Fashionable outerwear – autumn 2019

What is the most fashionable outerwear for women in the fall 2019 season? This time the list turned out to be quite impressive, which means that you will definitely pick up a model to your liking.



The championship laurels go to an elegant cape – outerwear with cutouts for the arms.

Leather jackets

In the wardrobe of every second fashionista there is a black leather jacket. She is dearly loved for her versatility, because she looks equally harmonious in a casual bow with jeans or joggers or in a romantic look with a flowered dress.

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A fashionable leather jacket can be identified not only by the classic cut of the leather jacket. Designers decorated the current models of this season with embroidery, fur inserts, fringes and various fasteners. It is not necessary to limit yourself to the traditional black color, because the designers presented fashionable options for leather jackets in blue, pink, peach, beige and red colors.

Padded jacket

A worthy niche in the list of trends was won by a cozy puffy jacket.

Leather coat

Love for the leather texture is reflected in the relevance of raincoats made of this material. We have identified several current models.

  • A-line cut has a fitted silhouette with an extension at the bottom. This feminine and graceful model is ideal for thin girls.
  • A flared raincoat is indispensable when you need to emphasize the bodice and waist, and hide wide or narrow hips.

  • The original sleeveless cloak is famous for its versatility, as it can be used not only as a final layer in the image, but also in combination with other outerwear.

  • A trendy straight cut can be a real find for overweight girls, because it perfectly masks various figure imperfections.

  • With the task of disguise, a free cut will also do an excellent job.

  • A printed raincoat is a trendy idea for an unforgettable look.


This jacket model periodically appears in the list of trends, and in the fall of 2019, the finest hour comes for it again. It’s hard to resist a stylish bomber jacket in silver, gold or pastel colors that pairs cool with a trendy print or slogan.

Fashionistas love to wear the bomber jacket unbuttoned, creating vertical lines in the image that are remarkably slim. In this form, this outerwear is suitable even for obese women.

It is also worth mentioning that the bomber jacket tends to rejuvenate the image, as it looks modern and stylish. While the association of a bomber jacket with a sporty style is still strong enough, fashionistas are still actively trying to introduce it into other areas. For example, a combination with a romantic dress or skirt looks advantageous. Experiment and you will get the most stylish bow with a twist!

Quilted jackets

Designers are also advised to take a closer look at quilted jackets. The most fashionable copy is presented in white colors in the classic length to the thigh.

But bright colors are trying to keep up in popularity. The shape of the stitch is not so important – stripes, rhombuses and squares are in trend.

Fur coat

Everything is simple here – the brighter the fur coat, the cooler! You should also take into account the relevance of short models.

Sheepskin coat aviator

The aviator sheepskin coat, beloved by many fashionistas, can add zest and some audacity to the autumn bow.

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Emphasis on the shoulders

A strong influence on the fashion world has an emphasis on the shoulders, which featured in the design of various models of outerwear. First of all, it is worth highlighting parkas and jackets with wide shoulders and voluminous sleeves.

This technique allows you to create the effect that the outerwear is removed from the male shoulder. But you should not notice only the brutality and rudeness of this trend, because it has one unobvious advantage. Accentuated shoulders and sleeves visually make the waist thinner and emphasize the elegance of the figure.


Of course, when choosing outerwear, many women will remain true to the classics and prefer an elegant coat. Great choice! We only advise you to study the main fashion trends in the world of coats before shopping.

  • Oversized style, straight cut and robe coat are the absolute favorites of this fall.

  • Heading the list of trends and a cozy plush coat.

  • A leather belt or inserts from this fashionable texture can revive a classic coat. This is not only a fashion trend, but also an opportunity to create an elegant accent on the waist, which fashionistas usually lack in the cold season.

  • The novelty of the 2019 season is a coat with fur inserts. The trend is colored fur, which can be present not only on the collar, but also on the sleeves, pockets, hem.

An important criterion of relevance will be the color of the coat. If you want to add aristocratic chic to your autumn look, look at milky, beige and deep blue shades. Carrot, red and yellow colors are the most stylish rebuff to the seasonal blues. Nude, lavender and soft pink tones are also relevant. From prints, preference can be given to a cage, flowers or animalistic patterns.

down jackets

Cozy down jackets have long ceased to be associated with practical clothing that is devoid of beauty. Modern designers offer stylish models that can sometimes even compete in elegance with a coat.

The variety of trends cannot but rejoice: short and long down jackets are in trend, in delicate, metallic or bright colors, in oversized format or with an elegant belt. Since past seasons, the down jacket-blanket has not lost its relevance, which is recognized as the best stylish escape from the autumn and winter cold.


Girls who value comfort and love military style may prefer a trendy parka. This is a lightweight jacket that provides excellent wind protection without restricting movement.

As for trendy colors, gray, blue, black and khaki will be at the peak of popularity in the fall. If you want to create an accent against the background of muted colors, you can choose a parka with bright fur on the hood.

trench coat

Evelina Khromchenko, along with other well-known stylists, claims that the trench coat is always fashionable outerwear for women of all ages and body types. This is an indispensable basis for a demi-season wardrobe, which always looks elegant, stylish and relevant. Bravo!

The classic trend this season is not at all what we are used to seeing it. Elongated models came to the fore, which are beautiful in their elegance. A fashionista will not have to puzzle over what to wear with this outerwear, because it is versatile in its combinations.

But still, the tandem with jeans and massive sneakers is recognized as the most favorite combination of autumn.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A stylish novelty of the 2019 season is the havelock – a trench coat that resembles a cape or cape.[/stextbox]

Checkered blazer

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