Fashionable prom dresses 2021: Grade 11

For girls graduating from grade 11 in 2021, the question of choosing a fashionable dress for prom is acute. Every graduate wants to look her best, because this holiday is a very important transitional moment in life. Dresses that were presented by designers this year are so unusual and different that you can easily get lost in them. We will tell you about fashion trends regarding graduation dresses and, perhaps, help you choose the most suitable option.

Long prom dresses for 11th grade

Before choosing a particular dress, you need to decide on the desired length. For example, long dresses are perfect for both thin and full girls, because they themselves are able to slim down a bit and lengthen the silhouette.

If you are more interested in long prom dresses for grades 11 and 9, then pay attention to the following fashionable options in 2021:

  • Basque. Dresses with a small additional skirt look very harmonious on graduates. They are also able to hide the flaws of the figure, if necessary.

  • Asymmetrical. This includes the mullet dress, which has a skirt shortened in front and long in the back. This outfit can be called mysterious to some extent, because it only slightly opens the legs in front.

  • With a voluminous skirt. For girls, inside of which the real queen is hiding, we can offer chic, puffy dresses. In such outfits, there may be a V-shaped neckline in the neckline, and the waist against the background of a fluffy skirt looks even thinner than it actually is.

  • With open back. There are a lot of models of such a dress, and all of them are not similar to each other. In some versions, the neckline on the back is very deep and bold, in some it only reaches the middle of the back.

  • bare shoulders. Dresses of this type focus on one of the most beautiful areas on the girl’s body – the neck, shoulders and décolleté. Girls in 11th grade can afford to wear a dress with a deeper neckline, so they have a wide choice. There are also other variations of this dress model, in which only one shoulder is exposed.

  • Two piece dress. Dresses that are actually not really dresses are also very popular among girls. They consist of a top and a skirt, between which there is a small gap that slightly exposes the stomach. Often such outfits contain translucent elements or lace details.

In a long dress you will feel like a real princess. The main thing is to choose a model that will look good on your figure.

Fashionable short graduation dresses for grade 11

Many girls, when choosing a dress for graduation in grade 11, stop at short options, which also appeared in 2021 a lot. I would like to immediately note that such models will look more harmoniously on slender beauties with long legs.

Among short dresses, models can be distinguished:

  • With a fluffy skirt. The top of this outfit is fitted, emphasizing the waist. The bottom is represented by a fluffy skirt, for example, from tulle. This outfit looks very gentle, light and feminine.

  • Sheath dress. This model very favorably emphasizes the dignity of the female figure. A big plus is that such a dress looks concise, and then it can be worn again and again for any other events.

  • Sleeves. Sleeves of dresses can be made of dense fabric, translucent and decorated with patterns, short and long. Everything to your taste and wishes!

Among the models of short dresses you can also find asymmetrical, open back, peplum and many others. Depending on your preferences, you can choose mini, midi or knee length dresses. In this regard, there are no rules and frameworks.

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The most fashionable shades in 2021

The color of the dress is very important, because it should first of all suit you – go well with the color of your hair and eyes, as well as harmonize with your skin tone. Trendy prom dresses for 11th grade in 2021, among which it is easy to find inexpensive options, include models of the following shades:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • crimson;
  • blue;
  • burgundy;
  • pink;
  • yellow.

Classic colors like black, white and pastel shades should not be forgotten either. They do not lose their relevance from year to year. Beige, milky, cream or peach colors look very sophisticated, emphasize the youth and tenderness of their owner.

Each person has his own taste, so today there are a lot of dresses for graduates. Among the trendy options you will see models made of lace, satin, chiffon and other delicate materials. Popular is decoration with translucent elements, beads, stones, sequins, feathers and fringes. Thanks to such a wide choice, each graduate will look special and will be able to show her individuality.

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Photos with images of the most fashionable prom dresses for grade 11 are presented here in order to make it easier for you to navigate the fashion trends of 2021. You may even be inspired by some ideas and in the future it will be easier for you to choose a dress for your personal holiday. Just do not delay, because such an important choice can take a lot of time.

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