Fashionable scarves and stoles for autumn 2021

Fall 2021 is the time for cozy, stylish, fashionable scarves and stoles. Such an accessory not only allows you to protect yourself from the cold wind, but is also a very stylish detail of any modern look. From the article you will learn what scarves and stoles will be in trend, what color accessory to choose and how to wear it to look fashionable.

What scarves and stoles will be in fashion in the fall of 2021

Fashionable scarves in a modern way perform a very important aesthetic function, allowing you to decorate the bow in any style.

Scarves of various models, styles and styles are in fashion. If you choose the right accessory, it will become a stunning accent element of any image. We offer a selection of the most trendy scarves that meet all the fashion trends of autumn 2021.


The symbiosis of a hat and a scarf in the form of a stylish snood allows you to create an attractive and cute look for women of any age. This scarf has gained popularity among fashionistas due to its convenience and practicality. Snood is perfectly combined with various types of outerwear, whether it be a jacket or an elegant coat.

The most fashionable snood for autumn 2021 is distinguished by large textured knitting, bright and deep colors. For early autumn, thin snoods made of knitwear are perfect. Such scarves easily fit into any outfits, do not let you freeze and add zest to a fashionable bow.


Large and very voluminous accessories are popular and in demand in the autumn season. Oversized models look great on fragile girls, giving them even more elegance.

Large scarves and stoles with mega-large knitting allow you to completely hide from the cold, to prevent freezing even in very severe frost. They wear a similar accessory over any autumn clothes, wrapping it around the neck several times. In this case, the scarf can be quite discreet shades, because volume and texture are responsible for its attractiveness.


Knitwear has become more and more popular in recent seasons. Especially when outside the window warm days are replaced by cool ones. Trendy knitted scarves and stoles have long won the love of fashionistas. They are comfortable and allow you to create very effective images. The most trendy models are distinguished by an interesting print in the form of a cage, stripes and various patterns.


Long thin scarves are unlikely to warm in cold windy weather, but they will definitely become a stylish end to various business-style autumn sets. Such models look very concise and sophisticated. Such scarves make up an ideal tandem with suits, sweatshirts, raincoats and coats. The most relevant will be thin scarves with animals and abstract prints, as well as models made in monochrome.


A fashionable look with a stylish coat will look even more attractive if you complement it with a trendy cashmere scarf. Give preference to noble shades of wine, dark green, chocolate and beige. It will be interesting to look printed cashmere scarves, complemented by a small cell.


At the beginning of autumn, when the sun is still warm, an image with a light raincoat can be complemented with an elegant silk scarf. And if more recently, only ladies over 50 preferred such an accessory, then modern fashion trends allow women of any age to wear such an accessory. Today, a silk scarf is chosen not only by those women of fashion who prefer a classic style of dress, but also by girls who love casual looks.

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Scarves and stoles 2021: trendy colors and prints for autumn

Fashionable stoles and scarves for autumn 2021 are distinguished by a variety of stylish prints and shades that will allow you to emphasize the image, give attractiveness and special charm to nondescript autumn bows. Fashionistas can safely choose their favorite scarves of neon, pastel, saturated deep shades, complementing autumn bows in various styles with them. Particular attention should be paid to products of the following colors:

  • scarlet;
  • grey-blue;
  • green;
  • mustard;
  • white.

A fashionable scarf or stole for autumn can be plain, or it can combine the above shades in the form of gradient transitions or abstract patterns.

As for prints, the most popular and in demand will be predatory, ethnic-style patterns, large and small cells. Such scarves will bring freshness and dynamism to the image.

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How fashionable to wear a scarf in 2021

A variety of fashionable styles and color schemes allow you to complement almost any fashionable autumn bow with a stylish scarf or stole.

  • Wrap a wide colored scarf around your neck, choosing a color that matches the whole look. For example, under a yellow sweatshirt and black trousers, put on a scarf in yellow-mustard-gray tones. Get a bright and very cozy outfit.

  • If a thin knitted scarf is chosen, then let it be long. Such an accessory can be safely wrapped around the neck in several layers. Wear it with a matching jersey skirt and a stylish biker jacket.

  • A neat silk scarf looks great in tandem with a thin sweater and coat. Choose a catchy accessory with a fashionable animal print, complete the look with a checkered coat. At the same time, all other clothing should be fairly restrained.

  • Stoles look great in combination with elegant coats. Particularly successful are images in which a wide scarf is matched in the same color scheme with outerwear.

Now you know which scarves and stoles to choose for autumn 2021 to look fashionable, and the photos presented in the article will help you not to make a mistake and create an attractive outfit.

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