Fashionable outerwear for autumn 2021

Knowing what outerwear will be fashionable in the fall of 2021, you can always emphasize the individuality of your own style. After all, we all strive for this even in cold weather. It is more difficult to do this in the cold, because you have to wrap yourself in warm clothes. But a real lady always knows how to look elegant and feminine, following the latest fashion trends.

Comfort is the key to style

This year, in the autumn-winter collections of fashion designers from all over the world, there are both light jackets with raincoats and heavier tweed coats, down jackets, and fur coats. The concept of the latter, by the way, was completely modified.

However, the main sign of modern stylish outerwear, a combination of comfort and beauty, still remains with us. Expecting a new cold period, designers have worked out well new ideas for outerwear fashion trends for autumn 2021.

Fashion houses with world-famous names began to take care of the comfort of women, so the concepts of “stylish” and “warmth” are no longer opposite. It is now easier to choose a warm jacket or coat that will match the weather in your region and make your image stand out.

The choice of autumn outerwear is quite wide. This applies to both luxury brands and the mass market. But how to find what is really “mine”? After all, buying all the current models is a waste of money, time and space in the closet. The first thing you need to understand when there is a similar task is what kind of lifestyle you lead. Housewives, athletes and business women need a completely different wardrobe, especially with regard to outerwear.

Below we will take a closer look at examples of the most fashionable outerwear for autumn 2021 with a photo. Go!

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What outerwear is in fashion in the fall of 2021

  • Practicality and versatility, as well as a wide variety of models – it’s all about jackets. Leather jackets, for example, still do not lose popularity. Do you want to buy one? Then it is better to give preference to models from the eighties or nineties.

If you like a sporty or casual style, it is better to choose voluminous “fluffy” jackets.

Fashionable bomber jackets are ideal for not too cold, but windy autumn. They are very comfortable, and there are countless color and design solutions for bomber jackets.

Quilted jackets with a thin layer of synthetic winterizer also do not go anywhere. Unlike voluminous, such styles will be more convenient for those who lead an active lifestyle or move a lot due to the nature of the profession.

  • Outdoor. A type of clothing originally designed for outdoor activities continues to slowly but surely conquer fashion trends. Sports, functional things for hunting, skiing and snowboarding can be safely interpreted into everyday style.

  • Raincoats and trench coats. When else to wear elegant trench coats, if not in autumn? Models under the belt to emphasize the waist, made of light fabric, loose styles, raincoats made of leather – all these are classic outerwear that will not lose its relevance. As for colors, here you can choose from the entire existing palette. It all depends on your style. The option with a non-standard collar, fringe or large patch pockets will definitely be trendy.

  • Coat. One of the most sought-after and popular types of autumn and winter clothing. It is impossible to count how many different styles and models have been invented. In the upcoming autumn season 2021, the trends will be:

Straight cut


materials in a cage;

shortened sleeves.

To give the image of femininity and sophistication, you can use a belt or belt. They are tied at the waist.

  • Fall fashion 2021 cannot do without down jackets – versatile autumn and winter outerwear.

As soon as the first cold days come, all shopping lovers begin to change their wardrobe for the autumn, and then the winter season. Many will agree that for light frosts there is simply no better clothing than a light elongated down jacket.

Thanks to the work of designers, down jackets have long ceased to be just a practical and comfortable option for outerwear and have turned into stylish, feminine and spectacular models. Therefore, down outerwear is still in fashion in the fall of 2021.

The oversized trend continues for this type of clothing. If the volume does not suit you, pick up a straight and free silhouette.

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Outerwear for fall 2021: trendy colors and prints

The autumn season will be characterized by bright colors and cozy images. We’ll have to forget about the minimalism of black and blue. They will be replaced by lime, yellow and orange shades. Designers are set for the best and believe that this fall we will be able to return to normal life. So dress up is advised literally every day. Gold and silver shades, rhinestones, patchwork and tie-dye – all this will be more relevant than ever this fall. Separately, it is worth noting the print in the form of a black and white chessboard. It can be seen at once at several shows of eminent couturiers.

For fashionable outerwear in autumn 2021, the main trend of recent years remains: style is comfort. By adhering to this rule, you will never lose the individuality of your image.

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