Fashionable pedicure for summer 2020

Pedicure on summer 2020 – this is the best way to make the legs more beautiful and seductive. The hot season is the time for open shoes, so a mistake in the design of nails is excluded!


We combine manicure and pedicure

Many ladies are loyal to the win-win solution – manicure and pedicure in one style. This is indeed a universal idea that will guarantee the creation of harmonious and stylish images. But if you want to start summer 2020 with interesting experiments, you can try fresh color combinations from world stylists.

  • The real hit of this season is a duet of nude polish and hot pink or orange. Such an alliance has a stylish contrast and looks relevant. Most often, fashionistas prefer a neutral design of nails on their hands and create a cheerful accent in a pedicure.
  • Beautiful design manicure in sandy shades is guaranteed to make friends with a marine and deep shade on the legs.

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  • Summer pedicure only welcomes a spectacular contrast with manicure. You can use radically different colors, for example, an unusual combination of lemon color with purple or coral.
  • If you are not a fan of the bright palette, you can rely on the aesthetics of the pastel range. Cold representatives (for example, mint or blue) look advantageous on their feet, and it is better to save warm varnish (pink or peach) for manicure.
  • A winning idea would be to use different shades of the same color in manicures and pedicures. So, light varnish on the nails of the hands can smoothly flow into a more saturated color of the pedicure. According to this principle, you can embody a stylish duet of lavender and purple varnish.


Fans of laconic monochromatic design may not worry in the 2020 season – their favorite favorite is always in trend. In the summer, it is better to bet on a juicy varnish, which will effectively contrast with the shade of tan on the skin. You can pay attention to red, orange, coral, rich pink, turquoise and mint tones.

Neon nail polishes still occupy their rightful place on the fashionable Olympus, but they look advantageous when paired with neutral colors.

A trendy white base will suit girls with swarthy skin. The rest of the fashionistas should wait for the onset of sunburn to create such a pedicure.

nude style

Nude style is reflected not only in manicure, but also in pedicure. This design has gained incredible popularity due to its conciseness, versatility and naturalness. Neutral nude foundation will obediently adapt to any image and style.

The most popular nail polish color in 2020 is the café au lait shade, which goes with almost all skin tones. A trendy solution can also be ivory varnish or soft shades of pink.

It is not necessary to be limited to a single-color coating. Nude foundation can easily make friends with any trendy design. Among the current ideas is a jacket, foil or rhinestone decor, glitter stretching and concise drawings.

[tds_warning]The nude style perfectly matches the trend towards minimalism and naturalness. In addition, it can be effectively combined with expressive bright manicure.[/tds_warning]

yellow design

If you are tired of natural varnishes during the year, and with the onset of summer, the soul requires brightness and juiciness, take advantage of the popularity of the cheerful yellow palette. The trend is lemon, ocher, mustard and sunny shades that look great in the company of current design.

Color block

Not enough brightness of yellow varnish? Then go to the next level and embody the design in the style of “color blocking”. This technique eliminates the pain of choosing and allows you to use several bright colors in one design at once. The main thing is that they have clear geometric boundaries.


Juicy fruits are a favorite theme of fashionistas when choosing a trendy pedicure. You can choose any pattern – bananas, watermelons, coconuts, orange slices, kiwi or juicy appetizing berries. In any case, such a design will have the most summer mood!


Animal motifs are an absolute hit in the world of the nail industry. It is important not to use such prints on every nail, but to include a sense of proportion and think over interesting accents. Among the most newfangled solutions is the color of a snake and a zebra, but it is too early to discount the familiar leopard.

Interesting! Summer nail design 2020

with foil

Summer 2020 trends suggest that trendy pedicure may contain foil decor. Such an actual decoration will effectively shine under the sun’s rays. on the sea and make the image of a girl really stylish.

There are many options for such a design – the trend is the classic in the form of the “broken glass” technique, and the combination of metal foil with other current trends.


Tropical themes are relevant in almost any hot season, and summer 2020 was no exception. This time, the most trendy pedicure is guaranteed to turn out if you combine juicy tropical leaves with white varnish. Moreover, it is best to adhere to a sense of proportion in the design of drawings – one accent may be quite enough.


The cage in the 2020 season has become a favorite motif not only for designers. Various variations of this print are reflected in the nail industry. The cage looks great not only in contrasting bright, but also in delicate pastel shades. The simplest version of such a trend is thin intersecting lines horizontally and vertically.


Abstraction style presents a great scope for the manifestation of imagination and creative impulses. This direction in the nail industry can mean light careless strokes, abstract drawings, natural textures and simply bewitching design options inspired by impressionist paintings.


Geometric motifs in a pedicure will save the design from boredom and banality. While some girls are trying to improve their artistic talents in nail art, more advanced fashionistas use ready-made sliders and stickers.


We present to you photo– selection pedicurewhich used the leading summer 2020 trend – shining and shiny decor. Stones, rhinestones, kamifubuki, glitter – all this adds chic and luxury to the design. Not too practical, but such a charming novelty this season was the use of pearls in the nail industry.

The most discreet version of a brilliant decor is a light dusting in the form of a rub, which gives the nails a mysterious glow.

Sea style

Marine style in pedicure is a classic of the summer design genre, which is always popular with fashionistas. This theme involves the image of sea waves, palm trees or shells. The simplest version of this design is blue and white stripes, which are also a symbol of nautical style.


A creative novelty in the world of pedicure in 2020…

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