Fashionable nail design – autumn 2019

The autumn season in 2019 pleases modern fashionistas not only with new and unexpected trends in clothing, but also in the nail design segment, which can already be seen in the examples of photos in the portfolio of leading nail artists.

Stylish autumn manicure

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Therefore, if you want your nails to look not only neat, but also stylish, we suggest that you get acquainted in more detail with the trendy novelties of the autumn season in the nail industry segment, which are given in our article.

Beautiful autumn design


A modern autumn manicure certainly cannot do without a voluminous amount of decor, especially giving shine and radiance to the nails.

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These include the following options:

  • Rhinestones. They always attract the eyes of others, so the designers in the coming autumn season have made a special bet on them. White, red, green and lilac manicure in combination with matching rhinestones or gold color will create an incredible and fashionable design. You can highlight with rhinestones completely one nail or two, but partially.

Autumn manicure with rhinestones

  • Foil. She is a fashionable hit of 2019 nail trends, so this decor will be especially welcome in the autumn manicure. Mirror, as well as pieces with the effect of broken glass or craquelure will help create a catchy and original design.

Autumn manicure with foil

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A novelty of the autumn season in the segment of the nail industry is a space or star manicure, which can be achieved not only with painting, but also by imprinting foil on the surface of the nail.


  • Kamifubuki. This fall, they should be designed exclusively in silver and gold tones. If the manicure is evening, in this case, tone-on-tone options with the main color are allowed, or they are aged in colors that are fashionable this fall, such as blue, green, burgundy, etc.

Beautiful manicure with kamifubuki

  • Rubbing. She smoothly migrated from the summer and took a worthy niche in the autumn manicure. A beautiful glossy sheen shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow or with a metallic undertone will add sophistication to even the simplest design.

Rubbing Manicure

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fashion techniques

As for painting, both laconic patterns of a minimalist nature and voluminous art will be in fashion in the coming autumn. But the main attention among them should be paid to the following nail design techniques:

  • Drawings. In the autumn manicure, they should be made exclusively in a warm palette, among which saturated shades of orange and yellow will be the most popular. As for the theme, these can be drawings in the form of falling leaves, animals, rain, an umbrella, as well as more creative options with images of portraits of girls or a cup of coffee.

Original autumn nail design

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The novelty of the autumn season is the pattern on the nails in the form of a fox on a color basis.


  • color block. An original design that looks no less impressive on short nails. Its meaning lies in the fact that the nail plate is divided into several sectors, which are filled with a coating of different shades. In autumn manicure, a combination of two or more colors is welcome, as well as the use of elements of the negative space technique in the form of transparent sections.

Autumn color block

  • sweetbloom. A very unusual, but no less spectacular design in the form of three-dimensional color patterns. It is done by layering gel polish or using special acrylic powder. As the final touches of such a manicure, several pebbles in the form of small rhinestones can become.

Stylish Autumn Sweet Bloom

  • Air flower. A novelty in the autumn design segment, the essence of which is to create weightless flowers, as if floating in the air, with the help of colored gel polishes. Stylists recommend decorating one finger in this way, and cover the second with plenty of glitter. The result is an unobtrusive, but at the same time very fashionable autumn manicure.


  • ombre. Delicate stretching of the same color in combination with stripes of glitter or decorative sand is the trend of the upcoming autumn-winter season. As for the color palette, this year’s autumn ombre should be decorated in blue, pistachio and gray colors.

Autumn ombre

  • negative space. An unpainted nail area combined with a trendy autumn color palette will create both a bright and relaxed design. You can combine negative space with geometric and floral patterns, as well as moon manicure.

Stylish variations of negative space

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Timeless classic

In addition to newfangled novelties, more conservative options will also be in fashion this fall, only in a slightly modified format.


  • Lunar. This nail design has undergone significant changes in 2019, as a result of which many fashionable novelties have appeared in the design of autumn manicure, as can be seen in the photo in our selection. For starters, this is the shape of the hole itself. Today, the basic version in the form of a crescent has lost its positions to a straight, double and triangular hole. In addition, various combinations with other techniques are also in trend, such as abstraction, rubbing, modeling and, of course, a matte finish.

Beautiful moon manicure – design for autumn

  • plain. One of the simplest manicure options, which, with the right choice of color, can become glossy. Therefore, in addition to standard nude and pastel shades, we advise you to pay attention to green, gray, lilac and brown colors. Small accents in the form of rhinestones or a combination of several different textures in one design will help to complement them.

Solid autumn manicure

  • french. French design has long conquered the top of fashion trends, so not one season is complete without this manicure. This fall, classic white has given up its positions in favor of black, gray and even beige. As for the top, in the autumn design of the French manicure, it must be matte.

Stylish autumn jacket

As you can see, the autumn nail design in 2019 is very diverse and even unusual due to the fashionable novelties proposed by nail art masters. Thanks to this, the result is not just beautiful, but exciting, as you can see for yourself by looking at photo examples in periodicals dedicated to the modern nail industry.

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