Fashionable plaid dresses 2020

Fashionable plaid dresses in the 2020 season unexpectedly pleased with the variety of colors and styles. In this article, we will introduce you to the key innovations so that you can find the perfect option for yourself. But we suspect that it will not be possible to limit ourselves to one model, because modern designers have done their best!

Stylish novelties


If you are an ardent admirer of free and comfortable fashion at heart, then you will certainly not remain indifferent to dresses in oversized silhouettes. The aesthetics of such outfits in the 2020 season is also observed in a short length, but nevertheless, midi and maxi outfits have become the main favorite of designers (and at the same time fashionistas). Their main feature is all-weather. Loose elongated dresses can successfully rhyme with autumn or winter things.

If you are afraid of losing your femininity behind an oversized cut, you can bet on an exquisite novelty with a wide frill at the hem – such a decorative technique can be safely called the key trend of the 2020 season.


Checked shirt dresses are recognized as extremely fashionable in the 2020 season. Of course, such a solution can hardly be called fundamentally new, because such a motive has long been productively and successfully cooperating with this style. This tandem has a record long time and does not leave the pedestal of fashion trends, because it looks stylish, and also pleases with versatility and practicality.

Fashionable plaid shirt dresses, so relevant in the 2020 season, are perfect for overweight women. Such a cut visually stretches the silhouette, draws attention to the neckline and beautiful wrists, and emphasizes the waistline. If you have beautiful legs, do not hide them, but use the unbuttoned bottom buttons to form a vertical slit to emphasize your legs. This simple technique will make you look even slimmer and also make your look more stylish.


A lot of stylish original solutions in the 2020 season are presented on the basis of asymmetry. Different play of cut makes any outfit more original. In addition, this technique perfectly distracts attention from shortcomings – for such an effective maneuver, you should place a creative detail on the dignity area. For example, with slender legs, you can bet on an asymmetrical hem, which will shift the focus from the protruding tummy.

Another stylish manifestation of asymmetry is the open shoulder area. Such an exquisite element always makes the image more delicate and feminine.

In order to correctly combine such dresses in a cage, you should choose a concise company for them. For example, your choice may fall on plain dark tights and matching ankle boots.

Accent sleeves

Accent sleeves are also a stylish feature of fashionable dresses in the 2020 season. A variation of this trend directly depends on the courage of the fashionista – some girls like modest lanterns, while others prefer extraordinary puffs.

With such a decorative technique, an interesting curly neckline looks advantageous, which will make any look more feminine and expressive.


Warm plaid dresses, made in the manner of a sundress, are also recognized as relevant in the 2020 season. The practical mission of such models is really on top – depending on the base layer, they can create radically different images. For example, to create a stylish look in the 2020 season, you can choose a bright turtleneck or a neutral basic jumper under a checkered sundress.

The combination of a checkered print is made according to the simplest trick from the fashion world – to make a winning tandem, you should choose a base layer to match one of the participants in the motif.

A jacket

A win-win purchase for updating your wardrobe in 2020 can also be called a jacket dress with a mandatory double-breasted collar and a belt at the waist. Such models are also often decorated with decorative buttons and patch pockets.

If you follow fashion trends, then you probably noticed this cut a few seasons ago. But it is not too late to take a closer look at it even now – according to the forecasts of the designers, the jacket dress will be at the peak of popularity for a long time to come. And all because of its corrective functions – this cut visually increases growth, slims legs, emphasizes the waist and, in general, brings the figure closer to ideal parameters. Well, isn’t it adorable?!

In the fall of 2020, it is important to wear such plaid dresses as part of multi-layered ensembles that do not allow a fashionista to freeze. For example, a stylish idea would be to combine this cut with a plain turtleneck worn under a dress. Block-heeled boots with a wide top, lace-up boots or sophisticated ankle boots are the best shoes for this outfit.

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Fashionable cage also adorned slip dresses with thin spaghetti straps. Since fashionistas are accustomed to such outfits in a solid satin design, the combination of tight knitwear and a checkered pattern in combination has become a really unusual novelty of the 2020 season.

The most interesting thing is that a dress with thin straps can serve faithfully not only in bows for the warm season on its own. Designers confirm that such a novelty will take its rightful place in the stylish looks of the autumn-winter 2020 season. Of course, for this you should take care of a warming layer – for example, a turtleneck, pullover or jumper.

On the smell

Stylists say that a fashionista in the 2020 season will definitely not be mistaken if she relies on a practical and fashionable wrap dress with a checkered motif. Such a model gained immense popularity a few years ago – and all thanks to its versatility and ability to present almost any type of female figure in a winning light.


Among the fashionable finds of the 2020 season, minimalistic dresses in a laconic design can be distinguished. As a rule, there is no place for active decorative solutions on such outfits, and the trendy checkered pattern comes to the fore. The style of the dress also does not contradict the style of minimalism – usually it is a simple straight cut without frills.

Emphasis on the waist

The stylish style of the 2020 season is also a dress with an emphasis on the waist. Designers most often perform this fashionable technique in the form of a leather belt, decorative assembly, belt or large buttons. A win-win model for this year is a midi length plaid closed dress with an accent at the waist. This style looks great with rough boots, boots, and elegant shoes with heels.

Print Features

Fashion 2020 brought to the attention of fashionistas dresses in a cage with various variations of a stylish motif. We offer you to see what checkered patterns are in the heart of modern designers!

The Scottish tartan motif is becoming an adornment of many trendy dresses in the 2020 season – classic and stylish at the same time. If you go over the fashionable colors of such a cage, then first of all it is worth highlighting the interweaving of red, blue and green …

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