Fashionable plain manicure 2023

Monochrome manicure is a great alternative to all kinds of drawings, stickers and catchy multi-colored designs. It is invariably elegant, pleasing to the eye with its simplicity. And to make it, all you need is to choose the right shade. Perhaps that is why a monochromatic manicure from season to season does not lose its popularity, and 2023 will not be an exception. We will tell you what will be fashionable in this nail segment right now.

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Popular shades for monochrome manicure-2023

Color matters. Especially if you prefer to see something bright and life-affirming on your nails. This season, the fashionable palette will delight ladies with its variety. You can choose both energetic neon shades and nude ones that envelop with their tenderness. And what exactly are these colors, we list below.

  • Lactic. Mega popular shade. For the first time, fashionistas began to pay attention to him last year, and 2023 only strengthened this trend. Dairy has become a successful alternative to white. It looks great in monochrome, on long and short nails of any shape.

  • light green. A juicy, spring-like positive shade that will delight and give a good mood. Wearing it, of course, is worth spring and summer. Light green will bring a bright touch to your image, it will fit well into sports, street, youth styles.

  • Turmeric. The novelty of the 2023 season is a manicure made in the color of turmeric. Presumably this shade has become an alternative to mustard, which is gradually disappearing into oblivion. It can also replace orange. Looks expensive on the nails, spectacular.

  • Tiffany. A color associated with luxury. Solid color tiffany manicure is one of the most interesting fashion trends of 2023. This shade refreshes the image, makes it memorable. Great for evening wear. We talk about it in more detail here.

  • Pale pink. A beautiful, airy, feminine shade that will help emphasize youth and sophistication. Suitable for spring-summer season and romantic images. Pale pink is good both with a glossy sheen and in a matte finish.

  • Pearl. And again pastel palette. In general, nail stylists recommend paying as much attention to it as possible in 2023. Among the favorites is a delicate mother-of-pearl shine. Refined and elegant, it will be a successful addition to wedding, business, solemn images.

  • viva Magenta. Stylish color for a stylish lady. Viva Magenta has been recognized by Pantone experts as the main shade in 2023. Moderately catchy, strong, handsome, it has an almost bewitching appeal and fully meets the spirit of the times. Read more about nail design in Viva Magenta color here.

  • Lilac. Manicure, made in shades of purple palette, is gradually losing its popularity. And yet, 100% of it is not worth giving up yet. For example, for light spring looks, we recommend a solid lilac nail art that looks very beautiful on nails.

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They will also look impressive and fashionable on the nails: monochrome black, cobalt blue, mint, eggplant, marsala, coffee, sky blue, pale yellow.

Design ideas for trendy plain manicure-2023

If a monochromatic coating, devoid of any decor, seems too boring to you, we recommend that you take a closer look at the following design options.

With metal strips

A very stylish solution. This design is currently quite popular. Metal strips for wire can cross the nail along, diagonally and across, emphasize the “smile” line or hole, create a frame around the perimeter of the plate. The design equally uses wide and thin stripes.


Matte nail art has long been a recognized classic. Including a velvety texture will go well with a monochrome coating. Or you can make a combined design by highlighting one nail with gloss or textured sparkles. Reception is not new, but still relevant. Suitable for any shade.

With a metallic sheen

Fashionable monochrome manicure in metallic color is a hit of spring 2023. To create such a design, you can turn to a silver-colored mirror rub or a special coating. A bold but effective decision. As for rubbing, why not turn to forgotten trends from time to time? The main thing before applying the coating, take care of the beauty of the nails.

Broken glass

Another popular type of design that can make plain nail art more interesting while maintaining its aesthetics. Pieces of holographic foil may well decorate one or two nails. This will be enough to bring zest. This decor will look especially beautiful on long nails.


And this is a suitable design idea for the cold season autumn-winter 2023-2024. To some extent, knitted nail art is also considered a classic. It allows you to add comfort to the image, makes the manicure textured, which is now very fashionable. It looks great on both square and oval nails, and on the shape of almonds.

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Monochromatic manicure is a timeless trend. In 2023, it can be whatever you want it to be. The photo in today’s review shows the latest design options. Get inspired!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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