Fashionable office bows 2020

Office bows of the 2020 season delight with their style, comfort and current trends. In this article, you will learn what to wear and what to combine it with to look fashionable and presentable at work.



Trouser suits have long won the title of must-have from a business woman. This is indeed an incredibly practical choice for work – strictly, solidly and stylishly. But in order for the office bow to really turn out like this, current fashion trends should be taken into account.

Now the trend is straight elongated jackets, which, if desired, can be worn in a duet with a leather belt. Cut-off jackets to the waistline also look trendy. The bottom of the suit, according to the latest trends, should be fairly wide and loose trousers with an oversized fit. And for the summer, you can prefer comfortable and stylish Bermuda shorts.

Boring dark colors have been replaced in 2020 by a cheerful light palette. The trend is pistachio, pearl, pale blue, lavender and other pastel shades. The suit in this design looks stylish, fresh and relevant. At the same time, this set is usually quite concise, so stylists recommend not neglecting accessories. A stylish accent in a business look can be an elegant bag, sandals with a square cape or a plain headband.

In the warm season, you can add freshness and relevance to a business suit by choosing the right base layer. Stylists advise changing a tight shirt for a loose T-shirt or opting for a silk top and matching shoes.

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Long shorts

Special mention should be made of elongated shorts, which are sure to become regulars in the office bows of the 2020 season for every day. Such a model will be a real salvation with the advent of heat – in practice, you can check that loose shorts are much more comfortable than hot trousers or a tight skirt.

As for the winning combinations, they can be listed endlessly. If the dress code is loyal, then you can afford a plain T-shirt and balance the stylish look with business accessories. You can also choose a sleeveless turtleneck, a loose shirt or a fitted jacket as a top. Short fashionistas are advised to balance elongated shorts with heeled shoes to prevent distortion of proportions – for example, you can prefer mules or medium-height pumps.


If you prefer a loose shirt in a masculine style for a basic office wardrobe in 2020, then you definitely can’t go wrong – you’ll knock out all 100 points. You can endlessly enumerate the advantages of this thing, and at the beginning of this list there will certainly be versatility, practicality and a stylish look. You can combine a basic shirt with literally everything – with a skirt, jeans, trousers or Bermuda shorts.

Jacket dress

A real hit of office fashion for the spring 2020 season can be deservedly considered a jacket dress. This cut looks reserved and strict enough to appear in it at work. At the same time, it is worth recognizing that the fashionable style does not occupy in femininity and style. The jacket dress effectively emphasizes the waist and slender legs and generally corrects the beautiful silhouette of the figure. To accompany him, you can pick up a bag with a large chain strap – this is one of the most trendy accessories of spring.

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Blouse with a bow

Bow-neck blouses have made a great comeback in 2020. Such models are mainly presented from elegant silk or chiffon, which makes them look especially feminine and sophisticated. Such a novelty is a great way to diversify the rigor and conservatism of working outfits.


If your work dress code allows for some variations of a business look, then you can pay attention to the loud trend of the 2020 season – strict overalls. The most current models today have a high waistline and a fairly loose fit. A jumpsuit with a shirt-cut top and a belt at the waist will look stylish and solid. In order not to stand out from the office framework, stylists recommend choosing discreet colors combined with a dense texture.


With the approach of heat, even in working images, I want to add a little femininity and romance. Flying dresses of restrained midi length will flawlessly cope with the task. You can even decide on a trendy floral print or polka dot motif. If you are afraid that such an outfit will look too childish in an office environment, dilute it with a strict jacket to match the pattern on the dress and discreet shoes. In this image, a good mood will be provided even in the event of a blockage at work!


Jeans can look elegant and businesslike if done right. Don’t believe? Then try to choose plain denim without decor in black, gray or blue. The selection of the top in such an outfit should be approached especially demandingly – it should be responsible for the image belonging to the business style. For example, you may prefer a laconic turtleneck, a shirt or an elongated jacket. This photo selection demonstrates how such tandems work in practice and what office looks that are fashionable in the 2020 season can be created with them.


If you think that business sundresses are boring and conservative, then you probably haven’t studied the fashion trends of the 2020 season. They presented a wide variety of stylish sundresses for the office with a fitted silhouette, wide buckles, midi length and a semi-circular or V-shaped neck. As a rule, such products are presented in a small cell or in a plain version. Gray, deep blue, brown, black and wine shades fall into the top of the most fashionable colors of the season.

A business woman will definitely not have any difficulties when creating combinations with a sundress, because it can be combined with almost any top. Depending on the weather, the choice may fall on a blouse, shirt, tight or light turtleneck. Since a multi-layer bow looks quite complicated, it is better to select plain elements for its formation.


Modern business women have masterfully learned how to combine compliance with a strict dress code and femininity in one image. For example, they have a special respect for elegant skirts in trendy styles. In the 2020 season, the most accurate hit in the trends will be pleating, a wraparound cut, a pencil with a slit, as well as a laconic straight cut midi length with a high waist.

Models with a print or embroidery can also be advantageously beaten in a business style – for this you need to create a combination with a laconic monochromatic top.

Until recently, high-waisted skirts had to be mixed with tucked-in tops. But the fashion of the 2020 season has shaken the inviolability of this stylistic device – now it is important to straighten the top (for example, a cashmere sweater or shirt) to give the image a trendy relaxed mood.

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