Fashionable outerwear for autumn 2020

Fashionable outerwear for autumn 2020 promises to be neither boring nor gloomy. This was stated at world fashion shows in Europe, the USA and the CIS. We understand what will be in trend in the autumn season 2020 and choose the ideal model for ourselves.


Sheepskin coats

Must-have number 1 in the wardrobe of every fashionista is a sheepskin coat. Eminent couturiers offered a lot of options for models. You can choose for yourself from classic to extremely stylish, urban. Such sheepskin coats are in special demand in autumn:

  • Aviator jacket. It features an interesting turn-down collar under the sheepskin. The shortened length allows you to wear outerwear with an elongated skirt, with jeans, with any kind of trousers. In a sheepskin coat aviator you will look dynamic. With such clothes, you can create a stylish bow for walking around the city.

  • Extended models. Closer to the classic version. They are ideally combined with strict skirts and dresses made of knitwear, with classic trousers and shoes with heels. An elongated wrap model is ideal for going to the office or to the theater. If you want negligence in the image, you should choose a sheepskin coat up to the middle of the thigh and a free cut.

  • Long sheepskin coats with a flared bottom. Floor-length outerwear is a special chic and luxury. This option of outerwear should be worn exclusively under boots with heels.

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Leather is back in fashion

For every day and for going out, stock up on leather outerwear. The cult image from the beloved movie “The Matrix” is the lot of modern fashionistas. Now the skin is worn not only in black, but also in brighter shades. Burgundy, saffron, brown, green, blue and even white colors are considered stylish.

A leather trench coat or an elongated coat will look stylish. If you want dynamics and courage in the image, choose a leather jacket for yourself. Beautiful models at the shows were offered by the Givenchy fashion house, combining genuine leather of a brick-orange hue with a wine color.

Combine leather exclusively with shoes made from natural materials. Choose the style of outerwear according to the general direction of the bow. For example, you can create a fashionable look by wearing flared palazzo trousers, shoes with thick heels and a fitted leather jacket that reaches mid-thigh with a turn-down collar. Wear a wide neck sweater underneath.

Trench coat with cape

According to fashion trends, cute raincoats that look like a soldier’s overcoat have also been in demand for several years. Only now they have a fashionable addition – a cape. For the first time in such a raincoat at one of the events, the Duchess Kate Middleton appeared. Fashion designers and avid style aficionados have adopted this trick and included the cape coat as a must-have for the fall 2020 season.

A mid-thigh or knee-length trench coat is organically combined with stiletto heels, classic trousers or midi dresses, with a straight-cut skirt. A stylish cap with a wide visor will look spectacular on the head with a raincoat.

Coat – clothes out of time

The coat is the trendy outerwear for fall 2020 for women over 50 and younger fashionistas. It is only important to choose the right model.

Oversized models are still in special demand among fashionistas under the age of 40. They are perfectly combined with classic versions of dresses, skirts and suits, with jeans, with leggings.

If you want to wear more classic clothes, choose a knee-length or ankle-length wrap coat for yourself. This option under the belt is well slimming, allows you to visually stretch the figure, give the image of femininity. Knee-length wrap-around coats and below should be worn with heeled shoes. Let it be a boot with a narrow or wide top, pumps. In such outerwear, as they say, both in a feast and in the world.

A special feature for an autumn coat is a fur collar. Following the “green” direction, designers offer to make it from faux fur. Such material looks almost indistinguishable from natural. But it looks no less noble.

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Among the options for fashionable casual outerwear, the cape-cape also stands out. The original type of clothing was presented to the review of modern fashionistas last year. Today, the cape is firmly rooted in the wardrobe of stylish things so much that no cloudy autumn day can be imagined without such a wardrobe item.

Cape is organically combined with classic clothing options and jeans. A cape without sleeves can be safely put on both in the office and on an evening romantic date.

Stylish cape options at the latest fashion shows were presented by Hugo Boss, Chloé, Marc Jacobs.

Fur coat

And not from natural fur, but from artificial fur. All possible textures and shades are in trend. Short fur like a sheepskin, long fur like a llama, curly fur like a mountain goat: all this is presented to modern fashionistas.

Choose interesting cropped flared short fur coats, fitted fur coats under the belt, stylish oversized models with a straight cut.

As for the color scheme, it is allowed and even relevant to wear all flashy juicy shades from raspberry to bright yellow. If you are not a supporter of stylish and catchy colors, choose a model for yourself in a calm range. Such options at the shows were suggested by Stella McCartney, a world-famous person who fights for the maintenance of the environment.

Down jacket

Oddly enough, but such fashionable outerwear for the fall of 2020 is also suitable for overweight women. The main thing is to choose the right cut and stitch. Quilted jackets and down jackets are perfect for every day. The material is often water-repellent, easy to care for.

To visually stretch the vertical of the figure, choose jackets and coats with herringbone stitch. This arrangement of the diagonal beautifully and visually stretches the figure.

In other cases, it is allowed to wear jackets and coats of any models. As usual, voluminous down jackets are still in fashion, as if taken from someone else’s shoulder. Complement them with a large-knit scarf and matching gloves.

Wear a fashionable jacket with jeans, floor-length skirts or midi, mini.

Stylish shades

The fashionable colors of autumn 2020 are rightfully named:

  • White. Is the favorite of the season. Yes, the shade is not practical, but screamingly noble. In alliance with him, cream and pearl white are in trend.

  • Shades of warm yellow. These include saffron, brick, beige, brown.

  • Blue colors. Sky blue, azure, dark blue strict are welcome here.

  • Shades of green. Bottle, herbal, emerald – all of them will make your image dynamic and interesting.

  • Shades of red. In a special favor burgundy, wine, scarlet, marsala. In a coat or fur coat of a red hue, you will definitely attract everyone’s attention to yourself. But remember the rule – only outerwear in the image should be red. Well, maybe lipstick too.

  • Plum and purple. Don’t bypass them…

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