Fashionable nail shape 2019: fashion trends, new items, photos

For fashionistas who follow the latest fashion trends, it will be interesting to know which form of nails will be at the peak of popularity in 2019 (see photo in the article). Indeed, with each new season, not only the design or decor elements change, but also the shape of the nails. They play an important role in creating the perfect manicure.

In 2019, stylists prefer naturalness and naturalness, because they create an image of tenderness. Stylists offer to abandon the build-up, which for many years has occupied a leading position.



You will learn about fashion trends for 2019 nail shapes from our article, which will also show photos.

How to choose the right shape

The correct shape of the nails plays an important role in creating a beautiful manicure. But many girls who follow fashion trends forget that even the most fashionable manicure can be ruined if you choose the wrong nail model.

Also, if you have one nail shorter than the rest, then the rest should be filed under it, it is worth remembering that the length of all nails should be the same. If you are going to make extensions, then the nail can be built up to match the other, but since the new season implies naturalness, it is better to refuse extensions.

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[stextbox id=»alert»]In addition to choosing the design of your manicure, first of all you need to determine which design of the nail plate is right for you. If you have small and thin brushes, a pointe shape is ideal.[/stextbox]

Short length nails will be very popular, because they look natural. With such a length, you can do anything, they will not interfere when working on a computer, while doing household chores there will be no risk that they can be broken and ruin your manicure. For short nails, a soft square shape, known to many as an oval-square shape, is very suitable. Owners of long nails should look at the almond-shaped and square shape.

Nail Shapes 2019

Not everyone likes to experiment with their appearance, it is these girls who should be more careful in choosing the model of their manicure, so as not to spoil their mood. Below are the different forms of nails that will be the most relevant in the new season 2019.

Pointe shoes»

Having gained its popularity back in the 90s in America, the nail shape, reminiscent of ballerinas’ pointe shoes, is again on the fashion pedestal in the first places in 2019. This shape got its name due to the narrowed square tip. This type of nails allows you to create a variety of patterns and add various decorative elements.

[stextbox id=»warning»] It is also important that it is thanks to the narrowed tips that the risk of breaking the nail and damaging the nail plate is reduced. In choosing the length, preference should be given to medium nails, it is on them that you can see all the charm of this form.[/stextbox]


This form of nails is more than all the others similar to the natural form. And since the new season implies naturalness in everything, the oval shape is an unprecedented leader on the fashion catwalks. The oval shape is suitable for lovers of the average length of the nail plate. This shape of the nail allows you to visually lengthen the fingers, which gives the handles a neat and aesthetic look. Whatever manicure design is done, it always looks feminine and elegant.

Square shape

Everyone has known this form for a long time, but at the same time, it does not lose its relevance, and in the new season, stylists do not exclude it from the list. Fully square nails will look beautiful on thin and long fingers. They will help to visually lengthen and make it more elegant, for owners of fingers of medium thickness. The only disadvantage of such nails is that they always need to be filed, otherwise there is a risk of overgrowing the edge of the nail into the skin, which may entail an appeal to surgeons.

Oval-square shape

This shape is also called a “soft square”, which has rounded edges. With the choice of this form, you will not feel discomfort, you will not cling and it will be very difficult to break the nail. The length of the nails can be different: both long and short. This type of nails is suitable for those who have an elongated, but narrow nail plate. This model is suitable for girls with plump hands and fingers.

almond shape

This type is a pointed tip of the nail, which looks like an almond, for which it received its name. Due to the streamlining, such nails are difficult to break at home. It suits girls with long nails, but it does not look defiant. You should also choose this model for girls who have chubby short fingers, because due to the length, the length of the fingers also visually lengthens.


This appearance implies strongly narrowed and long nails, more reminiscent of cat nails. It was popular in the middle of the last century, but in 2019 stylists singled out this form of nails as one of the fashion trends that girls who love to attract attention fell in love with (see photo in the article). Of course, with this form of nails it will not be possible to do household chores due to inconvenience, but looking at them is very impressive.


The most shocking, because of its name, but very popular in 2019, will be the “coffin” model, which resembles the shape of “pointe shoes” in appearance. It is not suitable only for short nails, as it will look out of place, but for girls with medium and long nails, this is a great option for a manicure. It is a combination of a square and a triangle, ultimately resembling a trapezoid. The choice of such a model will definitely not leave you without attention.

How to take care of your nails

In order for your nails to always look beautiful and healthy, you should remember about their care. After all, thanks to proper care, you can avoid delamination and breakage of the nail plate and maintain its shape. What needs to be done so that the nails are always healthy and strong, now we will find out:

  • you need to pamper your hands, making baths for them, with the addition of various vitamins and oils. You can do baths once a week, then the nails will be healthy, and the skin of the hands will be elastic;
  • apply a special cream to strengthen nails and put on cotton gloves, leave for 15-20 minutes in this position, then simply rub the cream on your hands;
  • use protective equipment before applying varnish;
  • don’t forget about cuticle oil;
  • do not use a metal nail file, it can damage the nail plate;
  • when filing, there should be no moisture on the nails, as well as on a nail file, otherwise they may begin to exfoliate;
  • nail polish removers should not contain acetone;
  • you need to give your nails a rest and stop painting them for a while.

By following all these tips, you guarantee yourself the…

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