Fashionable pixie haircut 2023

Mischievous, stylish, daring – all this is a pixie haircut, which in 2023 was again recognized as one of the most popular for women. Such a long stay in the first lines of trends is quite justified, because the pixie fully meets all the requirements of modern fashion: it is unpretentious in care, helps to create an exclusive image, emphasizes the femininity and natural beauty of the lady, looks stylish, suitable for any age. And this is not the whole list of benefits. We will tell you what variations of this haircut will be relevant in the coming season.

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Types of pixie haircuts that are trendy in 2023

Since its inception in the 50s of the last century, pixies have not lost popularity. Then the Hollywood celebrity Audrey Hepburn was able to show the whole world that a woman with a short haircut can be incredibly seductive. After Audrey, other celebrities began to wear short hair, for example, Shirley MacLaine and Jean Seberg. And assistant hairdresser Leslie Hornby’s boyish haircut helped turn her into a global celebrity, the supermodel we know as Twiggy.

Over the past seventy years, the stylish pixie has been modified and modernized many times to match fashion trends. Let’s list what options are relevant in 2023.

  • Ultrashort. A bold option, which implies the formation of a minimum length on the temples and the back of the head, no more than 2-3 mm. At the same time, as expected, volume remains at the crown, complemented by a super-short bang above the forehead line. Such a pixie haircut looks very impressive, including it is relevant for women after 40 who have retained harmony and youthfulness. Another plus: it practically does not need to be laid. A little styling product is enough to get the desired shape of the hair.

  • Asymmetrical. The asymmetric pixie haircut for women is the undisputed leader of the 2023 season. It looks good on both straight thin and wavy hair. Asymmetry can manifest itself in the presence of elongated strands on one side of the face, in a shaved temple, in sharp transitions between curls, in different lengths of hair to the left and right of the crown. And each option is interesting in its own way. Asymmetry helps to soften the angular features of the face, mask imperfections. At the same time, she does not hold on to effectiveness.

  • pixie bob. A mega-popular option at the moment. Usually, women often resort to it, who find it difficult to decide on a classic short pixie. Here are the features of both haircuts. From pixie – shortened nape and side parts. From the bean – a noticeably elongated crown. It is impossible not to admit that this tandem looks very feminine, fashionable, charming. Often, stylists, in order to further transform the hairstyle, use a technique with asymmetry. However, the pixie bob needs constant styling.

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  • Multilayer (cascade). Great option for medium hair. It is suitable for both girls and women who love voluminous haircuts. Layering makes the hairstyle more interesting, textured, natural. Owners of any face shape can wear this universal haircut. Also, torn strands and elongated bangs will be appropriate here. And to emphasize the transitions, make the appropriate coloring. The most win-win option is highlighting. It also remains fashionable in 2023.

  • With shaved temples. If you need a rejuvenating haircut, choose pixies with shaved temples. This is a real, slightly extravagant trend that has long passed from youth to mature fashion. Today, such a hairstyle is found even in the images of women 50+. As we have said, you can shave one temple or both at once. In addition, women of fashion often shave the back of the head, leaving a kind of “hat” on the top of the head, which can be styled in any way you like.

  • With side parting. Fashionable in 2023, a pixie or pixie-bob haircut with a side part also deserves attention. This simple technique makes the hairstyle more original and interesting to perceive. This option will be appropriate even in strict business images. The parting can be clearly defined or veiled under the styling. It will be perfectly emphasized by an asymmetrical bang laid on its side. And pixie with a side parting is the perfect choice for a round and full face.

  • Retro. The retro version of the haircut with smoothed, devoid of volume curls and with thick bangs is also gradually returning to the lists of popular ones. Approximately something similar in the 60s was worn by the British supermodel Twiggy. Such a haircut is performed exclusively on short hair, while they must be shiny and healthy. In modern variations, a retro pixie can be completely without a bang, or with a short bang hanging above the level of the forehead. The haircut is quite easy to care for, but it often needs updating.

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The novelty of the 2023 season is the Korean variation of the pixie haircut. She is characterized by: parting, elongated curls on both sides of the face, slight negligence, volume in the back of the head. In general, everything looks very harmonious. This unisex styling is suitable for both young guys with delicate features and girls who are passionate about Korean culture.

In today’s review, we talked about the different types of pixie haircuts for 2023. We hope that the photos presented in the review will help you understand them.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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