Fashionable provincial mistakes that should not be repeated

In pursuit of style, girls can make fashionable provincial mistakes. You don’t need to buy all the trendy things and spend a lot of money on brands to create your own style. Review your wardrobe, eliminate inappropriate clothes. This will help keep you from falling into the dirt. And what exactly to throw away is described in the material.

What do you need to remove from your wardrobe?

Stylists recommend not using the following items in your outfits.

High heels

Some girls consider high-heeled shoes to be a universal option that will suit any look. Modern girls in big cities prefer to choose comfortable shoes with flat soles or small heels for everyday bows. Elegant pumps with stiletto heels or sandals with stable heels are suitable for special occasions. Also, heels look out of place in combination with a tracksuit. This item will quickly give out provincial roots.

Irrelevant heels

Shoes that were fashionable a few years ago look rather ridiculous now. If we talk about models that were in demand among fashionistas of the 2000s, then they should not be kept in the closet at all. Thumb-cut shoes, a very high platform, a rock sole, or a wedge – throw it away immediately. Fashion may be repeated, but outdated models always return in a new interpretation. So feel free to say goodbye to non-classical shoes.

Evening dress in everyday life

There is a party/date or gala planned in the evening, and you don’t have time to change after work? Do not even think about going out in evening dress in the morning. It is better to use a classic pantsuit, and take your heels with you. Before the event, complete the look with jewelry and bright lipstick.

Lots of rhinestones

Fashionable mistakes of provincial women include an abundance of brilliant decor on clothes. Jeans embellished with rhinestones, or other things with appliqués, were relevant 20 years ago. Therefore, remove such clothes away, and choose more concise outfits.

Leopard print

One thing with an animal print will help to make a stylish look. But a solid image of a leopard is vulgar. If you are just learning how to create stylish everyday looks, then avoid things with an animal pattern.


Wearing designer clothes doesn’t mean you have good taste. If you want to look trendy but are on a tight budget, don’t run after fake brands. It is better to look at the classic models in the mass market. They will look much more organic than pathetic fakes.


Leave comfortable ugg boots for outdoor recreation. In the city, this version of shoes looks out of place. If you add shapeless shoes without zippers and laces to an ordinary bow, then the girl will look awkward. Uggs with bows and sequins should not be used even during country walks.

Lots of decorations

Remember that it is worth highlighting only one zone. Focus on either the arms or the neck. No need to hang around like a Christmas tree. The rule applies to expensive stones and ordinary jewelry.

Conspicuous underwear

You should wear underwear that will not show through things. Bra straps that are visible from under the top / shirt look vulgar. This also applies to large items on linen that are translucent. If you wear tight clothes, then you should buy seamless underwear, it will not be visible under clothes. Leave lace bodices, rhinestones, beads and belts for a romantic evening.

Excessive sexuality

It is not necessary to wear oversized sweatshirts or masculine jackets. But you need to know the measure. Ultra-short skirts / dresses, too tight things, deep necklines, colorful prints make the outfit not just outdated, but vulgar.

unkempt look

The torn lining in the jacket, the jacket in coils, the absence of a button, the shabby leatherette on the bag. These things can happen to anyone. It is worth keeping an eye on these little things and correcting them in time.

Fittings for clothes, shoes and accessories

Poor quality parts easily betray low quality clothing. Rivets, chains can sometimes be covered with cheap gold and silver paint. As a rule, it is enough for one or two washings. Shabby decor or multi-colored details make the look cheap, despite the fact that everything else can be of high quality. Therefore, it is better to choose clothes without such additional elements.

Too bright inappropriate makeup

In some cases, even the wrong tone of blush can ruin the look. If you add bright scarlet lipstick, painted eyebrows, bold arrows and unsuccessful contouring to it, then you get the wrong opinion. It seems as if the lady is returning from a night of festivities. Therefore, for daytime looks, choose a nude make-up. For the evening, you can focus on the lips or eyes.

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Curls and extensions hair

Clear curls, filled with a can of varnish, look terrible. It is better to give preference to light waves without a bunch of fixatives. Hair extensions or individual strands belong to the same category.

Calling manicure

Outrageous celebrities can afford an extraordinary nail design: with large stones, earrings, rich patterns. On girls in everyday life, for example, in the subway, such a creation will look wild and awkward.

Eliminate the fashionable mistakes of the provincials, which should not be repeated, from your wardrobe in the near future. And your images will become stylish and neat.

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