Fashionable pedicure: 10 stylish ideas

Photos of pedicure fashion trends 2019 will certainly inspire you to make your legs even more attractive and well-groomed. We have prepared for you a guide to the most interesting ideas in different techniques, because the novelties of nail art this season delight with their diversity. It will be interesting!

Why do you need a pedicure

Do you know what a serious mistake most women make in their personal care? They believe that a pedicure is optional when it’s time for closed shoes. If you are of the same opinion, we seriously intend to convince you. And here are 5 good reasons to do so.

Fashion pedicure

  • Pedicure acts as the main care for women’s legs. It is he who is entrusted with the mission to remove rough skin, say goodbye to the cuticle, tidy up the nails and make the legs aesthetically beautiful. It’s so much more than just nail polish. Pedicure is the main step on the way to healthy and attractive legs.
  • This cosmetic procedure is an excellent prevention from cracked feet, keratinized skin, corns, ingrown nails and other annoying troubles. This is especially true in the cold season, when you have to wear warm and tight shoes.


  • Self-love begins with caring for the body. Self care is fun and rewarding. Therefore, always find time to put your legs in order. You can create an impromptu pedicure salon right in your bathroom!
  • It is generally accepted that only the skin of the face suffers from temperature changes characteristic of the winter season. But do not forget about the rough skin of the legs – she also has a hard time. The reason for this is often dryness, cracks and various infections as a result. This beauty disaster is easy to avoid by remembering the pedicure in time.
  • Any self-care procedure is a sure way to relax after a hard day and get rid of accumulated stress. Therefore, dear ladies, pamper yourself more often!

original moon pedicure

Choose a color

Any pedicure begins with the choice of colors. In this responsible matter, you can rely not only on personal preferences, but also on fashion trends. In addition, this season they present a wide selection of trendy shades.

Pedicure with French and rhinestones in the style of minimalism

  • The current color palette is headed by a red pedicure with a team of all its shades – from bright scarlet to noble burgundy.
  • Pink, coral and orange join the collection of rich tones, which look very stylish and cheerful.
  • The leaders of fashionable dark colors are luxurious emerald, purple, black and plum. It’s so easy to create the most chic designs with them!
  • Trendy shades of blue, turquoise and blue can take part in creating an interesting manicure. In a word, all the colors that are associated with the surf.
  • Always in fashionable pedicure novelties there is a place for a beautiful design in black and white. The reason for its relevance is that it will always be a win-win option for stylish nail art.
  • A special place among the main colors of manicure 2019-2019 is given to delicate pastel shades. This is dictated by the fact that now fashion is ruled by a trend towards naturalness and naturalness.
  • Of course, one cannot mention metal motifs either. Silver or gold can be accents in the overall design, or they can completely cover the nails.

Bright moon pedicure + gold

Now we propose to move on to the most interesting – the choice of a beautiful design for a fashionable pedicure in accordance with the main trends of the autumn-winter season.

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Idea #1

Laconic monochrome is a great option for a stylish pedicure that fits any look. Its main advantage is the ease of creation. A monophonic coating will not take you much time and at the same time will make the legs more well-groomed and attractive in a matter of minutes.

Solid red pedicure

[stextbox id=’alert’]If you want to ensure a more lasting result, use shellac varnish.[/stextbox]

Idea #2

If one color is not enough for you, combine a whole palette of shades in one manicure. This technique can be used in the fashionable ombre technique. The main thing is to choose harmoniously combined colors so that the gradient turns out beautiful.

Ombre in soft colors

[stextbox id=’warning’]Another way to combine several shades in one design is to use the “broken glass” technique. It looks gorgeous dark, cosmic tones.[/stextbox]

Broken glass effect in autumn colors

Idea #3

The queen of elegant design is rubbing. Nail art masters recommend using a white substrate in the warm season, and a black base harmoniously looks in the cold.

Pedicure with rubbing on a dark background

Idea #4

The role of the most elegant and elegant pedicure in our rating is given to the French. This design has become a classic not only in the design of the nails on the hands, but also on the legs.

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The modern interpretation of the French manicure invites fashionistas to go beyond the traditional combination of beige and white. This design is no less beautiful with the use of bright and dark tones.

Bright jacket

[stextbox id=’warning’]Another great idea to diversify the usual jacket is to use a matte top, rhinestones and metallic tape.[/stextbox]

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Idea #5

Thin flakes of yucca lie on a sticky layer of varnish and look amazing on nails. You can experiment with their size and shape. An interesting idea would be to crush the yucca right on the nail plate.

How bright yucca flakes look on the nail plate

Idea #6

It is easy to add shine to a pedicure (and at the same time to gray everyday life) using rhinestones in the design. A sure way to achieve a flawless manicure is to add imitation gemstones to a gradient coating, ornament or pattern.

French pedicure with rhinestones

Idea #7

Another way to turn a pedicure into your luxurious decoration is to include glitter in your creation. Note! An amazing result will be obtained only if the nails are completely covered without gaps.

Combination of glitter and kamifubuki

Idea #8

Creating drawings on small nails is a task that only a professional master can do. With a deft hand movement, he will be able to draw any fashionable motifs on your nails and turn a pedicure into a real work of art.

Animal print and classic jacket

[stextbox id=’alert’]This season, romantic floral motifs, nautical-inspired patterns, various prints and ornate patterns are considered the most trendy.[/stextbox]

Effective drawing for a pedicure

The classic version of nail design will never lose its relevance – the use of thematic drawings according to the seasons. So, winter pedicure welcomes images of snowflakes, snowmen,…

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