Fashionable nail design 2020

Fashionable nail design in 2020 includes both the brightest trends of the last season and new items that will definitely not leave any lady indifferent. A photo selection in our today’s review will allow you to get acquainted with the best of them. So put aside all your business for a while, and allow yourself to plunge into the world of colorful nail art.


Popular nail design

For a modern woman, a manicure is not just a beautiful pattern on the nails, but much more. This is a part of the image that helps to transform and emphasize your own individuality. Therefore, the choice of design should be treated with all responsibility. And the best place to start is by studying the fashion trends of the season.

  • gossamer. Refined web-like patterns appeared in the nail art industry relatively recently, but fashionistas fell in love so much that they did not want to let go of this trend in 2020. Design features consist in applying a special thick and viscous gel paint to the nails, which lies on the surface with the thinnest threads, forming a cobweb pattern.

This uncomplicated design is considered universal, ideal for going to work and for evening parties. It looks especially impressive on long nails, but you can wear a gossamer with a minimum length.

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  • stripes. Wearing laconic, graceful, and stylish stripes on clothes and nails is very fashionable today. In addition, this drawing is so elementary in execution that even a woman who is far from the art of manicure can cope with it.

Stripes are recreated from sparkles, foil, drawn using stencils. The decor in the form of a wide transverse strip on one of the fingers is very popular in 2020. Moreover, this trendy nail design looks equally good on both long and short nails.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Here it should be noted the relevance of geometric prints. Yes, doing a manicure in the form of various shapes is not new, but it is still appropriate. In fact, it has become a classic in the nail art industry.[/stextbox]

  • Small sparkles. Wearing glitter on nails has always been fashionable. From time to time, only the size of the glitters changed. For example, last season the trend was large kamifubiki. And today, girls prefer a small shiny scattering, which looks very elegant. And no pretentiousness.

On the contrary, everything should be extremely restrained and natural. Like, for example, a solid nude lacquer, covered with a thin layer of gloss. But for evening looks, make the manicure brighter. To do this, use saturated colors, on which sparkling overflows will look simply bewitching.

  • Imitation of regrown nails. The first novelty in our selection today, and it should be noted very unusual. After all, this nail art really looks like it looks like the nails are noticeably branches after applying varnish.

To achieve this effect, a small area near the hole is left completely unpainted, or a lighter flesh-colored varnish is used. There are designs in which the “overgrown” area is covered with sparkles, or is highlighted with stripes. In any case, this 2020 trend looks very stylish.

  • Minimalism style. Nothing superfluous – this is the motto of this season in the nail art segment. Laconic, discreet, simple and versatile manicure again came to the fore to the delight of fashionistas who do not accept bright patterns and other types of catchy decor.

Small dots, uncomplicated figures, a minimum of contrast, a maximum of restraint – this is what minimalism is. You can come up with a lot of ideas for such a design, even by yourself.

  • Divorces on the nails. Designs that look like streaks or splashes of paint on nails are another new fashion trend of the coming season. Such a manicure can be safely called extraordinary, because it attracts the eye.

In fact, this is an abstraction embodied on the nails in unpredictable patterns. However, if desired, colored spots can have a very specific thematic embodiment. For example, in the form of sea waves. This technique is performed not only in a beauty salon, but at home. And to create a picture, you only need a toothpick and a little imagination.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Best of all, a manicure with stains looks exactly on long nails. Indeed, in this case, the drawing turns out to be more holistic and fits into the image more harmoniously. For an expressive design, give preference to bright varnishes – black, blue, burgundy. This nail art also looks good in nude shades.[/stextbox]

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  • Inscriptions. Do you want to create an interesting nail design for every day in 2020? Then pay attention to the laconic inscriptions, which have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. This simple and very pretty decor looks restrained, but fully complies with all the canons of modern manicure.

It is stylish, fits easily into any bow, looks equally good on nails of any length, and can be done even at home. As for the inscriptions, they can contain a message for a loved one, quotes, slogans, jokes, or be completely meaningless.

  • Natural textures. A little earlier, we already wrote that today it is very fashionable to make chaotic colorful stains on nails. But few people know that designs that repeat natural textures are also in trend.

For example, water drops, smoke, and even wood. An elegant marble pattern is very popular with girls. Women of fashion willingly create nail art on their nails, reminiscent of the play of precious stones.

  • Artistic drawings. Abstraction and minimalism are good. But the beautiful picturesque drawings made by a professional hand have not been canceled either. And by the way, they are one of the leading trends. Choose any theme, there are no restrictions. The main thing is that the master is able to bring your imagination to life.

  • eye see you. The absolute novelty of the 2020 season, which will become mega popular by the beginning of summer. Nail art eye see you – these are eyes and faces painted on nails, which, it should be noted, look very bewitching and eccentric. Moreover, this trend is applied even in classical techniques, for example, in French manicure. Be sure to try!

[stextbox id=’info’]In addition to new products, some current trends of the last season will also be fashionable in this. Animal patterns, rubbing, manicure with rhinestones, decor with foil, glass shards, Yuki flakes.[/stextbox]

Popular colors

Now let’s take a look at the trendy nail polish colors in 2020. They also have a pleasant variety, allowing you to create any design.

  • Black and white. This is a classic, without which manicure is nowhere. These two shades are perfectly combined together, and look great separately. So let them be sure to be in your collection.

  • Orange. It will be in great demand in the warm season. What’s more, the Pantone Color Institute has named orange peel as one of the…

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