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The sea, evening walks and a feeling of childish carelessness – we are anxiously preparing for all this, choosing a new summer look for ourselves, including studying photos with new beautiful pedicure designs 2019. The ideas of fashionable nail art are images of simple shapes and simple patterns. However, we will also talk about various pedicure techniques, accessories and colors.

The main types of pedicure

Before we talk about the beautiful summer pedicure design and new products in 2019, look at the photos, we will talk about what types of pedicure exist.


So, there are seven main techniques:

  1. Classical. It is considered the most popular type, because it is not necessary to go to the salon to create it. You will need a container of warm water and salt for your feet, wire cutters, and a nail file to grind corns. Although this method is popular, it should be chosen with great care. If the cuticle is damaged with nippers, you can cut yourself and even infect an infection (in case the instrument was non-sterile).
  2. European. This type of pedicure is more gentle, as it does not involve cutting the cuticle. To remove it, as well as remove corns, use a special tool that softens the skin. After the cuticle and corns are removed with an orange stick. Subsequently, with regular use of this technique, the cuticle grows more slowly.
  3. Hardware. It is considered an exclusively salon type of pedicure. The difficulty of doing it at home is due to the fact that you will need a special apparatus with different nozzles (depending on the structure of the foot and nails). When choosing this pedicure, you do not need to use water. Before using the device, the master treats the legs with a special gel.
  4. Combined. To carry it out, the feet are treated with an apparatus, and the cuticle is removed with the help of nippers.
  5. Acid. It consists in the fact that a special solution is used to remove keratinized skin, which corrodes it. When using it, no additional funds are needed.
  6. Express. It is the fastest pedicure option, because it does not use special items to remove corns, cuticles, and corns. Express pedicure involves the treatment of nails and their coating.
  7. SPA. Is a novelty of the nail sphere. It consists in the fact that before direct work with nails, special masks, socks, massage and other ways of softening the foot are used. This manicure, although it takes longer than usual, but it relaxes the whole body.

Interesting summer pedicure ideas

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Monochrome pedicure

From year to year, a plain pedicure is not inferior in popularity to other options. For example, in the photo, the design of a pedicure in 2019 is presented in beautiful gold, blue, red, orange and blue.

In order for a fashionable pedicure to last longer, we recommend using gel polish. It will save you a lot of time and will look better than the acrylic version.

[stextbox id=’info’]Please note that gel polish lasts three times longer and does not chip like regular polish. And the drying process is faster because the LED lamp is used. It also looks more natural and is safer. [/stextbox]

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Patterned pedicure

If a plain pedicure seems too boring for a fun summer, then dilute it with a few patterns. It can be not only simple shapes, curls, but also various cartoon characters, waves, berries and many other drawings.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Most often, the drawing is done with white or black varnish on a plain colored nail plate.[/stextbox]

Pedicure to create a summer mood

Lunar pedicure

Not only in manicure, the lunar version is popular. Lunar pedicure has been in vogue lately. And unlike manicure, he is more open to experimentation. So, the hole can not only be painted over in various colors, but also comes in various shapes. This is a traditional, and triangular, and double, and semi-oval hole.

Tandem of lunar and classic jacket

Pedicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones, like sequins or foil, dilute a plain pedicure. Of course, you can apply rhinestones in bulk, but it is better to use them minimally. So, several rhinestones on the thumb will look more advantageous than on all fingers at once.

[stextbox id=’info’]In order to avoid losing stones, it is better to choose those that are smaller. They will last longer and, if lost, won’t create conspicuous empty space. [/stextbox]

Glitter and gold stripes

Unusual jacket

The latest fashion trend has become an unusual French manicure, which is not limited to one stripe on the tip of the nail, but offers various design options. French is no longer a strict classic option that uses only white and transparent varnish. In the summer it is open to experiments. Therefore, you can see blue, and red, and green color options.


gradient pedicure

Judging by the photo, a beautiful version of the nail design is offered using the ombre technique. A pedicure with a smooth transition from base to another color has already won the hearts of girls last year. And in 2019, it is generally the most popular option. Gradient transitions have always looked advantageous, both on hair and in manicures (and now in pedicures).

Exquisite ombre

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As you can see, there are many options for a summer pedicure. From classic French to gradient. The modern design of the nail sphere does not stand still, and offers us original novelties. And summer, as you know, is the best time for experiments.

Have you chosen what your favorite summer pedicure will be?

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