and red are especially held in high esteem. Also, girls in pink, mint and orange fur coats will be seen on the streets of fashionable capitals.
  • patterns. Digital printing on fur coats has forced manufacturers to get creative. Abstraction, cage, folk motifs – all this will definitely set you apart from the crowd.
  • Cross mink fur. Nature has thought of everything for you. This fur has a contrasting color, helping designers come up with more and more unusual shapes and styles of fur coats.
  • Graphite and cappuccino. These are rather classic shades. But they are now at the peak of popularity.

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How to wear a mink coat in the new season

The secret of elegance is to wear a mink coat like a simple coat, and a simple coat like a mink coat, French fashion designer Pierre Balmain once said. We got to the climax – we will give some tips for creating an image with a fur coat.

If you are the owner of a short mink coat, then jeans and rough boots will help to create an everyday look with it. This will balance the top with the bottom, adding a little casualness.

Evening version with the same avtolady. Swap out your denim pants for leather ones. Add a medium frame bag and heeled ankle boots. The highlight will be a colored scarf.

Pleated skirts below the knee also go well with a mink coat. In this case, it is better to choose noble shoes, for example, suede pointed boots with high heels.

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Long models are best combined with sneakers and a baseball cap. Surprised? An informal approach is the main trend of the next season. Too bold a move? Then we offer a more traditional option with a turtleneck and culottes. In addition, the fur coat perfectly complements shirts, jumpers and overalls.

A little about accessories.

In fact, any hats look great with a fur coat. Be it a hat, a beret or a knitted hat. But a large-knit scarf is better left for a cozy down jacket. We suggest wearing a light scarf with a fur coat or pull the sweater collar out from under the collar.

As for bags, there are a few “buts”. Firstly, summer baskets and braids should not be combined with a fur coat. Secondly, choose pastel-colored bags for bright fur coats, and contrasting ones for outerwear in neutral shades. At the same time, remember that a rich accessory should not be repeated several times in a whole image.

You have just looked at the fashion photo selection of mink coats for the 2021-2022 season. Read our tips carefully, and you can easily pick up the current model for the cold.

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