Fashionable nail shapes 2020

The shape of the nails must necessarily meet the fashion trends of 2020. Since the final result of the entire manicure depends on it. Therefore, later in the article we will consider the outlines of the nail plates that are most relevant today.


What nail shapes will be in fashion?

This season, the opinions of stylists are somewhat divergent. Some argue that the natural outlines of the nail plates will be in demand in 2020. And others are more prone to sharp forms, since natural ones are already somewhat boring.

However, if you take into account the fashion trends in the nail art segment, you can select the types of forms, choosing which you certainly will not go wrong. These include the following:

  • “soft square”. The rough square shape with sharp edges has been replaced by a more concise and restrained version. After all, this form, although it has the outlines of a square, is still somewhat rounded off the edges. Due to this, the nails look more feminine. In addition, the “soft square” is much more comfortable to wear, since the risk of breaking the corner of the nail is low here. What can not be said about the plates of the classic square shape.

Another advantage of the “soft square” is that absolutely any design will look good on such nails. You can stop your choice on a plain coating, designed in pastel or bright colors. More complex design options will also be appropriate. As for the length, in this case the plate should be short or slightly extend beyond the lobe of the finger. Long “soft square” nails are also acceptable, but they do not suit everyone. Yes, and such plates look rough;

  • oval. Fans of the classics can stop their choice on the oval shape of the nails. It makes the hands more well-groomed, helps to visually lengthen the fingers, and make wide plates less massive. The most practical in this case will be considered a short or medium length of the nail plates.

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But if you wish, you can grow your nails a little. If we talk about the shortcomings of this form, then unlike the “soft square”, it is not so practical. The tips of oval nails are pointed and often have chips and peeling of the decorative coating. Therefore, when choosing a specific design, always consider this feature of oval nails;

  • “ballerina”. This form is often called “pointe shoes”, as many people associate it with this shoe. And all because the plate is sawn on the sides. The tip becomes blunt.

But the corners can be both rounded and sharp. This form is more suitable for owners of medium and long nails, including extensions. Any design will be appropriate here. You can stop your choice not only on plain coatings, but also on nail art using complex artistic painting;

  • almond-shaped. A relatively new form of nails, which today has become one of the most popular. It refers more to sharp forms. However, unlike the same stilettos, almond-shaped nails look less aggressive. This outline is created by sawing the nail plate so that the tip is as narrow as possible.

As a result, you should get a nail that looks like an almond. It is better to give an almond shape to extended nails or reinforced gel coatings. Since the tip of the plate tends to break often. Any design will fit here. But it is better to choose a simple design. Since the period of wearing nail art with a large number of accessories is small;

  • stilettos. A very extravagant form, which is now preferred by many girls. In order to get blade-shaped nails, you will need to build them up first. Since you will not be able to give this shape to natural plates.

Also here you should be careful and with the choice of design. Since dagger-like nails are already a highlight. In view of this, try to give preference to simple nail art.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Stilettos are quite impractical in everyday wear. And if you work with your hands, first try this form on the minimum length of the nails. And then move on to the full-fledged format.[/stextbox]

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It’s better to forget about these forms.

After you have familiarized yourself with the fashionable nail shapes in 2020, we suggest that you move on to studying the anti-trends of this season.

  • Trapeze. If earlier such plates were considered relevant, now they are a clear sign of bad taste. Besides the fact that they look very rough, trapezoidal nails are also visual and shorten the fingers. They are also not very comfortable to wear. Since the tips on them constantly break.

  • “Lipstick”. A rather controversial form that has not been able to win the love of modern fashionistas. After all, a beveled sharp corner is very impractical to wear. Yes, and the design for such plates is difficult to pick up.

  • Bubble. Once you see this form, you certainly will not forget it. You can recognize it by the “humpbacked” wide plates, which supposedly should resemble a soap bubble.

Unusual nail shapes

And now let’s look at the forms of nails that you are unlikely to be able to try on in everyday life.

  • Butterfly. The shape of the nails, imitating the wings of a butterfly, looks very unusual. It’s perfect for any costume party. But not more. Since with such nails you can not do anything.

  • “Swords”. This shape is somewhat reminiscent of stilettos. But only in this case, the plate is very long and not wearable.

  • Spiral. We can not say that such nails are suitable for everyday life. But you must admit, they fascinate and cause admiration.

  • “Molten Plastic”. A somewhat futuristic option that lovers of informal solutions will certainly appreciate.

  • “Mermaid Tail”. Manicurists say that with fishtail nails, you can safely go to the beach. We do not know if you will be able to swim with them, but you will certainly attract the attention of others.

  • Humpbacked. Among the fair sex, there are those beauties who like nails with a big “hump”. To do this, they even specially layered gel. The “hump” itself can have the usual semicircular outlines, as well as triangular ones.

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A Few Tips

When deciding to give your nails a certain shape, we recommend that you first study the recommendations of leading nail masters.

  • First, decide on the place where you will do the manicure. If at home, then it is better to stop your choice on natural forms. But more complex options that require professional skill should be done in the cabin.

  • Keep in mind that the duration of the manicure depends on the shape of the nails. Since the thinner the tip, the shorter the life of your nail art will be.

  • Use quality nail files. For example, glass nails are suitable for natural nails. And here…

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