Fashionable rubber boots 2021: the main trends of the season

Who would have thought that fashionable women’s rubber boots would become a trend in 2021. This childishly cute trend is a practical option that makes any look stylish. If earlier such shoes were suitable only for bad weather in the countryside, now they are actively used in everyday city bows.

What women’s rubber boots are in fashion in 2021

This year, stylists offer different options for rubber boots. Each of them is distinguished by a style or color. To stay in trend, choose from the proposed models.

Standard plain

A classic option that is suitable for sets for every day. You can use both calm colors and brighter ones. The latter will be the highlight of a discreet outfit. Choose the length of the boots depending on the length of the pants / dress.

With bright colors

This season gives vent to fantasy. Feel free to choose boots with flowers, stripes, checks, peas, etc. On teenagers, it would be appropriate to look at shoes with the image of the characters of your favorite cartoons or films. For adult girls, products in a cage or with an unusual abstraction are suitable for creating stylish outfits.

With high tops

High rubber boots are leading the fashion trends in 2021. Such shoes will become the main element in creating images for spring and autumn. It can be combined with different outerwear: raincoats, jackets, windbreakers, etc. If earlier lacquer products were in trend, now it is better to give preference to matte materials. Then the boots will look more elegant. High rubber shoes can be used for both daring and more feminine looks. To create a romantic atmosphere, pair high boots with a short skirt or shorts and a padded shirt or jacket.

With lacing

Another hot trend this year is lacing. It can even be a simple imitation attached over a solid top. Such a detail makes the image extraordinary, and attracts attention. Lacing looks beautiful on models of different lengths. Boots or boots with decor will help diversify discreet outfits.


It sounds strange, but in 2021 choose rubber Cossacks. Outwardly, they are difficult to distinguish from leather options, but you can safely walk in rainy weather. Would look great with a leather jacket and denim pants.

Made of transparent material

This trend will be appreciated by girls who like practicality and femininity. Transparent boots can be worn on a bare foot or on bright socks with colorful colors. If desired, you can take a model on a flat course or on a small heel. Transparency creates a feeling of lightness and tenderness. Therefore, this option is considered one of the most suitable for romantic dates.


Rubber boots with heels came into fashion not so long ago. This model gives the image sophistication. You can wear it with trousers, skirts and dresses. Such shoes add elegance to feminine outfits, and modernity and audacity to classic and casual outfits. Recently, designers have come up with many new models, so it will not be difficult to find boots even for a formal event. If you picked up things in soothing colors, then you can take shoes with brighter colors. If the outfit itself is bright enough, then boots of black, white or beige colors will favorably shade it.

On rough soles

In spring, I want to spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature. But mud and puddles do not always allow you to do this. Women’s rubber boots with thick soles not only have a trendy color, but also protect against different weather conditions in 2021. These boots look good with sets of different styles. In addition, the sole does not slip, protecting you from possible damage in rainy weather.

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Short rubber boots will become an indispensable attribute of the spring-summer wardrobe. Chelsea from such material will help you look stylish in any weather. Inserts on the sides make the leg visually thinner, thereby giving elegance to the image. Rubber boots can be combined with dresses, trousers, and skinny jeans. On a cloudy day, Chelsea will be a great solution.

With fur

Designers also provided an option for the autumn-winter period. At this time, it is important to keep your feet dry and warm, the combination of fur and rubber guarantees this. Here you can also choose models of any color scheme.

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How and with what to wear it is fashionable to wear rubber boots in 2021

Rubber boots in black are suitable for combination with any autumn outfits.

If you settled on a model with bright colors, then it can overlap with accessories or be an independent element. To look harmonious, choose plain monochrome bows.

Short or medium boots will look good with warm stockings or leggings. The classic combination is suitable for a skirt or loose shorts.

High models will look especially advantageous in combination with pleated skirts / dresses, skinny or leggings.

Fashionable women’s rubber boots in 2021 will help you stay healthy and stay stylish, the photo shows a variety of shoe options. Choose and enjoy the comfort in beautiful new clothes.

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