Fashionable outerwear – spring 2020

The onset of the spring 2020 season is a great opportunity to learn about trends in the world of fashionable outerwear and decide on your favorites!


  • In the spring season, the whole range of neon colors continues to be relevant.

  • The main hit of the coming spring is lime shades. This color can be presented in splendid isolation in the design of the product; the designers also suggested combining it with gray, black or orange.

  • Among the fashion trends of the 2020 season, orange shades are presented in a rich variety – from citrus to terracotta and brick.

  • If you are a fan of pastel palettes, in the spring season, we advise you to pay attention to the refreshing blue color in a bright or muted natural color.

  • Special mention also deserves various shades of green, sophisticated lavender and bold hot pink.

  • Color blocking is another standout spring season trend. It should be borne in mind that this print is now popular not only with delicate pastel shades, but also with juicy bright colors. Some brands creatively combine bright colors with gold or silver – this technique looks the most impressive.

  • Exclusive and stylish outerwear can be decorated with a floral print. This season it is especially colorful and colorful. At the same time, wild flowers of muted tones in the design look fashionable and charming – dandelions and daisies.

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  • Does not go out of fashion and cell. This season features houndstooth, stylish squares and a contrasting plaid on a light background.

  • A print with zebra stripes of any width is considered spectacular and adapted for stylish everyday life.


The 2020 fashion season highlights several current coat models that all fashionistas will wear in the coming spring.

  • The most daring fashionistas can put on a red coat in a trendy style – it has not lost its popularity since the 2019 season.

  • A more muted version of the red tone – burgundy – is also on the trends of the season.

  • Romantic ladies can pay attention to the exquisite shade of “rose quartz”.

  • If you want to look strict and tasteful this spring, bet on a solid dark brown coat.

  • Emphasize your great taste with an emerald coat. This shade welcomes various experiments with color in the composition of the image.

  • Many designers have presented stylish variations on the theme of the women’s white coat. You can dispute the practicality of such a product, but its luxurious look is definitely not in doubt!

  • The undisputed trend among coat models is the classic double-breasted cut.

  • A coat made of light fabric with a yoke looks no less stylish.

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  • In fashion collections, the military style is also reflected. Interestingly, the designers combined military paraphernalia with ruffles, puffed sleeves and flounces.

  • The ideal solution for spring would be a leather coat.
  • If you like to create images with a twist, choose a style with asymmetry.
  • A coat in the style of a jacket looks businesslike and stylish. The shortened length is the epitome of comfort and practicality, which the most advanced fashionistas will surely appreciate.

trench coats

Actual trench coats were mainly presented in a classic beige and brown palette. A significant difference from previous trends was the length – this spring, all fashionistas will choose trench coats with the current midi or maxi mark. Stylists recommend trench coats not only for young girls, but also for women over 50. This is a classic of the genre that always looks restrained and elegant.


In the design of fashionable raincoats, several current trends can be traced at once:

  • dress cut;

  • military style;

  • elegant cape style;

  • universal raincoat;

  • sloping shoulders combined with a low armhole;
  • sleeveless models;
  • raincoats without fasteners in the form of a cape;
  • large patch pockets;
  • A-silhouette.

Safari style jacket

A stylish novelty (or rather, a trend that has returned from the past) has become a jacket in the spirit of a safari. The key differences of such models are a turn-down collar, large patch pockets and a mandatory emphasis on the waist, created using a medium or wide belt.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Such jackets are a real find for women over 40 who prefer stylish and relevant looks that do not go beyond restraint.[/stextbox]


The onset of the warm season is a great occasion to treat yourself to a stylish bomber jacket. A leather bomber promises to be especially relevant. Feminine lace inserts or embroidery elements are welcome, which create a fashionable contrast with a sporty cut. The current bomber jacket can be complemented with a turn-down collar, a combination effect and short sleeves. Some designers stylishly combine all of these trends in one model.


The tendency to combine and did not think to slow down its momentum. Designers are also experimenting with a combination of colors, prints and textures in the design of one product. This technique, with the right arrangement of elements, can correct the figure and slim.

Transparent textures

At the shows of the spring-summer season, a real triumph of transparent fabrics reigned. Dresses with such sensual inserts no longer surprise anyone, but outerwear made of airy texture is really something new. The main must-have is a transparent raincoat, which will easily become the basis of the most trendy looks and stylish protection from the rain.


Today, the ideal cut does not surprise anyone, so designers do not get tired of coming up with more creative formulas for a stylish style. To be at the center of fashion trends, pull down a trench coat or a light raincoat on one shoulder, fasten outerwear with the wrong buttons, rely on original styles with asymmetry.


Designers also presented a wide variety of leather outerwear made of texture in a variety of colors. Pink, azure, green, gray, brown or metallic colors look especially stylish.

If you are lost in the variety of options, rely on a midi-length leather coat – it is universal, plus it promises to be in trend for a long time. The most practical and relevant cut will imply an emphasis on the waist in the form of a belt.

A sleeveless leather vest will also be an edgy idea, which will add variety and zest to any everyday look.

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Focus on sleeves

A stylish bow is easy to get with a raincoat, jacket or coat with an accent in the sleeve area. Moreover, the rest of the clothing design can be quite concise and restrained. This trend can be recognized by the lantern sleeves, which have received a resurgence this season. You can go further and opt for sleeves with frills, puffs, and puffy ruched designs.

Fitted fit

Fashionable outerwear in the season…

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