Fashionable nail shapes 2018-2019

Among girls, the question of what form of nails is now in fashion is gaining more and more popularity. During 2018, a huge number of photos of various designs and types of manicure appeared on the worldwide web.

Stylists and designers helped the girls in choosing the shape of their nails, making the top of the most popular and trendy manicure options. We will talk about what shape of nails will be in fashion in 2019 in this article.


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General trends in manicure

Fashion tends to change. And this rule also applies to the field of nail art. Manicure trends 2018-2019 are noticeably different from their predecessors. To make your hands look feminine, beautiful and stylish, you need to be very careful in choosing the shape, length and design of nails.

Consider the main trends in the field of manicure:

  • Short nails are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Length is welcome this season. Stylists say that the more it is, the more fashionable the manicure will be.
  • Naturalness. In 2018-2019, bright shades of varnish and designs fade into the background. Nails that are as close to natural as possible will look most stylish.
  • Simplicity in design. The most important trend is the desire for minimalism. The design should be as simple as possible, without complex prints and patterns, without bulky rhinestones and jewelry.
  • Use of new fashionable prints: marble, stripes, ombre, gradient. The most important thing when choosing a pattern is to check its compatibility with the length of the nails, as well as with the shades of the selected gel polish.

Fashionable length of nails in a nude palette

But the most important thing in manicure is the choice of the shape of the nails. In the following sections, we will look at the top most fashionable 2018-2019 nail shapes according to stylists and nail service masters.

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soft square

The square itself has been the most popular type of manicure for many years. This tradition went from the classic jacket and was fixed in combination with other designs.

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But this year, the rough square is losing its relevance. It is replaced by a square shape with sawn, “soft” corners. Due to this shape, the nails look more neat and feminine.


The soft square is closest to the natural shape of the nails. It looks very natural, and therefore remains one of the main trends of 2018-2019. Nail art masters also note such a plus of this form as practicality. Observations have shown that due to soft corners, the wear time of gel polish increases and the risk of chipping decreases.

Soft square shape goes with almost any nail design

A soft square will suit both long and short nails. He can even visually enlarge short nails if you choose the necessary design and shade of varnish. Of course, on long nails, a soft square will not look so impressive, it is better for them to choose a different design. But for medium and short nails – this is the perfect solution.

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Almost all types of nail art look perfect on a square. But a graphic or geometric pattern will look especially harmonious on such a form.


By the way, one of the most trendy designs this season has become a marble pattern on square-shaped nude nails. Such nails just broke all records in beauty salons.

almond shape

Almonds are very attractive to girls with long nails who love to “sharpen” their manicure. This design option always looks very feminine. It differs from sharp nails in that it has rounded edges. But it cannot be compared with an oval either. Unlike the oval, the nail at the end is cut off more strongly, due to which it looks more sophisticated.

Stylists urge to turn to a monophonic coating or choose two colors that are in perfect harmony with each other. With the optimal combination of length, shape and color of nails, this type of manicure can harmoniously complement any bow.

Particular attention here should be paid to the choice of design, since not all drawings will look harmoniously on long nails. This year, the trend has been to cover some nails (mainly the middle and ring nails) with sparkles or bright foil. Small rhinestones laid out near the cuticle will also look good.

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“Pointe Shoes”

Pointe-like nails have become a real favorite among the girls. Among the masters, the name “Ballerina” has still stuck, since such a manicure looks very elegant and gentle. These nails look like a classic square, but narrower towards the center. Pointe shoes are formed only on long nails. That is why they look very impressive and are able to decorate any image.

Manicurists advise their clients to choose an uncomplicated design for pointe shoes. After all, the shape itself is quite bright, and if you choose the wrong design, it can look vulgar.

A popular trend has become to apply a solid color coating, decorating it with a stylish, but not flashy accent. For example, rhinestones and sparkles will look great. You can experiment with an ombre effect or a subtle, nude gradient.

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oval shape

Since one of the main trends in this season’s manicure is naturalness, the oval shape of nails is back in fashion. The oval shape of the nails often does not require a special sawdust, so it looks very harmonious on nails of any length and with any design.

The most popular design option in this case remains a jacket. But with a jacket, you can combine various prints and decoration with rhinestones. A new trend in 2018 was the drawing of a colored jacket.

Stylish colored jacket on oval nails

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Another interesting solution is a stylish moon manicure. The holes look beautiful with the natural shape of the nail, so the oval fits perfectly in this case.


This form of nails gives free rein to any girl’s fantasy. Here you should not be afraid to experiment with colors, length and design. You can combine several types of nail art.

Original design of oval nails

It is very difficult to unequivocally answer the question of what form of nails is in fashion now. In 2018, several lengths and designs made it to the top, as evidenced by numerous photos from the most fashionable shows. Each girl should choose a manicure based on her own preferences. And stylists and experts in the field of nail art assure that it is very easy to do this this season, since several forms of nails remain in the trend at once.


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