Fashionable pedicure for summer 2020

The fashion trends of summer 2020 paid a lot of attention to the trendy pedicure. Let’s find out which design options turned out to be the most popular!



A classic move that allows you to achieve spectacular and unique nail design is the addition of sparkling accents. In summer, such a bold step will be justified, because the brilliant design looks most expressive under the rays of the scorching sun. However, this does not mean at all that with the advent of the hot season it is permissible to cover all the nails with a scattering of rhinestones or glitter.

There is the most precise strategy, and it involves the presence of light sparkling accents that do not contradict the overall restraint and harmony of the design. So, a monophonic pedicure with varnish, which contains particles of a shimmer, is guaranteed to fall into trends. The nude palette, which is a real hit of the 2020 season, will look most elegant!

The next step in grading boldness is rubbing in. This powder allows you to create a delicate radiant coating in any color you like. The final result will look stylish and self-sufficient even without additional decor.

[stextbox id=’info’]This design is perfect for girls who like to implement a pedicure at home, but are not entirely sure of the hardness of their hands. Such a coating, even if not applied perfectly neatly, will look aesthetically pleasing.[/stextbox]

The most beautiful and fashionable pedicure for the summer of 2020 may also imply the presence of a stretch with glitter or rhinestones – such decorative techniques are extremely relevant in the new season. Such nail art can be an amazing solution at sea – rhinestones and glitter promise to shine spectacularly on the beach and emphasize the emerging tan.

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Bright varnish

Without a doubt, summer is the best time for bright and memorable images. That is why for the warm season, many women of fashion are stocking up on the most juicy and bold varnishes that have been waiting in the wings for a long time. Most of the current shades are best suited for youth pedicure – these are neon, raspberry, green, blue, blue, yellow and orange tones.

Red lacquer is already suitable for adult ladies, as it allows you to create a more elegant design. Even in a monochrome finish, it will look impeccable and will create a successful duet with both casual sandals and evening sandals.

Monochrome design is a great solution for a pedicure for every day. The main feature is that it can be corrected at any time for an aesthetic look.


A definitely fashionable solution for a pedicure in the 2020 season is a pastel finish, which is good in both matte and glossy versions. This summer, you can choose your favorite from the whole rich pastel range – lemon, lilac, blue, milky, lavender, pistachio and powdery pink tones are in trend. A duet of different pastel shades on the nails of the hands and feet will look especially interesting.


Fashionable geometric nail design can actively manifest itself in the current pedicure for the summer of 2020. This style practically does not provide any restrictions for the realization of your imagination. You can use chaotic lines, concise dots, gel cobwebs, bright color combinations. Geometric design can be both minimalistic and very extravagant – it all depends on the taste of the fashionista.

Sea style

When the time for the long-awaited vacation begins, many masters begin to hone their skills in creating a marine-style pedicure. In the 2020 season, they are unlikely to be able to limit themselves to boring red and blue stripes – such a technique has been in trend for so many years in a row that it is already rather boring. Now more non-trivial and creative incarnations of the marine style are in fashion. For example, you can create a slight hint of a landscape, a sea wave with shiny accents, or connect volumetric decor in a themed style to create a design. In any case, the less banal the pedicure is, the better!

If you want everything to be perfect in a summer look, then take care of the appropriate pedicure. So, you can opt for a sophisticated design in an elegant light palette with an emphasis on the thumb in the form of an imitation of the shell texture and rhinestone decor. This style has been popular for several years in a row, and in the 2020 season it will definitely not lose ground.

Creative images of fish are also in the top – when thinking through them, it is better to avoid excessive detailing and rely on the current minimalist style.

Nautical design will also be relevant when using blue lacquer – the most fashionable in the coming season.

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Berries and fruits

A juicy accent in a summer pedicure can be images of appetizing berries or fruits, or a hint of them. It is worth noting that the combination of such a design with current nail art techniques is only welcome. We offer to see how such a manicure can look in practice.

Transparent background

An incredibly practical solution would be to use a transparent base in combination with trendy drawings or stickers. So, abstract, geometric or floral motifs, as well as various inscriptions, can become a decoration of such a design.

A transparent background will allow the pedicure to maintain its aesthetics and accuracy for a long time, even as the length grows. In order for this property to manifest itself in practice, drawings should be placed approximately in the middle of the plate. For reliability, you can complete such a pedicure with a fixing base.


Fashionable pedicure for the summer can be in line with the key trend of the 2020 season – minimalism style. This direction saves fashionistas from the need to create a complex and artsy design. Laconic inscriptions, simple shapes, dots or abstract lines – all this will become a worthy decoration of a trendy design and at the same time will fix the fashionista’s impeccable taste. In the 2020 season, it is most fashionable to use a nude or graphic black and white palette for a minimalist pedicure.


Interest in the topic of floristry always predictably increases by the summer season. However, this is not at all surprising – such drawings look feminine and romantic – what you need for the hot season. The classic move is a watercolor image of flowers on the thumb accent in combination with a plain coating.

If you want the pedicure to be especially sophisticated and elegant, ask the master to use the watercolor technique in the embodiment of flower drawings – it is still popular.

The hot trend of the 2020 season, which is involved not only in manicure, but also in pedicure, is the image of charming wild flowers on a transparent background. This design looks very touching…

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