Fashionable scarves and stoles for autumn 2020

Stylish images for autumn 2020 will not do without fashionable scarves and stoles. Such accessories can not only become a beautiful completion of an outfit, but also warm in the cold season. Today, designers and fashionistas themselves pay special attention to the aesthetic role of scarves, which makes it possible to harmoniously fit them into any outfit, to make it complete and concise.

Fashion trends for scarves and stoles for autumn 2020

After analyzing the images presented at fashion shows, we can identify several main trends of the season. Fashionable scarves can have a variety of shapes, textures and colors.

Materials for scarves and stoles

As for fabrics, top accessories are made of soft cashmere, warm wool, light and airy chiffon.

Such a variety of materials allows you to choose a stylish scarf for any outfit, make the image complete and incredibly stylish.

Colors and colors

Today, designers favor total looks, in which the color and texture of the scarf are ideally combined with the image as a whole or with its individual components, for example, a sweater, hat or gloves.

As for the flowers themselves, both bright scarves and stoles are in fashion, as well as more restrained models made in deep shades or in a neutral palette.

The choice of a stylish accessory will mainly be determined by the features of outerwear. If it is bright, then you should choose a scarf in a more restrained and calm palette. When choosing an accessory for a plain coat or jacket, you can experiment and wear a truly original scarf or stole, which will refresh the image, make it more stylish and interesting.

If we talk about colors, then among the fashion favorites for the fall of 2020, stoles and scarves with such prints should be distinguished:

  • cell;
  • strip;
  • floral and animal drawing;
  • abstract motifs and ornaments.

How to wear a scarf in autumn

A stylish scarf can complement absolutely any autumn look, regardless of its style and purpose. These can be classic tandems, as well as unusual and original sets.

Fashionable in 2020, a scarf as a stylish and warm autumn accessory can be tied on a coat, jacket, parka and other outerwear. If you use a voluminous stole, it can easily play the role of outerwear in early autumn.

Next, we will consider the most trendy options for scarves for the new season, see photos of stylish outfits with a fashion accessory.

wide tippet

Tippet is one of the most popular and sought-after scarves. It allows you to create a trendy outfit and make the girl stand out from the crowd. Indeed, in such a trendy scarf, it is simply impossible to go unnoticed. In addition to being attractive, a wide scarf also very effectively warms in the cold, protects from wind and bad weather.

The most trendy options for stoles are in a bright and contrasting cage. They are ideally combined with plain outerwear, becoming the highlight of any look. Do not give up on monochrome scarves. Such models of fashionable stoles in 2020 are worn with more restrained and elegant clothes – they complement the images in a classic and business style.

Snood – a stylish autumn accessory

Scarves of this kind are very popular with women all over the world. And all because they are not only very beautiful, but also practical and can easily warm not only the neck, but also the head, becoming a stylish headdress. They wear snood with various outerwear, ranging from jackets to sheepskin coats and fur coats.

The most fashionable snood scarves are knitted. Today, large patterns in the form of braids and various weaves are in trend.

Sometimes fashionistas use thin knitted snoods, they are perfect for less cold weather. Such models look very stylish in any look, giving the bow a special charm.


Knitwear has been in great demand among fashionistas for several seasons. According to the fashion trends for the fall of 2020, knitted scarves will become a real trend. Today, the army of admirers of such accessories is incredibly large; fashionistas of any age and status use scarves in their images.

In the new season, special attention should be paid to bright accessories with interesting knitting and original color combinations.


It’s no secret that the effectiveness of the image depends not only on the model of the scarf, but also on its color. In the new season, stylists recommend paying attention to bright accessories that can make an outfit incredibly attractive and original. The use of shades such as lemon, blue, purple, scarlet in the image of scarves will add liveliness and playfulness to the bow, made in a restrained monochrome palette.

In the form of animals

One of the novelties of this season is scarves in the form of animals. Do not think that this trend is exclusively for children; in women’s looks, such original accessories look very interesting and stylish. Fashionistas can pick up a product in the form of a cat, fox, raccoon or parrot. When using such an accessory, the illusion is created that the animal is wrapped around the neck and keeps on it due to the fact that it has bitten itself.

Complete your image with such a scarf, and you will certainly attract the attention of others and cheer them up on any, even the most gray and bad weather.


Thin chiffon and knitted scarves are the perfect finishing touch to create business-style outfits. The image built around the above accessory looks extremely restrained and concise. And, most importantly, elegant and sophisticated. Can’t decide how to complete the look with a sweatshirt or a formal suit? A thin scarf will be a great addition to a truly stylish bow.

As for the colors, everything is extremely simple here. Classic monochrome is always in fashion. Also in the fall of 2020, animal prints and abstraction will be relevant. What exactly to choose? The decision is solely for the fashionista.


Fall 2020 promises to be wet and cool? It’s time to get a cashmere scarf. This ultra-stylish accessory is the perfect complement to a set built around a coat.

And most importantly, a fashionista can easily choose for herself exactly the color that she considers most appropriate to complement her bow. Cream and chocolate tones, deep shades of bottle and wine – all this will look incredibly stylish in the fresh autumn days of 2020.

Note that a cashmere scarf always looks very good not only in tandem with a coat, but also with jackets, sheepskin coats and fur coats.


The novelties of 2020 are distinguished by spectacular prints. This will definitely help make the outfit more vivid and varied. Moreover, autumn 2020 is the time for bold experiments and the search for your ideal image. Therefore, do not be afraid to complement plain bows with bright and original scarves. Prints can vary…

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