Fashionable raincoats for spring 2019

Stylish women’s raincoats will help you look spectacular in the fashionable spring season of 2019. At least one raincoat must be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista! Why? We will talk about this below and help you decide on the most trendy option.


Practicality and fashion in one bottle

According to today’s fashion, a raincoat not only performs a practical function – protection from bad weather, rain, wind. It is the basis for many stylish bows. The main thing is not to get confused in the abundance of options! Cropped raincoats, trench coats, capes, transparent raincoats, wraparound, fitted – this season’s fashion surprises with its diversity. Everyone will definitely choose their perfect raincoat!

Fashionable women’s raincoat for spring 2019

Women’s raincoats have long ceased to be limited to raincoat fabric. Recently, they are increasingly being created from original textures – leather, patent leather, satin, suede, velvet, velor, vinyl, denim. You can even find transparent-colored raincoats made of plastic or other water-repellent materials.

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Note! Not all of them are practical, for example, suede or velvet are not able to protect from rain. But they will become an eye-catching part of a fashionable bow.


An interesting fact is that designers covered many impractical models on top with waterproof transparent materials. Their length often extends beyond the edges of the cloak itself. Looks ultra stylish!

Raincoat made of waterproof materials

The length of women’s raincoats also varies – from cropped options to floor length. If the latter is less common, then the shortened versions have become the hit of the season. But the most practical are still raincoats in midi length (up to the knee or slightly lower).

Maxi length raincoat

midi length raincoat

Mini length raincoat

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With the right selection, raincoats perfectly hide the flaws of the female figure. Let’s highlight the basic rules:

  • Girls with forms should choose a looser and straight cut to the knee. Pay attention to the options flared from the waist – they will also disguise wide hips. And avoid large pockets, patches and other “weighty” decor.

  • For wide hips, models extended at the shoulders are also suitable. For example, with voluminous sleeves – the same cape. This will balance the figure.

  • Long cloaks are not suitable for short stature. In this case, the length to the knee and above is suitable.

  • Floor-length raincoats look great on tall ladies. Especially if the girl is slim – choose fitted styles or products with a belt.

  • Light colors tend to expand the figure, more suitable for a slender figure. Dark shades – on the contrary, are very slim.

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Important! Take into account the season for which you choose a raincoat. There are quite summer options, but on the contrary – insulated with a dense lining. Raincoats are so popular with fashionistas that even winter options are being created.


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Choose a color

In the spring-2019 season, fashion trends especially welcome raincoats of all shades of pastel palette. Beige, light pink, lilac, peach – all these options you can see in the photo collections from Moschino, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen and other fashion houses.

And, of course, the classic black color is always elegant and versatile for many looks. But the designers don’t stop there. For lovers of bright images, raincoats of red, burgundy, emerald, olive colors are suitable. They are on trend too!

No less popular are various prints. Their especially bright varieties can be found at Dolce & Gabbana – they simply blow up the podium with their catchy look, multi-colored geometric and floral patterns, abstraction, embroidery.

Be sure to pay attention to women’s raincoats in a cage! She is actively returning to the world’s catwalks and will create excellent looks in office style, casual or sporty chic. Black and white, white and gray cells are relevant, but you can also choose bright shades – red, blue, green. A large cage is especially welcome.

Also, leopard print is firmly entrenched in the trends of 2019 – and raincoats are no exception. Fashion definitely tells us: don’t be afraid to experiment and catchy looks! They are sure to set you apart from the crowd and will be remembered by others.

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Season trends

Every season, fashion designers delight us with many new products. And more and more stylish models appear among women’s raincoats – just choose the option you like and be in trend in the spring of 2019!

  • Newfangled leather coat enchantingly returned to trends! By the way, like all clothes made of leather. The trend is not only black skin, but also red, cognac, purple, pale blue. It looks very stylish and presentable, besides, such things are very durable.

Also, stylists suggest this season even more actively protect nature and wear things made of artificial leather – patent or matte.

  • Classic trench coat decorated with buttons and a thin belt to match. Most often, these types of women’s raincoats are found in a beige version – as the basis of a basic wardrobe. It can be safely worn under both pumps and sneakers.

Also pay attention to the flared trench coat – it is somewhat reminiscent of a dress and looks very feminine. Such models diverge from the belt with a wide trapezoid. One thing – the dress or skirt under them should be shorter than the trench coat itself.

  • Denim coat. Yes, yes, the trendy total-look of denim has led to the emergence of just such a fashionable little thing. Very popular styles of a straight cut with a zipper. They can also have a stand-up collar, belt, and be decorated with fringe. Perfectly such models are combined with denim of a different shade.

  • Capes – a variant of a women’s cape with slits for the arms or with over-size sleeves. And they are definitely at the height of fashion! Usually capes are sewn in a shortened version. They can either have fasteners or be solid.

  • Cloak with a smell. Such models do not have fasteners, they are simply wrapped around and supported by a wide belt – hence the name. They look very elegant and emphasize the waist. In warm weather, it is worn wide open.

  • Satin cloak extended to the bottom – a luxurious choice for going out and various celebrations. Sleeves in such models are most often shortened. Complement this option with a wide belt with an interesting buckle. Bright colors are amazingly suitable for him – scarlet or emerald.

  • Cloak-kimono created from lightweight flying fabrics. Therefore, it is suitable only for warm weather and will create a luxurious evening bow. With a skillful combination, it can be used for a street-style outfit.

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  • Women’s asymmetric raincoat became a novelty on the catwalks. Pay attention to the mullet cut – it is shorter in the front and longer in the back. May have romantic flounces and folds, which is very reminiscent of a dress.

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