Fashionable perfume smell for women 2019

In 2019, it is important for women not only to know the main trends in clothing, but also to identify fashionable perfume smells. Let’s take a look at the current perfumes together.


Main trends

In the coming seasons, spicy scents with hints of jasmine, vanilla, coffee, cinnamon or bergamot will be popular. They will make your image saturated, suitable for evening bows or everyday life.

These are quite strong smells that you should be careful with, use them as a loop note for winter, autumn options.

If you want to use more fresh smells, pay attention to floral chords – rose, lavender, chamomile. They will make the bow more feminine, suitable for everyday life. Fruity perfumes are ideal for a hot summer – they open up to the maximum and give a rich smell: pay attention to raspberries, strawberries, pineapple or orange.

More and more in 2019, masculine, strong notes appear in fashionable perfumes for women: wood, resin, leather or incense. They are suitable for brave, self-confident girls who always want to be in the spotlight.

Women’s perfume with incense

Perfume Fan di Fendi Leather Essence (Fendi) with the scent of leather

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Fashion perfumes

  • Si by Giorgio Armani – the perfect base perfume, striking in its freshness and romance. Suitable for everyday life, but also perfectly complements a feminine evening bow. In this smell, the initial notes are sweet notes of white currant, the heart notes are white feodesia and May rose, and the final notes are ambroxan, cedar, patchouli, vanilla. Perfume is very attractive, sexy and exotic. This perfume water is chosen by hundreds of girls every day, as such a bottle is the perfect balance of quality, durability and price.

  • Byredo Velvet Haze– niche spicy fragrance, which is distinguished by its uniqueness and unusualness. The perfume was released in 2017 in France, so choosing this one, you will definitely be in trend. First, the perfume opens with the smell of coconut, hibiscus and bergamot, then notes of tuberose, patchouli and osmanthus appear. Loop, final aromas – bitter cocoa, rich musk and ambrette. Due to the non-standard combination of coconut and musk, cocoa and patchouli, the perfume turns out to be very controversial, assertive, so it should be worn in small quantities and pointwise.

  • Tiffany & Co Perfume is a perfume released in 2017 for young, self-confident girls of a noisy metropolis. Citrusy tangerine and bergamot notes open first, heart notes are rose, blackcurrant, peach and sweet iris, and finally patchouli is heard. Perfume has average durability, but at the same time they can be successfully layered, applying to yourself every 4-5 hours to renew. This fragrance is a real symbiosis of elegance and courage, which will suit all ladies who want to stand out from the crowd.

  • Comme des Garcons CONCRETE is a unisex woody fragrance loved by girls of all ages. The Comme des Garcons brand presents the smell as destroying stereotypes, starting revolutions. In translation, the name means “concrete”, as perfumers were inspired by stone metropolises, namely New York. But there is no smell of concrete or building materials in the fragrance, only sandalwood is present in the initial, heart and final notes. After a while, clove and violet chords begin to appear slightly, which makes the perfume more tender. Its staying power is high, so morning application will be enough.

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[stextbox id=’warning’]Pay attention! This trendy perfume has a very interesting packaging – the bottle is made in concrete gray tones, without decorations or accessories, a standard dispenser, black writing at the bottom. Many are attracted by just such a minimalist format that looks stylish and relevant.[/stextbox]

  • Dolce & Gabbana Light blue intense – current in 2019, an elite perfume for women. This is a fruity-floral fragrance, which is perfect for spring and summer, because that’s when it reveals itself to the maximum. Juicy, slightly sour lemon notes come first, followed by the sweet apple flavors of Granny Smith. Sweet notes complete the delicate, subtle scents of jasmine. At the end, a musky trail is heard, combined with warm smells of woody amber. Perfume has average durability, so it is perfect for the office, study and everyday walks with friends.

  • Givenchy Live Irresistible Blossom Crush Eau De Toilette – the aroma of tenderness of lightness and carelessness. The bottle is made in pale pink and coral shades, which symbolize femininity and accuracy. The smell also reveals itself gradually, in stages, at first you hear a rich peony, a bright, sweet rose, a heart note of bitter cocoa, and a spicy, suitable for all musk is left for the finish. Together, the result is a versatile, floral bouquet, accentuated by an unexpected note of cocoa beans. The persistence of the perfume is high, you can not worry that after a few hours there will be no trace of the fragrance.

  • Kenzo World Eau de toilette is a trendy scent released in France in 2018. This is an elite floral-fruity perfume for women, which is distinguished by special sensuality, tenderness, and maximum disclosure of aromas. The initial chord here is sweet pear and rich bergamot, then a bright rose, peony, neat almond flower are revealed. For the final touch, less bitter than usual white musk, delicate vanilla, iris, floral notes of violet and sandalwood are left. This perfume is ideal for a romantic date or everyday rich and energetic life.

  • Versace Pou Femme Dylan Blue – more saturated than previous perfumes, which is dominated by masculine, woody notes. They perfectly emphasize the style of a business lady. Top notes in this perfume are clover, sweet apple, black currant and light shiso mint. The heart note is bright peony, light rosehip and jasmine. For the final, light wood is left, giving exactly that slightly “masculine” smell, tart musk and styrax. The fragrance was produced in Italy in 2017, has an extravagant packaging and an unusual bottle, made in rich blue and gold tones.

  • Chanel Gabrielle – an elite perfume for women from the floral series, released in France the year before last. A very seasoned, austere fragrance that almost every woman likes. To begin with, gentle, timid notes of citrus are revealed: grapefruit and tangerine. Then you hear orange blossom, delicate ylang-ylang, jasmine and tuberose. The final notes are rich musk and sandalwood, which remain in the memory for a long time. It has a minimalistic but trendy Chanel-style beige and gold packaging and bottle, and is famous for its durability and sillage notes. Perfume is suitable for any life occasion, as each girl will reveal herself in a special way.

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These are the fashionable perfume smells for women in 2019. Remember that every scent is like…

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